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  1. Lyca

    Return both servers to 80 pop.

    It's heavily desyncing, especially in the evening/night time. It's actually terrible. Zombies and People teleporting, you get hit out of nowhere, you don't hear the people around you sometimes, etc... Yes... please put it back.
  2. Lyca

    How long do i have to put up with this ?

    Checking logs shouldn't be taking that long to be honest. I mean I did in my time enough logs. Or make a report when you don't wanna wait. But like I said those threads here won't change anything Like Ron said... shouldn't be hard to get someone from your own team to help you.
  3. Lyca

    How long do i have to put up with this ?

    Why wouldn't you be able to get a GM, talk to him, find out who it was and talk to them? He/She can just check the logs.
  4. Lyca

    How long do i have to put up with this ?

    Especially in staff you will have "drama" and have handle people breaking rules. I don't mean it in a bad way, but in my opinion, especially when you want people to change, you either have to talk to them or report them. Such threads here are doing nothing.
  5. Lyca

    Number Two: Journal of Alexei Petrov

    Can't wait to read more about Alexei
  6. Lyca

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Brayces & @Dino & @MajooRB & @DrMax & @Ouromov & @cheeks - Was a lot of fun tonight Thank you for coming Glad I could take you to the camp @Imation11 & @Scarlett You are both always fun! Both family It's so cute how you both struggle between telling me the truth and my happiness. @Pepper & @HumbleMortician & Co. You guys have a great and fun camp! I will be back with more cookies
  7. Lyca



    That's exactly how I feel right now. 

    1. CamoRP


      I know the feeling, especially if you just witnessed the roleplay I just did...

    2. Mugin


      Just put it down


    3. CamoRP


      Lol wtf mugin... xD

    4. Lyca


      That video describes how I feel ... that's exactly what I wanna do to my mom's pc ... just throwing it out of the window. 

      ... and yell: Be gone, thot! 😄

    5. Mugin


      I mean... I thought you saying it was still on Vista was enough... 

    6. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      Oof. Don't yeet da pc. 

    7. Jman14102
    8. Kunkka


      So is Normal Feeling Lyca right? 

    9. Lyca


      Yes. 😄

  8. Lyca

    Server Queues

    Cause they might already roleplay with people there and I can't expect them to just drop everything and switch to S2.
  9. Lyca

    Server Queues

    Well when all of your friends are on S1... that kinda is a problem Or you get kicked and where already involved in RP... so what are you doing then?
  10. Lyca

    Long queues

    To be honest I don't care which server... I go where my friends play I played often enough on S2 and have some good RP. I understand when people want to be in queue to play with the people they wanna play with. Nothing we can change about it.
  11. Ender

    • Ender
    • Lyca

    "I want to be sucked, Wooop" -Lyca 2019

    1. CamoRP


      I have questions...or I thought I did...


    2. Lyca


      Just don't question it... xD 

    3. Cid


                                                                                     The proof is in the pudding, Lyca.

    4. Lyca


      Oh my god... 

  12. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Lori

    Nice character first name... thats funny 😄❤️


  13. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Jman14102

    Heya 😉 

  14. Lyca

    Timmy's Polaroids

    Well its not my fault... you can thank my psychiatrist.
  15. Lyca

    Brayces Clippy Clips - [Videos and Whatnot]

    You're welcome. I already met the leprechaun. So ... the unicorn and the mermaid is still yet to be seen.
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