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  1. I still find it quite funny how you guys try to define what is racist and what is not. The so called "racism" incident is not what is beeing discussed here. It is us beeing treated differently, after 2-3 bad situations our ski group did. I already know how certain people think about us, thats fine, people can have their opinions. Thing is I really start to care when I get told I cant do certain stuff anymore ingame. We put in tons of work and effort into previous RP projects, and now actually tried to make a functioning group again, just to be told that we can not. We are not allowed to make a group idea for some minor fuck ups after all the time we have provided solid RP and this is insulting.
  2. PatZ PoV: On the look for building materials, and equipment, we were heading up the road in our olga, until @groovy blisna lagged out and crashed into a car with some other people in it. After rping out the crash, all of the people from OPs party got out of the vehicle and drew their weapons. At this point i realized that they might try something out of anger or whatever. I deceided to get into the house behind them. As i jog past them i could hear them demanding @cultist and @Clarence as well as @groovy blisna to holster their guns, allthought they didnt initate it came across as bad sign to us. For us to put our guns away whilst they have theirs drawn. Expecting an initiation from their end, i deceided to act first and in surprise. I went into the green house behind them, making sure i was far enough away to be able to whisper "i will initiate in 3" on the raido and on the lowest voice volume in game. After that, I upped my volume to 3 and dropped an initation after this, @cultist and the others dropped theirs. A firefight ensued ending in the death of 2/3 of the OPs due to non compliance. Only Henry deceided to comply. I sort myself out whilst the guys RP with the hostage. I then take over the hostage RP and give the guy an explanation because to why we were taking their stuff and why we deceided to get the jump on them. It was not our intent to crash into the car, purely to get you to stop. One car got ruined like that as well as yours badly damaged (engine on orange). Would we have robbed you anyways if we had a better option? The answer is we debated on it, but us crashing into you guys was a lag on @groovy blisna side and not us trying to stop u like that. In fact, you were spottet prior by one of us looting the town, as some of us were still looting the area and not in the car by that time. We debated on setting up a roadblock to initate on you guys on your way towards Novaya. In the end we left it be because we didnt care as much, but the fact that you acted all suss after the crash made us do what we did. You claim to have heard the initation and deceided to run for a stonewall, with that you were not following our demands of putting your hands up and therefor got fired upon. I also would like to add, that once arrived at the stonewall, you raised your gun and fired at my friends. You state our RP was bad and poorley done, i have to disagree with you here. I feel like we gave you decent hostile RP and explained to you, what happend and why, i even went as far to include your characters backstory, talking with you about your previous job here in South Zagoria and your love for Lord of the Rings. If you have anything you feel we could improve let us know and we can debate on it. I also recall giving you painkillers and asking if you were alright and if you wanted water etc. That would have been the time to tell me that you could use something to drink. Food you had left in your backpack if i remember correctly.
  3. My initiation dropped after the first couple of shots were fired, i unfortunatley was on whisper i belive. The guy i killed for non compliance shouldve defintley been able to hear it tho, since he was 7 meters from me.
  4. i sadly do not have video evidence.
  5. Patz Pov: I was the one who shot you for non compliance because you lowered your hands. Myself and my friends were heading towards Olsha to investigate possible CLF supporters there, then we came across these people at the radio tower. I was the first to arrive and talked to a few of them. We deceided to get the jump on them and initiate so we can question them. Due to them beeing a big group we had to act fast, thus we initiated. It is true that you complied at first however, as soon as shots started flying you deceided to go non compliant and therefor got gunned down. Id like to add that no one besides you complied and deceided to use their defensive rights, shooting at us. One guy of their party then also logged off/crashed just to come back a few minutes later to shoot at us, idk what that was about but im sure we will be able to clarify this. @groovy clarence timestamped it if im not mistaken. Why you would now put up a report and just lie about getting falsly executed is something I do not understand be aware that lying in a report is a bannable offense.
  7. *a thicc chernarussian accent comes up on the frequenzy speaking in broken english* "If any of you is left, i think you now understand that play police in our country is no good for you... you keep taking guns from us, bullets keep fly... i explain to you this today already." *frequency goes dead again*
  8. Erik was born on the 20th of June 2000 in the Chernarussian town called Svetlojarsk. His father was a lumberjack and his mother a housekeeper. As a family of ethnic Chernarussians, the Horak's sufferd quite heavily under the new government and a distaste for Russians in their family circle grew. After school, Erik managed to get a job in the sawmill his father worked. With the flu going around, Erik turned rouge and now tries to get stuff he could not before. Like a nice new TV, a playstation 4, an IphoneX and other nice goodies and also roubles of course, roubles are always nice. He is accompanied by his friends, together they are something like a gang.
  9. thanks to you too Jackfish, excellent RP
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