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  1. Lyca

    False Report?

    I agree. I am sooooo confused? What the hell is going on.
  2. Lyca

    Funeral Parlor

    Was much fun yesterday. I am coming again for dinner some time
  3. Lyca

    The Asylum

    Loved your guys rp already the other day. Good luck!
  4. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Onyx

    Hey... we can be drug buddies now! 😄

    1. Strawberry


      no you stay away from my son

    2. Onyx


      thanks dad

      but for real though, hit me up with some comfort, lyca

    3. Lyca


      @Strawberry You're my son. Forgot?

      @Onyx I am fucking addicted to it... like.. crazy. Wouldn't have thought that would happen. We can be drug buddies ❤️


  5. Lyca

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Cookie & @Eagle & @BrianM & @ItzTyler Was much fun to travel around with you guys and the RP we had on your guys island. Was a lot of fun to play some games. I am still confused of most things IC but it was very interesting @GreenySmiley My dear sister
  6. Lyca

    Message to Marie White (open frquencu)

    **Khandra hears the radio transmission. She squeezes her hand around the radio and glances at the compass her grandpa wanted to have. She looks to both, radio and the compass back and forth, before speaking into the radio. She stutters into the radio in a pretty emotionless voice** He did not deserve it... Mary... I need to talk to you in private. I wanna show you something. I found grandpa's will with his old diary and I want to show it to you. Let me know, when and where. Anyone who was close to him can come of course. **She releases the radio button again and stares into the distance**
  7. Lyca

    Another Queastion

    When you are not in a dynamic group or in an official group, then you don't share KOS rights. Then you can't defend anyone but yourself.
  8. Lyca

    Another Queastion

    Well. When you are in a dynamic group and you or those people in that dynamic group get attacked, you share KOS-rights and you can defend them. Otherwise you have to initiate on the bad people. Was that your question?
  9. Lyca

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    I didn't say it was you, who told me to be quiet. It was someone else from your group. Yes, that is basically what your positive points are about. You bring up positive things that are there as soon as you guys leave and RP scenarios I wasn't even there for like at Camp Hope. But all those points have nothing to do with the RP we received from you guys while we were hostage.
  10. Lyca

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    Internal RP in our group and medical RP after you left has nothing to do with the RP we received from you guys. I had also nothing to do with the RP around Camp Hope or the execution. In your positive points, is nothing said about the RP we received from you guys while you had us hostage. That is what it is about. I tried talking to you guys several times but instantly got told to be quiet or be shot several times. You even say yourself that it was minimal detail in your guys RP so you don't get recognized. You basically telling me that the RP has to come from my fellow hostages and the RP has to come after you guys leave?
  11. Lyca

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    Server and location: S1 / Berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9.4.2018 / 23:00 - 23:20 Your in game name: Khandra Myska Names of allies involved: @Oisin - Sylvie Kasik, @GreenySmiley - Penny Ashlin, @DrMax - Dylan River, @RogueSolace Dr. Elizabeth Smith, @Ouromov - Milan Straka Name of suspect/s: @DaRsnn & Allies Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were getting medical help for the old man ( @Isaiah Cortez ) in the hospital of Berezino. After maybe like 10-15 minutes we get surprised by a few chernarussians and a guy with a creepy voice in a gasmask. Which is all fine and dandy at that point, since I don't mind hostile RP at all. We get all moved into the hospital, where I try to RP with my hostage taker but I instantly get shot down with "You open your mouth again and I will shoot you." At that point I was thinking okay... I let them frisk me so they are more comfortable with the situation. After frisking us for radios etc we get without any talks moved outside again in a conga line without any rp a little bit up the road. And we get frisked for weapons and so on and basically get robbed for them. Which is also fine. Now I try to RP with them again and ask some questions cause nobody was talking to us at all. And I get again shut down with "You ask any more questions and I will fucking shoot you." At that point I am thinking, okay... they don't wanna RP with me, they just want me to not be at the hospital. It took way to long for moving us and there was no RP while doing so. We get moved to the apple trees near the hospital and we try to get RP going with Beths little panic attack because she is pregnant. But again... no RP comes out of it. Then we sit in a circle doing nothing for a while. After a little bit @GreenySmiley asks 3-4 questions but that's about it. One guy then said, that he plans a game for us to play... but the other guy comes back with "business is done" and they can't be bothered to do anything more than that. One guy turns around, gives us a warning and shoots @DrMax for no reason into the foot and they leave, even though they didn't even talk once to the doctor. Which seemed totally random. All in all I was very disappointed with how things went and that there was not much effort to RP with us at all. That should not be standard and it just seemed that there was no plan of what to do with the hostages. There could have been so much more RP I feel. Why not trying to convince us from your points? Why not talk to your fellow chernarussian? I dont know... something. Important Timestamps: 5:13 "Keep your fucking mouth shut or I will kill you." 6:23 "We for a nice conga line and start walking" - Which we basically did but with no RP occurring whatsoever. 11:28 "Another conga line with basically no RP" 11:50 "I am asking again something to keep at least some RP up but I get instantly shot down again with "When you ask more questions I will cut off you tongue. 12:04 "Beth RP's out her panic attack because she pregnant for 7 months already but even with that there is not much RP going on and is just met with "....she has to hurry up." and is again met with more silence. 13:40 "Basically just threatens us that we all get killed when one of us runs or pulls out a weapon. Which is waste of breath since we all got frisked for weapons and then we just awkwardly stand and sit there doing nothing. 14:03 I am trying for the third time to get some rp going and try to talk to the hostage taker but I get shut down again and get told to be quiet???? At that point I was done to be honest. 14:04 "We just dont want anyone to get hurt." But in the end proceeds to shoot the doctor for no reason after not even talking to him once? Makes sense I guess? And continue with silence again. A few minutes passed, @GreenySmiley ask some questions and that brings really the only RP in the entire situation. 21:00 Threaten us again, this time, to not talk about what happened here and then proceeds to shoot Dr.Max into the foot without talking to him once in the entire situation. Totally randomly?
  12. Lyca

    Old mans diary (rambles of an old man)

    Yeah pretty much that.
  13. Lyca


    OOF... my mood drop tonight. 


    1. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      Sends two thousand kilos of hugs


    2. Elmo


      From Coke to off brand cola?

    3. Ender



      ❤️ Love you darling ❤️ 

    4. Lyca


      Basically yeah. 

    5. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez



    6. Malet


      You should try this drug some lunatic guys are distributing 😉 Helps against bad moods...for a while

    7. Lyca


      I am already on it. ❤️


    8. Malet


      Drug buddies 😘 

    9. Lyca


      Drug Buddies for life! 😄

    10. Malet


      For life might not be too long with their side effects during the hole o.O 

    11. Lyca


      I am already on it for 1-2 weeks.


    12. Elmo


      I’m dead inside.

  14. Lyca



    My face when "Grandpa" gets me in trouble and shares his assumptions about stuff to dangerous people.

    That was legit my face as soon as he said "...granddaughter."

    @Elmo & @Smixxa  😄


    1. Elmo


      Uh oh

    2. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez


    3. Smixxa


      Better watch that tongue 😉

    4. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      I guess I have to be careful...

    5. Samti


      🤔 I forgot i followed you

    6. Galland


      Did he talk about the war again?

  15. Lyca

    Chernarussian Language

    In general it's a bit weird when people do that, because you never know if people are actually able to speak the language OOCly. When someone does it to me, I just go //I can't speak the language oocly. And then I just emote: *Speaks in chernarussian* Can you repeat?
  16. Lyca

    Death = PK

    Pretty much that and what BorisRP said. Those threads come and go every few months. I already expected it.
  17. Lyca

    Death = PK

    I get that but there will be even more salt in the community. I was playing on a Permadeath server before and it was not fun. Some people had to make character every few days cause they had to. There was huge amount of salt between the members and people were out to trigger people so they can perma some people they dont like OOC.
  18. Lyca

    Death = PK

    Nah you die fairly to easy especially with those zeds. Besides there would be more salt etc. Also those threads are coming up every 4-5 months. I think people should decide when they wanna permadeath or not. Exception is when you NVFL'ed.
  19. Lyca

    Hostage Demands Question

    Oh god... all those possibility. Like please. Can we not?
  20. Lyca

    Hostage Demands Question

    Still doesn't seem right to me to punish the victim, when the captor broke a rule.
  21. Lyca

    Hostage Demands Question

    Then why was he punished for NVFL and got his character permakilled for a rulebreak someone else did? According to that I have to follow through with every rulebreak a hostage taker is throwing at me to not disrupt the "RP".
  22. Lyca

    Hostage Demands Question

    I am honestly very surprised how that verdict came out that way it did. That situation shouldn't have happened in the first place cause it is a rule break, punishing the victim of a rulebreak with NVFL and PK'ing is very weird to me. That opens up so many holes to abuse the system, like Elmo just explained: Hostagetaker demand you kill the second hostage. When you do it, its an invalid kill. When you don't do it, they will kill you and it's NVFL? Either way you're fucked now? Even though it is not you, who brought up that situation? That does not seem right to me and I completely agree with Elmo here.
  23. Lyca

    Old mans diary (rambles of an old man)

    Awww... I feel loved! Thank you grandpa
  24. Lyca

    Extend stash timer

    I would rather have them removed completely. LOL. I agree.
  25. Lyca

    IC'ly wise

    When those other people are not in your dynamic group or in your official group, then the answer is "no". You can't. You can initiate on the people who rob them but you don't gain KOS-rights.
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