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  1. Hello Mr, how are you doing today? My name is Armada Bergen.. I am from Stockholm Sweden. I am 26 and before this shit went down I worked place to place. I lived on my own and I managed after I got kicked out of my orphanage. Sadly I was just always missing something... I never really had a family or even friends. So I thought maybe if I moved somewhere else I could make friends and live a happier life. I didn't do to well at school so I'm not the brightest guy out there. So the natural thing to do was to get a job that didn't require schooling. I got a job to be a construction worker, so I got on the plane and headed straight there. about 2 months later, where things was looking good in my life a lot of commotion was coming from the streets of Chernarus. I was looking at it all when I was stationed on my crane. These things were biting into people I just there watching wondering what to do. So I stayed put, like a coward. I had to come down because I ran out of food. everywhere around me was death.... Just death. Now all I want to do is find people to rebuild the world with. I can't be alone again.
  2. CrushedMayo

    S1 Sexual/BadRP Kabanino 22/05/2016

    Armada Bergen Pov I walked into Kab with Dr. Hope and her friend and I hear the pretty nasty ERP from the center of town in a green 2 story house. People were yelling trolling and nasty things inside the house so I just stayed outside watching what was going on. Then me and some people stood outside and threw food and flipped off the people that were inside. I have to admit I did start messing with the people that were inside when they came out, trying to bring them outside of town to rob them with Kofi and some of his friends. But I stayed out of the whole nasty ERP thing.
  3. No problem, just make sure you watch your calories. Which means take it easy on the chili, thanks for the rp.
  4. CrushedMayo

    A Level 3 Hippy - Ponderings of Joseph Divone

    Thanks to your hippy powers Armada knows how to survive in this hell hole. Sadly he didn't listen and now you both have a missing eye.
  5. Hey everyone, I just got whitelisted and I am having so much fun roleplaying. Just wanted to say hi because I'm new and all.