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  1. Yeah... Currently not really feelin' it. We had an impactful and good short run with this group, and I would like to thank anyone who has been a part of this. o7 Please /archive this.
  2. glad to have you aboard gamer @Harlow
  3. Group Thread and Goals updated. Thanks for the graphics
  4. Awesome roleplay with @Jackfish today. It is always a blast to interact with your characters, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in. Also shoutout to the Narodnik gamers, great RP today.
  5. I am assuming you are talking about our group. If you have an issue with our portrayal of anarcho communists or are unsure of why we do what we do to certain people, feel free to direct message me or ask/leave feedback on our groupthread. I cannot remember running into your character, so I have no clue what you base your accusations on. Personally, I think it is important to judge out of first hand experience. With that being said, I dont think the current system in place needs to be reworked or anything. People have played pretty much anything at this point. Like other peo
  6. another gamer @HeadKillz welcome
  7. "nother World is possible..."
  8. +1 all the way. Especially when hit in unarmored places, make people fear pistol calibers.
  9. @Terra @Ron @DrMax @Lucky Luke I really enjoyed roleplaying with you guys, was a great encounter! Also shoutout to early gamertime gang: @Clarence @MaybeleleLR
  10. They just need highly reduced spawns. I would go as far and suggest a limited number on the server, stash/player included. They need to be extremley rare to keep them interessting and not overused, as of now, every second/third gamer got one on his back.
  11. Voted Grach. Feel like either that or the Tokarev would be great additions.
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