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  1. Hollows

    • Hollows
    • Lyca

    It keeps happening. I think you'll have to fully remove them because it says +5 every 24hrs since you manually set them to 0.

    1. Rolle


      What keeps happening?

    2. Hollows


      My 5 points were revoked because they were unjustly awarded to myself, and everytime Lyca sets it to 0, within 24 hours they return back to +5 points.

    3. Rolle


      I see you still have an active warning from Monday, so it was not revoked. I don't see any appeal from you either, so I think it's working as intended:)

    4. Hollows


      Talk to Lyca.


      Don't screw me over twice. 


    5. Rolle


      Can't believe that was accepted. Oh well.

    6. Hollows


      I'm glad it was accepted. Points are being handed out like candy, but you shouldn't have to worry about that for obvious reasons. We're apart of a community where the higher echelons can get away with rule-breaks at the price of a verbal reprimand while us nobodies can get 15 points shoved up our bums in one swing.

      There is an imbalance in the Force.

    7. Rolle


      You're fucking around, ridicule and make fun out of other people in status updates like some kind of bullies, get warned and then in the appeal pretend like it didn't happen, that it was only banter or that the video posted (clearly aimed at the topic at hand) was completely unrelated to the discussion and it was because Shadows "decided to post this song because I really enjoy the music". I can't believe Jamie and Lyca actually bought that, jesus christ.

      As for the imbalance in the force, I think it's pretty balanced. Talk shit, get hit.

    8. Hollows


      Well you got me, can't really make a rebuttal with you because if I make you mad I get R4'ed. It's your house, Sire.


    9. Rolle


      You're absolutely god damn right it is.

      I removed the warning from your account. Happy 420! B|

    10. Hollows


      Thank you, I appreciate it. Happy 4/20.

      Puff, puff pass.

    11. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      woah. why did i get dragged into this?