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  1. "Some do it well but we should ban it nethertheless cause some people can't rp out being a child correctly."

    Well that basically goes for any other kind of rp too. Some people can't rp a bandit good... some people can't rp a normal survivor good... some people can't rp a soldier good. Should we ban those rp types too cause there are people who don't do it correctly?

    People like @Brayces, @Malthis, @GreenySmiley and a whole lot other people are doing a great job. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, Conor said:

    @Wolfen, @bur, @Baron, @Brayces, @Fae, @Dino, @Mugin, @Galland, @TheGlassSpider, @Chumpkin and anyone else whos names I may have missed out, tonight was a very enjoyable night of RP!

    From the night in the church eating/drinking vodka laced peaches with y'all to the little heart to heart Alyona and Anya shared on the road towards Mogilevka. A top notch RP session that I hope we can have more of in the near future.

    Until next time!


    I see how it is ... conor. 

    You just broke my heart. 😛 

  3. Nah I am good. I think we already have enough stress between members. We don't need more stress that would definitely come with those kind of rules.

    Didn't work on other servers, wouldn't work here either. To 100% sure of it. 

  4. No reason to ban childRP since there are a lot of people who do it right. And that clip was only a showcase of like not even more than 30 seconds.

    When you see BadRP or TrollRP than just simply report it. 

  5. **Khandra hears Murdoc's voice over the radio and shakes her head at his statement about them being innocent.**

    Just normal people? You lock people up for no reason...and you hurt them.

    What you mean you only help people? You cut my cheek personally, Murdoc.

    **She sighs and drops the radio**

  6. 2 minutes ago, Voodoo said:

    Well if you did anything to warrant kill rights on you then no you cant swap server (which is what this is about)

    If you don't have any kill rights on you then id say yes you can switch. I don't even understand why a hostage needs to even wait out a timer if they don't have rights on them but that's for a different day.

    Yeah but even though the vote has 95% that won't change either sadly. Maybe Staff can push for that intern as well cause I gave up on pushing the thread?

    I agree though swapping server when you did something hostile, is a no-go. 

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