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    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    Wearing a mask, respirator etc does not help. It also spreads even when youre not in the same room, as the one who is sick. Its just proximity. When you're in it, you get sick.
  2. Lyca

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    I cured the cold twice. I stayed away from everyone else who was sick and took codein and it went away after a while. *edit* I also infected myself again when I used the same waterbottle I used when I was sick.
  3. Lyca

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was fun my friend I had a lot of fun! You're welcome. But tbh... it was hilarious when we were alone and you handcuffed yourself. "Yep... I could shoot you now, doc" Was really fun RP guys, thank you! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER
  4. Lyca

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    Nah I would rather prefer, that hostage taker take hostages radio and tell them to stop shooting or their friends will be killed. Doesn't even have to be on the radio. Atleast a warning / a demand should be there. Without warning, nah sorry. So I kinda agree with Castiel here. Would suck as a hostage, when you get killed right away all the time, just cause there are shots going off.
  5. Lyca

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    I agree on that. And as a side note, having a larger group of hostages is never easy to entertain all of them. So good job.
  6. Lyca

    The Game

    Damnit Terra. Well since you forgot @Ender ... hehehehe ... I will tag him.
  7. Lyca

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was fun indeed. Only one that didn't got hurt. Lmao.
  8. Lyca

    S1: KOS / BadRP / Invalid initiation / Attempted RDM - Kabanino - 12/12/2018

    POV Khandra Myska: So Red and me were walking down towards the well in Kabanino since I was thirsty and we were approached by @Jackfish, who scared the fuck out of me since I am a scaredy cat and I immediately started to stutter around. A few minutes pass of him scaring me, while Red was just watching the situation, like the great big brother he is. Suddenly several asian (?) sounding people, screaming "BOOOONZAI" ran up on us and I was greatly confused about that for a moment. The guy with the spear in his hands then shout at us: "All of your putting your hands up right now". I didn't react in the first second and he repeated it a second time, so we all put our hands up, like he told us to. One or two get now suddenly shot out of nowhere from random people. Certainly not from my allies cause my only ally was my brother @RedSky and he complied as well. After a little while one of the men who initiated on us, runs up on us and tells us: "It was just a joke ... it was just a joke... we are just filming. Put your hands down ... put your hands down." So we all put our hands down but suddenly and for no reason, @Jackfish our new clown - friend got shot even though he complied the whole time with us. So we all move inside of the piano house, where I give him a shot of morphine. Afterwards we went all outside again since they were no shots anymore. We found 2 of the people that shot our new clown - friend Peter and he seems to talk it out with them that he "accidently" got shot. They walk with him a bit up the road towards Stary but I look through binoculars and watch them. Where I saw one of the most cruelest things that day. One of the shooters suddenly stabbed himself in the neck and died instantly and flopped over. Dead. 1 or 2 minutes afterwards our new clown-friend Peter wants to cut up the body of the person, who just committed Seppuku on the middle of the roads. So I turn around since I didn't wanted to see how he cuts him up. One man approaches us and asks us if we are friends with Peter and we all tell him, that we just met up earlier on. So he turns around and shoots Peter for no apparent reason. End of my story.
  9. Lyca

    League of Legends - Season 9 & Pre Season (Official Thread)

    Summoner Name: FluppRegion: EU WestLevel: 70Rank: Gold 4 Main Champions: Nami, Morgana, Leona, Thresh, AshePref Role: Support, ADC, Mid
  10. Lyca

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    We had some good RP with @Kommando7n6 & @keibancz Was great meeting ya both. Hope we do again!
  11. Lyca

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    No problem! I just tried it again and it works... it just needs a few seconds to search for it. Make sure you are searching in the community tab
  12. Lyca

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    Just have to put s1 into the search field and you should find it.
  13. Lyca

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    The server is up! Just search for it again with "S1" and you should find it. It wasn't anymore in my favourites.
  14. Lyca

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Stressful since Cid's and Iceinfly's character both died. RIP ... lmao
  15. Lyca

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    For me it doesn't make sense to have a timer, when you were a compliant hostage. Nobody has KOS-rights on you, so why the timer? The timer is there for people who wanna take revenge and people don't just log out after they robbed someone. I was hostage for like 1-2 hours... or even longer. How can I plan that?
  16. - Quietness / Calmness - - Listening to music - - Her cat "Leila" - - Being for herself - - Art - - Honesty - - Her stuttering - - Her "problems" - - Bullies - - Scary things - - Bacteria, germs - - Sick people - - Crowded places - Tattoos: - A little cat on her right shoulder - Injuries: - None - Scars: - Several cuttings on her arms, old and newer one's - Patient File 1 Patient arrived here very disorientated, confused and with injuries on both arms. She talks to herself and doesn't seem to be able to concentrate on a normal conversation most of the time. It is very difficult to get any information out of her. She is extremely paranoid and doesn't want to talk to the staff since she doesn't trust them and thinks that they are after her. Another problem is that she doesn't want to realize that she is actually sick. We will try different medication trying to see what will might help her. The parents seem to be worried but also scared of her since they don't understand what happens to their daughter. On the first sight they seemed glad that she stays here now, for one or another reason. We have to get her trust to get more information about the patient. Parents told us that they recently came back to Chernarus from Germany, where they lived most of her life. Apparently her grandmother is very sick and the family came back to their home country. Patient File 2 Patient doesn't respond well to the medication yet so we will have to search for a better fitting one. The situation is still the same than before and the patient refuses to talk to us. The only creature, when you can even call it that, is her cat "Leila". When she talks it is very apparent that she can't control her stutter and that she seemingly gets frustrated with it. From time to time she seems to talk to other patients as well but that is a rare occurrence, since most of the time she speaks to herself. She also seems to be very paranoid about all kind of germs since she has panic attacks on a regular basis every time someone enters her room for example. She seems to have delusions and hallucinations, both audible and things she sees that are not real. Some of the hallucinations are helping her and some of them are hurting her or making her paranoid and anxious. I have the feeling that with a bit of time that I can get her trust at some point. Patient File 3 Patient fled when she had time in the backyard. We have no clue how she escaped over the wall but she did. At least that is what we think. She will probably not survive long on her own as long nobody takes care of her. We informed the police and we hope they find her and bring her back so we can continue her therapy. SoonTM
  17. Lyca

    Farewell <3

    I am not good in making those. So I make it quick and just follow Galaxy's post. Friends are most likely and nearly all gone or dont play anymore. The people that are still here I care about, know who they are So I shall follow into the shadows...
  18. Lyca

    The bar is now part of the floor.

    Take care my friend. Here is your love from me.
  19. Lyca

    Hello Everyone

    I love you Wumby! Finally you are back... Welcome back, my friend.
  20. Lyca

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    When it was a normal rule break, I agree with you with a second chance and not something major I mentioned above, then yeah!
  21. Lyca

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    People who did very disgusting things, just to hurt other people ... public posting nudes of others, hardcore flamed, wishing other people's kids dead etc should not come back but that's just me. Some who were not doing things above of course might deserve a second chance.
  22. Lyca

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    Some people I would definitely give a second chance but most of the people who got banned, nope. There is a reason they are banned.
  23. Lyca


    I will give you all my beanz my friend
  24. Lyca

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    As far as I know it is:
  25. Lyca

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    Tbh I actually really liked the update much more than I expected.