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"I crave for blood on this kind of night..."

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  1. Congratulation fam. ❤️


    1. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      Thank you @Lyca

  2. "Some do it well but we should ban it nethertheless cause some people can't rp out being a child correctly." Well that basically goes for any other kind of rp too. Some people can't rp a bandit good... some people can't rp a normal survivor good... some people can't rp a soldier good. Should we ban those rp types too cause there are people who don't do it correctly? People like @Brayces, @Malthis, @GreenySmiley and a whole lot other people are doing a great job.
  3. Not gonna lie ... Its pretty funny that people think I got kicked from staff... when I actually left on my own cause of too much stress and rl things ? 

    1. Samti


      You where an amazing staff member, Not sure why people think you got kicked

    2. Lyca



    3. Eagle



    4. Ender


      @Samti because salty people are salty, and spreading rumors make themselves feel better. 

      Our admin team knows the truth.(Oliv, Aiko, Me, Rolle).

    5. Brayces


      I was there too when Lyca decided she needed to leave! 

      I'm sure people can ask Roland why she left Staff and if people don't believe the big man then wellllpppp ... Oh well, can't fix that.

       ariana grande wink GIF

    6. Rover


      The people that think this are the same people that won't be convinced otherwise, no matter who says it.


    7. Ron


      dont lie! you got kicked because you snaked me some juicy staff chat screenies!

      /rumor started.

    8. Lyca


      You got me Ron... ? Damn. 

    9. Samti


      Damn all these legends and rover, ron and eagle ?


    10. Jamie


      I heard you got kicked because Rolle got offended by your ERP in the Admin chat ?

    11. Brayces


      She got kicked because she wouldn't include Roland in the ERP In Admin Chat.

    12. Jamie


      It makes sense now. Calling out @Roland

    13. Lyca


      Hahaha actually.. that makes a lot of sense ? 

    14. Crim


      why'd u get kicked?

  4. I see how it is ... conor. You just broke my heart. ?
  5. Good luck, son ? You will do great! Get them all ?
  6. Nah I am good. I think we already have enough stress between members. We don't need more stress that would definitely come with those kind of rules. Didn't work on other servers, wouldn't work here either. To 100% sure of it.
  7. giphy.gif

    The anime police is here.

    @Aiko  My queen I need you. 

    1. Mugin


      Too early for this weeb shit...

    2. Eagle



    3. Lyca


      Sad? No ...  I am quite happy actually ?

  8. @Aiko We have a mission. We have to fight the weeb fight. 



    1. Conor
    2. Mugin


      Why do I have to come back to this? lol

    3. Lyca


      Cause! Animes are great ?

    4. Mugin


      Those words don't belong in the same sentence...

  9. Yes! Going old school. but hey its a good song and remind me of you ❤️ Love you!

    1. Joe



    2. Ender



    3. Joe



  10. Lyca


    Welcome back Taryn!
  11. Happy Birthday Rolle Sensei !!! ❤️


    1. Roland


      Sank yuu, Lyca-chan! ❤️ 

  12. Will the new colours be added to the shop?
  13. No reason to ban childRP since there are a lot of people who do it right. And that clip was only a showcase of like not even more than 30 seconds. When you see BadRP or TrollRP than just simply report it.
  14. Thank you Rolle Sensei ❤️


  15. And that is exactly why we need a rule for rape rp. ?

    Well it's not that there wasn't a thread for it a while ago.

    1. RavenousRP


      AMEN. Just get rid of it please. 

    2. IsaiahCortez


      Agree. When I red the report I was quite disgusted of the situation. I think there also needs to be better clarification on when a person can turn down certain kind of role play and how.

    3. Derek Crow

      Derek Crow

      Yes there was.


    4. Lyca


      Uh... I know there was? That's why I said it. I also argued in that topic as well.

      Was just me being sarcastic. ? 

    5. Derek Crow

      Derek Crow

      Oh. Well now those two threads are now more visible through your status update. 

      But I agree, we need to implement the proposed rule.

    6. andysuter


      I feel that sometimes the freedom granted to RP’ers under the vale of RP is very dubious. Why would someone even WANT to Rp raping someone? Its really OOC creepy.


    7. Lyca


      It's not even that tbh... everyone can rp what they want... but like stuff like rape... why do you have to do it on the server? Just do it on steam where no minors can read it. 

      And even when it is allowed... the attacker should ask permission imo, like perma scaring as well. Shouldn't be the responsibility of the victim to say no.

      It shouldn't even be happening with no age limit. 

    8. Malet


      What I dont get - If you want to permascar someone, the attacker has to ask for permission but if someone rapes someone IG its the duty of the victim to say no? That makes no sense.

    9. Terra


      Reading the Report... I have so many questions.

      The most important one:

      No text chat?

      Did the victim RP'ed it out in voice? ?

      It's horrible to see that she had to go through all of this.

      But hey... the whitelist works fine... right? *sarcasm*



    10. Roland


      The guy didn't even know about power gaming rule, you think anti-rape rule would have stopped him? Please.

    11. Majoo


      Whitelist is the best we've had in years, wym @Terra ❤️

    12. Malet



    13. Lyca


      @Roland You're not completely wrong but I still think a rule about rape rp is necessary in general cause of the minors ingame. ? 

    14. Terra


      I still wonder how she played it out...

      sorry not sorry GIF

    15. Roland


      I understand, however people who know the rules and are good RPers already know to not powergame others into rape RP.

      People who do that kind of stuff are the ones who are ignorant of the existing rules. I doubt adding a new rule for people who are ignorant of the rules will have any effect. It will make things unambiguous, but that's about it.

      I'm not against adding a rule against rape RP, I simply don't like adding new rules because something happens twice a year and can be easily solved with a existing power gaming rules or executive admin verdict.

    16. RavenousRP


      But the guy with her or she would of known about the rape rp rule and would of done something about it and stopped it. I don't see how it's actually see why people would even want to do that in the first place

    17. Roland


      Technically the guy with her and she were just as ignorant of the power gaming rule as the guy, they had absolutely no idea even though it's spelled out right there in the rules that a consent is required.

    18. RavenousRP


      I guess so man i just idk the whole idea of Rape RP just doesn't link with my brain and how some people would even want to participate or even get themselves in that situation , I get its an end of the world situation and things like that would occur but it just makes me very uncomfortable having people RP it out 

    19. IsaiahCortez


      @Roland Could there be added somekind of example list of hows and nots to the whitelist? Like, for example how to deny certain roleplay situations with //somethin something and ways to avoid powergaming?

    20. Roland


    21. Itsmez


      Probably the most awkward situation i can think of in the server is run up to some guys raping other guy making all weird ass noices and so on, even if it was handled before hand OOC. i dont want to run into situation like that, and i dont think it should be allowed

    22. Camo


      If you limit any kind of roleplay, including RapeRP, you might as well limit other forms of RP. Such as SlaveryRP for example, as well as other forms of roleplay that may be considered "offensive" and "unsuitable to children".

      If all parties consent to it OOCly, I don't see any problem with it. If this is truly about witnessing RapeRP, or those being tramatized by the acts, then leave the area and explore somewhere else, I mean jesus christ the map is fucking huge!

      We don't need censorship on our activities.

    23. Lyca



      There are minors on the server. We don't need minors involved or seeing that. Besides you're free to emote away on steam or somewhere else and say that it happened.

      Nobody stops ya. 

    24. Camo


      @Lyca I liked it better when it was an mature, adult-only community. It was one of the many things that made it unique.

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