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  1. Edwardou

    To the camp near Tisy (Open Frequency)

    *Lincoln shrugs off his backpack, sitting in the room of the house he's holed up in on the bed after pushing a chest of drawers against the door, his Australian tone coming through a little crackly, though a not-so-pristine radio.* "Doctor Hope, or anyone else who worked in the camp, or at least stayed there for a time. My name is Lincoln, I arrived just a day before the attack. I had gone out for a walk to try and get back on my feet after you treated my gunshot wound.. but when I got back everyone was gone.. something happened, I don't know. I just want you to know that I'm.. mostly back on my feet, though I haven't been able to take the antibiotics like you prescribed, gets kind of hard when all the medical supplies are in the camp. I know it is alot to ask.. but I cannot find Cenek, my friend that aided you when we arrived, I know he's out there looking for you." *He lies down on the bed after a swig of his water bottle, placing a hand over the sore spot on his abdomen with a wheeze, before continuing.* "I'm digressing here. Long story short, I want to live AND I want to help. Both of those involves me getting back to you all. Not only that but my friend is hot on your trail and it's how I'm going to get back to him, please, if we're able to meet, tell me. I'm still close by, just not sure for how long. *A cough*" *He sets the radio aside on the bed-side table to listen for a response, laying back and closing his eyes, using his sleeve to wipe sweat away from his brow*
  2. Lincoln grew up in Perth, Australia with a single mother. Leaving school at 15, he took an apprenticeship at a car garage to earn money whilst gaining practical skills. Reaching 25 and drifting from job to job, having been currently unemployed for just over a year, Lincoln landed himself a job working off of the coast of Chernarus on an oil rig where he stayed for a few months a year before flying back home on paid holiday. One year, whilst travelling home, he was stopped upon exiting the vessel used to ferry workers from the harbor in Chernogorsk to the oil rig and was escorted by a group of soldiers to a camp near Balota airfield for screening. During screening, the camp was eventually overrun, and Lincoln was separated from the group. Fearing for his life, Lincoln shut himself into a shipping container to prevent himself from being overrun, but had now trapped himself inside. After what had seemed like hours, he was eventually rescued by Cpl. Cenek Jahod of the Chernorussian Defence Force, where the two made their way out of the desolated campsite and on to reconvene with anyone that may have survived the incident. Since then, Cenek and Lincoln have been staying in a relatively safe camp in the woods, but dwindling supplies has forced them to move on, and perhaps look for a group to settle in with.
  3. Vasilev Podorov was born in Elektrozavodsk during the height of the Soviet era. His family lived in an industrial area, and worked mundane jobs in the nearby factories. Vaslev himself began working as a railway engineer, working in many places in Chernarussia and Takistan. He was a rather solitary man after his wife passed away during a harsh winter due to pneumonia. Whilst working in Takistan in 2010, an IED placed near the railways exploded, killing several of his engineer friends, and injuring him, leaving with a slight limp. Once the virus began to spread, he had already returned to Chernarussia, living in a small house near Polana.
  4. **Lincoln busts through the doorway of an old home, shutting it behind him as he sighs, sliding down the door into a sitting position, listening to the moans of the undead as they pass down the road, he fiddles for his radio, turning the volume down** "Katya, or... Kir, whichever one of you is still listening. I'm still looking, I'm being optimisic here, I came to the safe haven too late, and missed you by what could only be an hour or so. Kir said something about meeting, or speaking on another frequency? Well I'm going to be listening to both of these for a while. I'm taking a gamble looking for you guys, but I think you're serious about being good people." **He sighs, taking a swig from his canteen and dropping the empty metal vessel to the floor, peeking out of the window, bringing the radio to his mouth as he speaks into it once more, watching the undead pass by, the moans can be heard through the radio.** "I'm running out of options here..." **He looks down to the CR75 tucked into his vest, placing a hand on it as he sinks back into a sitting position against the wall, closing his eyes.**
  5. **Lincoln climbs to the top of the radio tower, zipping up his jacket as he reaches the top, shiveringm, he pulls the radio from his bag strap, bringing it to his mouth, he pauses for a moment, thinking to himself.** 'Hey.. could probably could see the sunrise from here.' **He then presses down the PTT button.** "This is Lincoln Archers, theres nothing here. Place is a ghost town, I guess you guys just up and left. Whatever, it was worth a shot. I may hang around to see if I'm wrong, I hope I'm not. But I think I am. Anyway, I'm going to move, if bandits /are/ coming, I don't want to be up this tower." **He releases the PTT, beginning to climb down.**
  6. **Lincoln sits up, pulling his paramedic jacket blanket off of himself as he reaches over to grab his radio, after flicking through the frequencies, he comes across the signal, almost missing it. He begins to listen, before pushing down the PTT after** "That's a long way. But it'd be a nice place to stay if it's what you say it is. Hope to be there soon." **He begins to stand, pulling on his jacket and hooking his bag over his shoulder, clipping the radio to his bagstrap**
  7. *Lincoln sits up as the man picks up the radio, he picks his own radio up as he pushes down on the PTT.* "Lincoln, and my friend here is Cenek. I'll keep my radio on and wait for your response, if this doctor is willing to meet. Thanks, Jack." *He releases the PTT, laying his hand and the radio on his lap, poking the embers of the fire.*
  8. *Lincoln sits up, pulling off his paramedic jacket that he was using as a blanket, putting it on. He takes the radio from Cenek, pushing down the PTT button, the australian accent from before coming through* "We're not looking for information on them, moreso on where they are. We're looking to come into contact with them. I'm a trained paramedic and my frend here is an ex-CDF, and we think we can lend what skills we have. We heard of them while walking through svetlogorsk and have been wandering eversince, making our way up to kabanino where we found out they may have stayed in the campground that we're in. Though theres nothing here but empty food packets and some ghouls. If you can get us in contact with them we'd appreciate it." *He releases the PTT button, sitting back down next to the fire as it slowly dies out, laying back down on hisbackpack*
  9. Edwardou


  10. Edwardou


  11. I was near green mountain one time, at some place we called Ted's farm, I was alone and very hungry. During the night time on the server I heard a couple moo's coming from the trees next to me, I walk over to find I have startled a herd of house and they start to sprint away, I begin to chase them through the forest like some tribesman leaping over fallen trees and rocks until I glitch about 3 of them into a rock formation and I unload on them with my UMP Needless to say I wasn't hungry anymore
  12. Edwardou

    Character Theme Songs!

  13. Hey, My name's Edward, original, I know. But uh, yeah hi. I've been roleplaying for like 3 years now on garrys mod and similar things, I also play DnD. Bout time I tried out DayzRP.
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