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  1. This still doesn't explain your reason for taking these items outside of GearRP nor how 4 of your men glitched inside locked Gates and over walls using game mechanics to enter the base behind where we were standing. Furthermore when I mentioned one of your men had stolen from me he had the gear I was wearing which was unique as I was the only one there with an USMC plate carrier and he put his helmet and vest on me. If your saying you didn't noticed I'm sorry but I must call BS. Yes one of your men did trap Havoc in the shed and locked him in there with no weapon nor food. You may not have done it but one of your group did regardless. The thing that urks me is that your invited in without hostility and treated kindly then very unrealistically start grabbing as much ammo, weapons and gear as you can while you hold two people hostage at gun point and proceed to do things unrelated to the prior RP reason for appearing. Which means you chose to break your original RP and loot and steal (GearRP) for no reason beside wanting the items. When you arrived you said only the contriband weed would be removed. Then your men went and picked through every single tent and every item but didn't take the one thing you had a roleplay reason to take.
  2. Server and location: S2: Lopatino Castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Aug 13th 2019 / 10:00- 10:34pm pst Your in game name: Dante Goodwin Names of allies involved: Havoc Young Name of suspect/s: OREL Group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Attached Files for proof of Griefing. Despawning items attempt Detailed description of the events: Myself and one other Nato member were at our Lopatino base recovering from the recent attack. The OREL group approached led by their Major (cant remember his name sorry spoke to fast) and asked to meet our Captain. They claimed there were reports from everyone in Chernarus that we were selling weed, I assured him this was not true and he declared he needed in our camp for inspection immediatly. I told him to return in which he then threatened me very obviously with his weapon drawn to allow him inside or it would be bad. Since Value of Life is important I complied with the assurance that only the weed if found would be removed. As I opened both our gates which were padlocked btw I noticed that the rest of his members had already glitched their way into our walls using the jump glitch and float glitch (Bad RP right there abusing game mechanics). I then led them down to the main area fully complying with their demands and upon reaching the top of our tower they decided to force us to put our hands up or die (over fucking weed). They then proceeded to for some reason steal every gun we had as well as tents and pulled items from the tents in order to despawn them, below are the proof pictures. They locked Havoc inside a shed with no food nor water and no weapons. When asked why the POLICE were robbing us they began getting violent and claiming they never robbed us despite wearing our clothing (Vests/Hats/Weapons/Shoes) because they liked them "This is a nice USMC Vest I like this" actual quote from one of their members. Upon being let go I was able to look and see that they had taken just about all they could but not the Weed which I found odd because that was the reason they were their in RP. This is blatent baiting/gear RP they claim one thing then due to their only being two people on decided to use their members to without RP reason steal all they could get their hands on and not actually follow their RP, which was to get rid of the weed and follow up on the report. Furthermore one final thing, They made me remove all the locks with the exception of one at our front gate, as I went to leave I noticed it had been reattached and the combination changed (griefing). I know the roleplay on this server is better than this and it saddens me that a group claiming to be policemen out protecting folks would be no better than the bandits they claim to hunt. This situation has many issues and I wish it would have gone differently I did try my best to roleplay it out. Thank you Closing Report: Situation handled and Not worth the report. Please remove report thank you.
  3. I would be very interested in possibly joining your group. My character is an Ex-Field Medic and did work for relief efforts around the world. He has light combat training and is a well versed battlefield surgeon. @Goa
  4. TheDeepOne

    Official SCUM Thread

    So is there a password for server or no? I'm confused
  5. TheDeepOne

    Official SCUM Thread

    Yeah I'm considering getting this game as well. Not sure how stable it is but I figure if my PC can run Arma 3 and DayZ's un-optimized shlock then I should be gravy. Just gotta find my credit card lol
  6. Literally everyone who has been up to vybor to visit in the last few days thank y'all and also big ups to the early morning crew for swapping ghost stories and myths of werewolves around the fire.
  7. Hey guys it's Dante, just letting y'all know my Forum/TS name is TheDeepOne so y'all can add me. Thanks again to @UncleB and @-Chow- for taking me into the group.
  8. Hi there I met with a very kind member of yours today in Novy named North. We hung out for awhile and she mentioned that your group had been looking for like minded peaceful individuals. I would like to inquire about possible membership with your group if the offer is still on the table. Hope to hear from you soon. -Dante Goodwin (TheDeepOne)
  9. Dante always had an eye for the finer things in life. As the son of a multi-billionaire he practically had a silver spoon forced down his throat from birth, this however did not deter him from seeking out adventure and studying all sorts of outdoor activities. He had over the course of his 30 years became quite the avid hiker and became very proficient with the likes of crossbows and knives. His father figured that Dante needed to branch out and enjoy how the lower half lived, so he got Dante a job working aboard a large Cargo ship as a deckhand. Dante did his best and truthfully he wasent half bad at the job, there was some small issues due to a slight language barrier but most days ended rather peacefully. However one particular evening while he sat in his cot eating his daily ration of pork and beans he felt the massive ship lunge violently to starboard. Panic set in as he lept from his cot, raced down the long corridor and emerged on the captains overlook. "Damn it all....Cursed storms having her way with us lads" the captain shouted as he struggled to maintain any sense of control over the laboring ship. Dante rushed down to the crew deck to help assist in securing the rigging and cargo, he knew if even one of these containers shifted the boat could list hard to its side and possibly flood. Suddenly he and the others were knocked off their feet as the boat heaved with a roar and the sounds of metal being torn, Dante was flung forwards and collided head on against a large red container, blood streamed down his brow coming from a cut above his right eye. He struggled to his feet just as a wave rushed over the bow of the ship whisking him away again and slamming him against the wall. The deck was in utter chaos and below it wasent much better, the impact had torn a 8 foot hole in the side of the vessel, water rushed freely into the lower chambers. The men below saw that there was nothing they could do so they sealed off the lower levels and rushed to the captain, "Sir, Shes flooded decks 4-6 we cant keep goings much longer" reported the mechanic. The captain looked down at his radar then squinted hard as he noticed a landmass within reach, he grabbed the intercom and yelled into it, "Boys Prepare for Beaching, I repeat Prepare to Beach the ship. Secure yourself and brace hard boys". The massive vessel rushed for the beach, so with little time Dante ran for the nearby lifejacket storage unit. As he reached it he was pushed aside by one of the larger more muscular deckmen, "Sorry greenhorn no more for you" the russian laughed as he placed the jacket on. Dante ran back toward the deck of the ship looking for something to anchor himself down to, just then over the loudspeaker the captains voice boomed out an order "BRAAACCCEE!". THe ship slammed along the coastline and without a tiedown Dante was tossed overboard into the unforgiving seas below. His head slammed against a rock under the water causing him to blackout for a short period of time, when he came to he had washed up on the shore. He pulled himself forward as he looked back to see the ship on fire laying in the shallows with a massive hole in its side. His body ached and with every move his muscles were on fire, but he forced himself to his feet as he ran towards the smoldering ship. He noticed a few crewman attempting to cull the blaze coming from the aft decks with buckets of water, he also saw a few other people running toward the men who were fighting the fire. Without warning the running men attacked the crewmen and began biting and tearing at their bodies, Dante screamed out at them. As he rushed forth one of the people noticed him and turned to face Dante, what Dante saw in the persons face sent chills down his spine. The person looked to be female but he face was rotted and bloodied, bits of human flesh hung from her broken jaw and her eyes were as dead as a dolls eyes. She jumped toward Dante but the quickly raised his hands halting her advance, she growled and screamed as her teeth clacked toward Dante's face. "Crazy Bitch!" He said as he tossed her to the ground, her arm snapped on inpact and Dante stepped back away from the crazed woman. She stood up and instead of writhing in pain she began to gnaw off the flesh at her arm. "The fuck.." he said as she once again rushed toward him, he grabbed a piece of metal that had settled on the beach beside him and swung it at her skull. The wet thud of metal meeting flesh rang out as the womans head collapsed and she fell limp in the sand. Dante breathed a sigh of relief and turned around back toward the ship, he then heard a growl from behind him and as he turned he saw the woman raising back to her feet. Her head was mostly caved in but she was still standing, she rushed forward once more. Dante took the metal and impaled her through the forhead abruptly ending the fight. He could not believe his eyes "Were these people crazy?" he thought as he gathered what he could and ran towards two houses nearby. He forced open the first houses door then barricaded himself inside. Little did Dante know that this nightmare had only just begun. (Note: after spending time with The Riptide collective Dante was last seen in Novy but also around this time the Mysterious "Nine" appeared.)
  10. TheDeepOne

    RP1: KOS Between Stary and Kabanino 22:05 22-3-2015

    Review the footage from 4:08-4:19. at 4:08-4:10 the first shot is fired, my gun points into the air. The hit is shown there after yes on chest however the logs reflect it was a leg shot, The man then does an animation and his hands go up then his hands go down. Another burst is fired and misses, the man falls down. Two shots hit the man to my left killing him and then the aug guy shoots me. The aug guy then chases and kills another man. So he never moved backwards his character was spinning around. Im confused as to why Roman your completely dodging the fact that there was a non-RP party involved that killed players and instead you attack me. Yes I shot, yes I hit him, after review and watching the video I no longer regret shooting the man on accident, his actions fully aligned with a murderous psychopath and he gave us all every reason for him to die. You need to realize that MetaGaming was used and yet you refuse to acknowledge that fact and I don't understand why. You are making this into a grand event when the simple reality is it was a RP scenario in which someone was shot, then an outside non-rp source stepped in and murdered members involved in RP due to outside RP information. If you want to ban me then fine, but don't sit there and put the entire blame on me when you wont even acknowledge that there was a actual rule break (metagaming) and that I did not actively kill nor KOS anyone in the group.
  11. TheDeepOne

    RP1: KOS Between Stary and Kabanino 22:05 22-3-2015

    OK well calm down first please. I misclicked which fired the first shots as you can see my gun in the video shoot a burst and look straight up. I then panicked as people drew guns and the man moved towards me and shot again, these shots clearly missed as he was only ever hit once and it was the first burst shot. I didn't get anyone killed, I didn't kill anyone. The masked man's friend who was an outside source is responsible for actually killing everyone, I don't understand how that's not a subject of discussion at all and I'm being crusified for shooting a dude in the leg.
  12. TheDeepOne

    RP1: KOS Between Stary and Kabanino 22:05 22-3-2015

    As I said I panicked, whether I shot or not is a pointless argument. Regardless of the shooting, the actual hit didn't kill and only wounded the masked man to a point in which he was able to be revived. The masked man had pulled heads and other body parts from his bag and had personally confirmed that he had in fact been part of a group actively killing people. He was given the option to leave but became confrontational instead. Furthermore no mention of an "overwatch" was brought up in RP which would imply outside information being used that lead to the KOS of myself and three others as shown in the hit logs. I did not in fact kill anyone that was someone else who wasent even near us at the time.
  13. TheDeepOne

    RP1: KOS Between Stary and Kabanino 22:05 22-3-2015

    I was Yuri that was 100% accidental and my fault. I was looking at the dude in the mask through my scope because tensions were rising. I went to click off the sight and clicked the left mouse on accident and busted a round into him then a hail of bullets started as I was about to apologise for a misclick. I fully apologise for the incident it was accidental in everyway. I was pissed too cause it was really good RP.
  14. Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone. Ive been spending the better half of the last 3 hours reading the lore and going over the newcomer guide, everything is well explained and mostly common sense and self explanatory when it comes to the rules. I'm not even whitelisted yet and I'm already enjoying the lore and community Quick Update: "Whitelist Approved!" Thanks everyone Im so ready to Roleplay with you all, Ill see you in the apocalypse!
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