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  1. I bought another FF ... FF IX.

    I just neeeeeed it.


    @Cid @Aiko

    I hate Steam summer sales...

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    2. Kunkka


      Play FF 7-9  10 is ok then only comes shit 

    3. Lyca


      OKAY??!?!?!?!? HELLO....

      its fucking fantastic.

      I agree the 7-9 are amazing too.

    4. Lemons


      Can i have games :) :ph34r::x

  2. @Aiko & @Cid

    I bought FF- X on steam again for PC.

    I couldn't resist.... even though I already played it for many hundred hours on Playstation.

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    2. Cid


      I wanted to do it yesterday, but didn't have the funds.  I acquired the funds today and pulled the trigger.  I plan on probably pouring around another 100 or so hours into this beast, very likely.  My love for this game is never ending.

    3. Lyca


      Our love is never ending, my friend.

      Look at that.

    4. Cid


      Don't quite share the same pain.


      I am also excited to play through X-2 again.  It's nothing like X, but I really enjoyed it and I haven't played through it on HD.  So I think I'll enjoy it again.

  3. *she smiles as she grabs the radio again and presses the radio button* I.. I ... don't have a... anymore. It... does-...doesn't matter me... where we meet. Just...choose... and tell me when... I will be... there. Be...Be ...careful. *releases the button and smiles as she sits back in the cabin*
  4. *She speaks in a very shaky voice, sometimes hard to understand as she presses the radio button* Hey... Harper. I... I think you know... who it is. Its... Lu-...Luina. May-...Maybe we can meet... I... I wanna tha-...thank you for ... for for rescuing me. I... I don't have any-...anyone. The-...There is ... no... dan-...danger. I... I ... am... alone. *she releases the radio button in hope she would answer*
  5. Was much fun today! One of the best hostile RP
  6. @Crim & @APTerminator & @GodOfInternetLag & @metalclash Was much fun guys! Really enjoyed it. You guys proved that you deserve to be back. Great hostile RP. @APTerminator, Sure I can't wait



    *You've been Morgun'ed, repost on 5 other peoples' activity pages or be haunted by a ghostly meme*

  8. *Lyca smiles as she hears the voices over the radio and presses the button* Riker... Riker... Riker... Rebecca is not wrong. You should say hello from time to time... Sure, I hear what you have to say. Just tell me when and where and I will show up. *releases the button of the radio again, resting next to Max in a cabin*
  9. I know, right? I will miss Lyca and Luina so much Omg... I will be so sad.
    • Lyca
    • Dew

    Was cool man!

    But I really wanted to fight with you... :( I wouldn't have betrayed you.

    I just wanted to kill the people outside xD

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    2. Lyca


      Oh yeah I know... I appreciate it. How I said... you guys are fine. Was fun! :x^_^

      Just what came afterwards was...Yeah. I could have made dinner in the kitchen... and nobody would have noticed. *lol*

      The people who killed you came in ... and then the next group attacked the group inside.


    3. Dew


      That's tragic.

    4. Lyca


      It indeed is.

  10. @evanm23 I am afraid that is not the triangle. Triangle is more like that here.
  11. That ''About Me'' Made me crai.

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    2. Lyca


      Just tell them you a good friend of mine. ^_^

    3. Mystery


      I'll remember that, if i ever get that far.

    4. Lyca


      Sure! ^_^

  12. Omg that laughing was really good.

    I needed that.

    Thanks to @Rolle  ^_^

    1. Rolle


      My stomach hurts :D

    2. Lyca


      Mine too :D ^_^

    3. Will


      you guys are welcome