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  1. Very well said. I agree with your statement.
  2. Former Navy Seal, After I got out of active duty service I went on to do contracting work. I was part of a Personal security team for the RED CROSS while they were in This country to help. When the out brake happened we attempted to flee in a helicopter but it was damaged during take off. It crashed and I was the only survivor. I was found by a friendly guy who nursed me back to health. Shortly after I was back on my feet and good to travel we were out hunting when we got ambushed by a group my friend was killed immediately and I was taken and tortured. I was left with a few broken fingers and a few scars on my chest stomach and back from what they did to me. Just as they let me go I was butt stroked by one of them and he took his knife and sliced my face from my right temple to the bridge of my nose and down across my cheek. Then they left me for dead. I woke up with some kind of Infected person coming after me. I was able to fend it off and get away and find shelter in a cave near by. Over the next few weeks I was battling the elements and treating my wounds as best as I could. I then started to venture further and further away from my camp finding better hunting grounds and some good gear and weapons. I am now just trying to survive and find anyone that's friendly and barter and trade with them and also avoid the bad animals and bad people out there.
  3. This is Gremlin. Radio check! I have broken off from the main group. They are heading to go live up north all alone and didn't care about the rest of the team. I'm on my own right now. Hopefully only for a bit. I'm sure I'll run into someone from my group sooner or later. Going to look for a chopper I saw go down somewhere near Green mountain. Hopefully it doesn't get stripped before I get to it. Be safe out there gents. Gremlin OUT!.
  4. This is Gremlin. Radio check! I have broken off from the main group. they are heading to go live up north all alone and didn't care about the rest of the team. I'm on my own for a bit. I'm sure I'll run into someone from my group sooner or later. Going to look for a chopper I saw go down somewhere near Green mountain. Hopefully it doesn't get stripped before I get to it. Be safe out there gents. Gremlin OUT!.
  5. Not everyone I'm sure. but there are deff alot of Verterans like myself that love to play games.
  6. I've died a few times. Twice were deff legit deaths. But one that really pissed me off was a while back last summer. I spawn in already with Hypothermia. I immediately stopped and started a fire and laid down next to it. Stripping off my clothes and gear pretty much being on top of the fires and still died. I was able to get a new life and find my gear before it went away. But was out my Winchester Mod. 70 with scope and a lot of ammo. lol But it happens. Still love playing in the DAYZ RP servers. See y'all out there. Gremlin
  7. Welcome. You'll have a great time. This RP gameplay made me want to play this game again. Enjoy brother and hope to run into you sometime.
  8. I got in a tower at tent city to get away from multiple infected awhile back and was picking them off. when One got under the tower. I was trying to get an angle on the last one and I fell out of the tower and broke my legs and got swatted a couple times. lol
  9. I just want to survive. And hope that I don't run into people that only want what I have instead of what I can provide with my experience and skills.
  10. I enjoy more time in the smaller villages then the big ones. But still gotta go to the bigger ones for the better gear and supplies. Gremlin
  11. Here's a little back story on how I came to be here today. After my chopper went down around the time when it all started. Myself and three others found our way to the shore and got in a boat and headed out where ever we could. After about an hour of driving the boat we ran out of gas. Luckily we had already noticed land and were heading for it. We posted up there and survived off the land and what supplies we had for a while. we then after a few months never found a way off. I was a deserted Island. We stayed there hunting and foraging for what ever we could use to our advantage and anything that could help us survive. One of us had died due to an infection he got when he sustained a nasty cut in the chopper crash. It took a very long time but we assumed that's what it was because he went out for supplies and never came back. After being there for over a year and a half we began to believe that nothing was out there for us at all and this is it. Then it happened. After a couple weeks after he went missing we saw him coming back towards the camp on the shore. But something was off. then we saw literally hundreds of more infected behind him. We have no idea where they came from but it was no good to stay there anymore. we got into our boat we had made and headed out. It was really rough seas and we paddled and paddled in the only direction we could remember where came from. so we headed West back to Chernarus. During the storm while I was tucked inside the nook we had on the boat trying to sleep something happened. While I had dozed off from exhaustion the two guys Brian and Jared had somehow gone missing. I wake up to an empty boat and one oar. Devastated from the loss of everyone I had become to love I notice land and Row toward it. "First day hitting the shore" Come up to the shore and begin to run down the shore and start to find some gear avoiding the infected as much as possible. I find some basic stuff. nothing great. Some random food and a sledge hammer and keep moving. I come across One person I could hear rummaging through a house just like I was. Very friendly guy named Jason. He gave me some food. I didn't have anything to give to him. He said he was heading south. I told him I just came from there and where to find water and that there were a lot of houses that might have some stuff in them but I hadn't looked because of all the Zombies. So he said he'd head out and we parted ways. I began to head along the coast. after filling up on food for what looked to be a big journey. I hear a voice behind me telling me to stop and put my hands up. I had nothing to defend myself and this guy was loaded down with some good gear. I complied and did what he asked telling him I don't have anything and don't want any trouble. he told me to walk into the woods and keep going and I wouldn't be hurt. I again still kept doing what he said. He took me through the woods twisting and turning to disorient me onto where I was and was going. We then come upon a small village of about 4 houses. I asked if he had any water I could have. He didn't have any to give me but there was a water pump he let me use then ordered me into one of the houses and into one of the rooms and he wanted me to drop my bag. I told him a cleaver was in the bag. He thanked me for saying and took it and let me hang out while he contacted his friends. I over heard him on the radio with his friend using a familiar unit call sign. I began to take notes on the grid he gave and Names and call signs used. Then when his friend walked in and started to question me he sounded extremely familiar. I asked him if he had been in the Navy. I told him that I was with SEAL Team 3 a while back and he said "SEAL's huh" and told his friend. "Hey WOODS! Get in here" That's where I removed my mask and they put down a light and it was VANDAL, and WOODS, They stayed with the team after I had gotten out back in 2012. They snuck back into the country to find CPT Bruner and as many of the 8203 Raider team if they can. They gave what gear they could. And now I'm back with my brothers and going to stay with them continuing on with there mission. For the first day was pretty exciting. From going from nothing to coming across someone friendly that helped me then finding two guys I'd never in a million years think I'd see again. And now have a purpose and a new mission and a new found drive to live and survive more to find a way through all of this.
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