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  1. Feedback box?

    Who says it is that? Well. Not always but yeah I think that's exactly what happens sometimes. Who even looks at it? Exactly. With that system it could be something constructive. Since you get actually feedback
  2. Feedback box?

    Well it would stop the meaningless 1 star ratings because people don't like you on an OOC level. And you would get actually feedback for your character.
  3. Feedback box?

    Well I agree with Phoenix and Tony. I think that is a pretty good idea because of the obvious reasons.
  4. Omg... I didn't know that you were streaming. How could you record that.
  5. Thank you for yesterday...both of you ^_^

  6. i was blacklisted

    Hey ethanuel115, Sadly we have an age requirement and you have to be at least 16 years old to play here. We don't do any exceptions sadly. When you hit the required age you can make a ban appeal here. You can also read here how you remove the blacklist when you meet the age requirement.
  7. *dies inside after posting those chat logs*

    @Major I hate you for posting that report. :(

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Lyca


      @Major Look at the logs.... you hate me. 

    3. Mexi


      *waves* Hi its me, the reason they got fixed.

    4. Lyca


      @Mexi I know and you did good <3

  8. You are banned

    Good then we all have something we like listening to Isn't that great Can't wait for more, Tony. You're doing good!
    • Lyca
    • Roach

    Was fun ^_^

    1. Roach


      That it was :) Always nice running into you. Nice Singing too :D

    2. Lyca


      Aww thank you  and same! ^_^ :x 

    • Lyca
    • warmr

    I am also glad we could talk about things. I am sorry how things went. Don't forget you are always welcome to come into our Teamspeak Channel or write me on Steam. ^_^

  9. How dare you powergame me into having a radio, and having it turned on?? I demand you be removed as staff at once.


    1. Oyface


      I'm just kidding pls no ban <3

    2. Lyca


      I am sorry :( 

      Recorded and reported? :(

  10. Btw I was shitting my pants when you scared us in Stary. I was literally terrified. Omg... You made my heart drop.
  11. And was I close to the original?
  12. @HarveyJ & @RogueSolace Was much fun you both