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  1. I had to get out of there, or else I would have gotten a fat smack by big black david mack and co.
  2. I had a lot of fun rping with you guys, hope to meet again
  3. @groovy pips @groovy clarence @groovy grimm @groovy vnp
  4. Its been ages man idk but it went something like this. Neom aka noir is in zelen, i hear shots beeing fired. I then see neom dead and this guy with neoms gun on his back. Man gets clapped and me and groovy grimm move on with our lives.
  5. @Zanaan This group did not work out as planned due to multiple reasons. /archive pls
  6. When u take back from foreigners, but the only thing u find on them is western ammo that doesnt fit in your kalash... good fun today
  7. we will see what we can do for you roleplayer andreyq
  8. thank you all for the kind wishes. Happy to welcome fellow monkey @Grimm-chan and premium roleplayer @Solo to the group.
  9. "je to vaše právo na obranu své země a rasy" Nové Svítání is translated to “New Dawn” and it symbolizes a new beginning, the formation of a movement. Vania and Domek originate from different backgrounds, Vania, a Cerna Liska Gangmember, Domek, an ex-CDF soldier and guerilla fighter. Their mindset is not different at all however, they share a very similar worldview. Nationalistic, patriotic and free from degeneracy. Far from what is currently going on in their homeland. South Zagoria, eversince the infection started, is overrun and invaded by foreigners. As they are doing whatever they want, they are hurting the locals which became a minority by now. The infection brought with it lawlessness for the most part, and people soon started to exploit this. The majority of the foreigners currently in South Zagoria refuse to adapt to Chernarussian culture and push their western ideology onto the natives, trying to squash the proud past and history of this country. For far to long, there were only a handful of good men standing up against the foreign invaders, the Cerna Liska or the Kamenici to name a few of them. With both of them gone, or out of South Zagoria, someone needs to take up their role in defending the homeland. Vania and Domek both agreed, that to reclaim the region for the local people, violence would be the only option. Fear needs to spread, respect must be taught, foreigners must be deported, killed, or at least be put to good use. Male nationals refusing to fight must stand trial. Furthermore, the local population needs to be radicalized and called to arms to fight for their homeland. Way to many locals are to busy with simply just looking out for themselves, and are not realising what is really going on in their own homeland. They need to be shaken awake before it is to late for them. Notice has been made of russian troops mobilizing near the borders. A scouting mission made by Michael up north has proven that this is correct. He snapped pictures of the troops and their encampments. The fact, that South Zagoria is possibly facing another russian invasion just adds on top of current ongoing problems. Resources, especially weapons and ammunition, desperately need to be secured in order to be able to put up a fight against the russians, if they deceide to come. Domek and Vania started the idea of a movement and began to write a manifesto. The manifesto should act as a guideline for the people they would recruit. Domek suggested his friend Michael, who also used to roam with Kamenici, and Vania also came up with some people from Cerna Liska who were also still around. Eventually Branka Hnat, another Cerna Liska gang member and one of her friends called Marticka Vanek, short Marta, now were the very foundation of Domeks and Vanias plan for a better South Zagoria and eventually, a better Chernarus. Translation Manifesto English: @groovy patz - Domek Svoboda @RonPvP - Marticka Vanek @pijkaCZ - Michael Ondera @Terra - Branka Hnat @Grimm-chan - Havel Blazek @Solo - TBA Send a scouting party to start propaganding amongst fellow Chernarussians (ETA: Day 800) Collect at least 12 Assault rifles for the battles to come (ETA: Day 820 0/12) Deport less problematic foreigners to deer island (indefinite, 0/X) Get all Chernarussian nationalists on the same page , make them accept our manifesto and follow our path (indefinite) Sort out any and all tratiors to the homeland (indefinite 0/X) "Convince" able bodied chernarussians to pick up arms against the invaders (indefinte, 0/X) Recruit at least 5 more able bodied men to the closest circle of the movement (Day 830 2/5) Create a safe haven for Chernarussian children, elders and the wounded (ETA: Day 900) If you are interessted in joining, please shoot me, patz#0245 or ne.om#0586 a message on discord and we will take it from there. Credits to @ne_om for the graphics and the czechoslovakian boy @pijkaCZ for czech stuff and manifesto
  10. And there was me thinking you all already snatched the ARs and stashed them away lol. Best I got today was an AKU and a shit ton of 9mm.
  11. @Devin Simpson Some really good RP in Dolina today.
  12. He realized it quick tho I got to say.
  13. Australian disease is kicking in I can feel it x( 10/10 rp
  14. Hey there. Little bit of feedback. Yesterday a friend of mine and I were taken hostage near Vyshnoye because you thought my friend was someone he isnt. The RP provided when taken hostage was decent, but if you wanna look professional like stated in one of your goals, I would stop fooling around like you did when rolling up in Vyshnoye. A bunch of you just formed a line and stared at me whilst I was doing trading business with the runners guy and then moved a little closer everytime I didnt look at you. One of you then said something like "dont worry we are just trying to be intimidating" Note that people will always look at you and everything you do is adding to your image if you tell people who you are. All in all I first just felt like I would be dealing with a bunch of kids rather than a Syndicate at first. That beeing said, the hostile RP provided afterwards showed me a different side of yours and it was decent, thank you for that. mbg black tracksuit guy.
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