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  1. Flash

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    • PatZ

    sum 1s upset


    1. PatZ


      na some1 got roasted

    2. Flash


      You obviously don't know what roasted means?

    3. Grimnir


      I am sorry, I just don't like cartoons and the music gets me anxious that I'll get drivebyed. :(


    4. Flash


      I figured it was something like that, but Pat was salty that I didn't like his so he gave you beans, thinking you were trying to roast me. Also, you're supposed to feel that way :) 

      P.s. Obligatory Anime isn't cartoons comment.

    5. Grimnir


      Nah he just wants to destroy his chance to catch up on my beanz count. Also if you don't like scarface you had it coming.

      PS: obligatory stop watching hentai comment

    6. Flash


      Scarface is a great movie don't get me wrong, I'd just like to see a little more effort (: I mean it took me about an hour to get mine the way I wanted it, fitting everything together, photoshopping, etc. If he needs some help he can ask (: 

      PS: Obligatory but how can you not comment? 

    7. Grimnir


      Tbh I think you are taking this a bit to serious here. None of us two cares about points for a profile on some website. We are just joking around.

      PS: I prefer real woman instead of pillows. ;)

    8. Flash


      I'm obviously taking this very seriously lol.


      PS: I don't own a body pillow

      PSS: mfw I wish I did ):