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  1. Bjorn Larsen is born and raised in Denmark. Along with him and his two parents, he lived all his life on the country side. Learning how the farming branch works as well as hunting animals and skin them. He is a lone wolf person, mostly travelling along forest paths instead of highly populated areas. Socialising is not a problem however, Bjorn is wisely about who he associate with. Very loyal towards characters he trust but gaining his trust is a hard thing. Mainly Bjorn believe that there is only one who can help you in the end and that is not a friend, that is yourself. His daily mindset is very survival oriented. Only the fittest will survive, he always make’s sure to be prepared before heading into a dangerous situation or risky.
  2. I am done typying and answearing out all the fields and pretty much done, but. When I press the button "I'm done! Submit" it says on top of the screen saying "Your whitelist is not complete" and I notice that my SteamID, GUID, Age is not there somehow and now I have no idea how to edit that. So I can fill those out. Anyone know how I can fix this out?
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