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  1. Server and location: S1: Myshkino Military Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2-01-2017, 12 GMT Your in game name: Robbie Smith Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Cloud Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events:I logged into Myshkino base to an individual crouched right up next to me. My rp character is mute and, admittedly, I wasnt very enthusiastic in roleplay, so I gave him a thumbs up and continued looting. He followed me for a bit, with his gun down, and I gave him a wave emote. I name checked him and his name was cloud, with a mosin. I eventually left the base, and did not see him in my sights. I heard a single, long ranged, mosin shot, and I was unconscious. After a couple of minutes I was dead.
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    Can i drink something stronger than bleach?
  3. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/SeFZZ_B02u8pAs_H0hyUwWtpwpXz0A5BlkdesHmf7D4eQvSv_nd24GHsB0PeDX9UZaKFiyOktbDnctDsbu-p47WS2n3OmUmwUSwwH36K5oCCm4mwbaRkQTG7LfW889htka80uwJg[/img] https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/QlX-1G7N2qqbi0MO-VYWJTuuQWDLJADZPqV2aZUSKdIIUsj5psSoDPtjjdpzjSNkWNqZiJeN5zRpndYrdW-yDz8sshByUS5F4sfcPWLd0YwL7ynqK87aFKkQ1jJ2vczKnmUkJBAr[/img] https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/wPwXFmQPLtGruCJa3dCXncIIG72a_q--xIvxhmdnySrKCyxVAqP__4y-ek7HS_0SIMFm1cGzPwkhU246inUuH9W7eSBYFsd4b82uV2hXFqW00aEx80Zx9sVL6IfkI6tSfS2F2RAj[/img] https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/74CCfMDI0Omyl-jd6GsH39Iq5JIcHU8WMufejKvOn0a7c8-xSvxntMgAfp8FOpUh7Ow-IjtdvuL-ySezo2wflx-IFKIbyf70cxP-UXRf6QCgJ4GrXOCADH3ks_ru1xktqeTsD15Z[/img] As a group who have sat idly and watched the world fall apart we have learned one thing. There is so little good left in this world. We had given the world a chance to prove to us that those who live in it could let the lighter side of humanity show through the blood soaked veil placed before our eyes. We were proven wrong time and time again after seeing ourselves and my comrades beaten, stripped of dignity, tortured, shot, and even killed. Time and time again we had witnessed the psychosis that has been bestowed upon the men and women by this hellish apocalypse. No longer will we lay idle, dormant. We do not plan to search for fights, we will only take up arms in order to defend what is ours and those of which we hold dear. What we plan to do is make a safe haven. A place where men, women, and children can go to be safe and secure. We will guard them at all costs with no requirement of praise from those whom we protect. We are the Basterds. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/lIqho6B4zOOdlNJFrZqq3MHJuE-zze0zsnHmNxZYcvxB4zybW8xGVxgYWLFsuhD2XH28FrfIH6ycgFiy9mAghHLycAM7n8F-G2yvYEUgDxZK_zu9f1vagaD-BzVyyShzJ9-oSzS0[/img] We originally started as a rag tag amalgamation of survivors planning on staying alive through thick and thin, which is why we ultimately chose the name Basterds. However, after witnessing the atrocities committed by those who assume power, we decided to take action and come together in order to provide sanctuary. Our population is comprised of people with many different backgrounds, from a botanist to a CEO of a large company. We shall only keep the peace as we protect our town and the innocents within. We are in no way an organized group of fighters and we do not have a uniform. We have a few members of armed forces amongst our ranks that will do their best to make sure we are up to the task of defending what is ours by teaching us and training us. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/xzXD-VqCsohfYNMorci9q_RFLFYFLPJTweawAk-Hc_xgtx5NfJbFa534BM01i-Yy-wxBk_pgOf_C4scwp8aRNGxTuE_3fgtUkSF3a-x5NUCNRX8HsDES-h6VAZNS1SaitFKf4wXW[/img] We want to implement a place where anyone looking to rest their head, mend their wounds, or fill their bellies can call a temporary (or permanent) home or safe haven. We will provide asylum from the dead and from the vile, cruel, and evil living. All we ask for people who pass through our town to bring is an olive branch of peace. We are hoping our efforts will provide solace for weary travelers and terrified survivors. While visiting, you can expect to be treated with the highest respect from The Basterds. We will treat you as our guest and will try our hardest to make you comfortable. This being said, if you come into our town bearing any animosity toward anyone you will be first, asked kindly to leave and take your fight elsewhere. If you are needed to be told a second time, you will be escorted out by our men. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/TP8n4sV1PbGfgCW0eAFWraj0ScF-x1EBtbDRmxMjvGFykZrPCY0UbbJnp68Gj427KoxL6g-o5VUcHjHi2c3Wwi6eKKvDA-nhBm6cr4bblZb0BMltvlJe27UlGZDusPdfhlazZToi[/img] Hescalbarrier - Ian Dice (Character Profile TBM) Garry Hippo - Mitty Walters (Character Profile TBM) ProXThug - Kirby Whelan (Character Profile TBM) TidusTZ - Bellamy Whelan James Bennett - James Bennett Quang Siquan - Quang Siquan Blaine Johnson- Blaine Johnson
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    [Open Frequency] Foxes Den

    *He sighs and opens up the radio transmission* *after a while of trying to speak, he eventually gives up, and plays a new message through his radio* -- -.-- -. .- -- . .. ... --. .- .-. .-. -.-- .. .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. .-.. .. -.- . - --- .--- --- .. -. -.-- --- ..- .-. --. .-. --- ..- .--. - . .-.. .-.. -- . .-- .... . .-. . .. - .. ... .- -. -.. .. .-- .. .-.. .-.. -.-. --- -- . *hoping someone is able to translate his message, or even care about it, he then turns off the broadcast*
  5. *transmission starts* ahoy there, this is sergey, can you hear me garry? *static* contact me if you can. *static* *transmission ends* *After a fit of coughing Garry answers the radio* Yes...I am here... *cough cough* sorry I havnt answered in a while, I am so sick and I havnt been able to do anything. Ive been sitting around in this lousy, old abandoned house, trying to recover, but with no luck. I am *cough* obviously still alive, however. Answer if you are too.
  6. "Now, that's not an excuse to roleplay poorly and be a dick for the sake of being a dick." This is more what Im talking about. Again no hate or salt is involved in these situations, I hope everyone understands this.
  7. First of all, I was just talking about this theme in general. I did not make this conversation because of one simple situation ig, this has happened to me multiple times, and I feel like it is something to start a thread about. Trust me, If I made a thread about every single thing that got me upset, I would be filling up half the forums. Like I said before in my previous post, I did not wright because my "feathers had been ruffled" and by no means was this conversation originally a report. You don't have to believe my side of the story, but I dont think you want me go into detail about the context either. If you want a full summary about whats been happening you can contact me privately. Ill say again, I did not make this thread based on "salt" or anger, just out of curiosity, confusion and a little impatience.
  8. Thanks for clearing things up guys. Sometimes the roleplaying part of this community can be a little confusing. I also would report it, but I don't even remember who any of these people were, Ill just let it be until next time.
  9. Me being salty about people being mean thats all
  10. *Radio Message opens up* Forsaken, my name is Garry, a while ago my brother, Nobel, came in contact with one of your group, and promised to help him via surgery. This person agreed to my brothers offer of help, to remove a fragment lodged in his throat. The reason why the surgery did not happen was because there were no proper medical supplies available, at the time. My brother is now dead. However; as I am a surgeon myself, I am still willing to conduct the surgery, so that I can at least put some of my skills to good use in this apocolapyse. I came here to do one job... help people. If you allow me, Id like to come to Ratnoe to help you.
  11. *After listening to the last transmission, he decides to add one last piece of advice.* If you stay around kamino, Vibor, Stary and Novy, you will be bound to come across people passing through. Obviously people don't stick around, but these cities are big hotspots for survivors. There is also a camp near novy that died a while ago, however it is populated with traders from time to time. Before the outbreak it used to be a... summercamp I think... Anyway, if you are going to be in that area, I will be on the walkie-talkie channel 87.8. Goodluck.
  12. [align=justify]*after listening in to the radio, he finally decides to inject himself into he conversation* *laughs* haha, your funny, and seems like you can hold your own. You got... spunk, kid, Ill give you that. If you really wanna meet up with people I suggest heading towards Novy Sobor or Stary Sobor. That's where I am at least... and I'm friendly... sort of...
  13. *Nobel picks up Radio* I don't think anyone knows where they went, the camp just died. Something happended to hope and her crew, and they havnt set up anywhere else. I wish the best for them and hope they are ok, but for now.... we are in the dark.