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  1. ***Danny press down on the PTT button of his radio, broadcasting with a general monotone to his voice.*** "Please doing business with you too, I'm always looking for work. Whatyou got in terms of work?" ***Danny releases the PTT, awaiting any response.***
  2. ***Danny press down on the PTT button of his radio, broadcasting with a general monotone to his voice.*** "Vybor.... be there or be square." ***Danny releases the PTT, awaiting any response.***
  3. He found himself thrust into the thick of it following the years after the infection. Danny Kirkland was born in Coventry, England in 1978. His family was doing well for themselves and there were often times when there was food on the table which would often go to waste. A rare commodity one would wish for even now. Whether or not it was the right choice is debatable as Danny grew to become a very bitter person. He hated the hand he was dealt and the way other people would look down on him. The kids at school would mock him and authorities would pin things on him that he didn’t even do, all because of how he looked and the reputation his parents had. His mother would often steal and his father spent what little currency they had on his drinking habit. When Danny grew older he decided to pack up and leave his miserable life behind. He didn’t have much so he hitched rides from trains, also hitching rides from strangers until he ended up in a different country altogether and the place that would soon become hell on Earth. Far from home but not a world away. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it had its charm and Danny liked the vibe it had. He ended up making friends in a bar and they took him in. Then, the infection broke out. During the several hours that followed the beginning of the infection, Danny found himself fighting for the majority of it along with the other patrons of the bar until all fell silent. A true sound of silence after hours of unrest, then, a distant and faint sound of heavy-footed marching in the distance before long the streets were flooded with undead and soldier forces alike that had come to quell the infection, he knew he had to escape an did so with much haste. He was thrust into a world which was no longer recognizable, an empty, industrial husk of its once lively self.
  4. ***Danny press down on the PTT button of his radio, broadcasting with a general monotone to his voice.*** "To anyone that can hear this, I have a couple of items I am trying to shift, I'm stuck in this mess just like the rest of you however I was here on Contractor business to build homes and apartments for the homeless." ***Danny releases the PTT briefly, sighing softly to himself before resuming the broadcast.*** "I have stumbled across two pieces of American hardware, one reads... uh... St.. Steyr Aug and the other is a heavy bloody thing that reads M249, I think I've seen these weapons in the video games I used to play... so since I have no used or experience with them other than from video games, they're free for the taking. If you're interested I could do with like food or some shit like that. Cheers, I await your call back and I'll give you a generalised location. Thanks." ***Danny releases the PTT of his handheld device, awaiting any response.***
  5. Wolfaye

    S1 - KOS - Novy - 2019-03-11 22:00

  6. Yeah so, I was a fresh spawn after I was killed early in the EU time of the day by Jackals after we tried robbing someone. (Pre-Update). I respawned and night fell and I was walking along and Saw a flare in distance, needless to say, I ended up captured by Gen Zero (They initiated on me and told me to get into the house) and proceeded to "toughen me up" by me ending up tortured, Waterboarded, yadda yadda. I'm later taken for a ride along and am forced to hold up anyone I come across while they watch. After that they let me go. I find a radio at VMC and contact my friends. They didn't know I was Kamenici at the time as I never let them know. I rallied with my friends and we found Gen Zero in Kabinino. I needed water as my thirst was yellow, I went to the well and because they were there I told them to leave me alone as I only wanted water and they followed me around the barns until I went to the well. from there I am talking to them and they then punch me to knockout after I called them something or said something. One of the Jackals started punching and a few others followed as ya can see in the video. After this, I walked away and as I leave Kab towards the church I drop my tongue at the Gen Zero calling one of them the "C" word and they pursue to up the road. I'm further initiated on after refusing to lick the Jackal man's boot and my boys are witnessing this and they see me in trouble. They open fire given the kill rights after I was secondly initiated on by the people in Kab aside from Gen Zero. Making them and everyone involved KOS for their hostile actions. I drop in fear as Jackal man goes down and the man that takes my gun domes me whilst I'm on the ground, crawling out of the line of fire. No clue who or why he did it. They had no reason afaik. If they've already said, I ain't really read this report properly. Not yet anyway, haven't had the chance.
  7. Wolfaye

    S1 Zelenogorsk -- Invalid Kill

    My POV: I was running from Pavlovo, got into Zelenegorsk and I ran past you guys, I was told to stop running, I said "Fuck you" to the guy who told me to stop running. He then Initiated on me and then I got on the ground and complied. I then hear a shot go off and the guy drops. My guys were nearby and witnessed the situation from up the road.
  8. Glasgow comes from a background of Crime. With an affinity for working in the field of troublemaking, Jason found himself to be rather resourceful and self-sufficient in his youth while the world would continue to turn and civilization continued to go on normally. In the latter half of his life, the activity of undead and infection caused the loss of Jason's beloved family. From there, the tired Scotsman was wrenched away from the home he loved and the life he cared for in turn to be forced to cooperate with the Government he was subjugated into with the armed forces and sent to Chernarus. His only urges these days are to mug off other people and cause general trouble. With the great spirit of Scotland still alive and well in the lad. He would do his best to ensure he could continue to fuck over everyone he comes across. That being if they don't get pissy with him first. Once more he seeks to do some form of law making in this lawless world.
  9. Wolfaye

    Nerf Zombies Please

    They're biological machines of mass genocide. I quite like the risk of dying to a horde if you fire in a town or start making lots of noise. An easy way to avoid this is to crouch in busy towns or military camps. You can get by them pretty easily and they don't aggro since when you crouch it's like their perception is divided by seventy. they don't see you anymore. The odd one will if you move a bit too fast close to them but, for the most part I like them. Far better than previous editions of the zombies. If you were to nerf the main antagonist of the game, you'd have no challenge anymore and we may as well remove the Z from DayZ because they wouldn't be a threat anymore. TL:DR: Don't nerf, Realism and risk over comfort and convenience.
  10. You're welcome bud! I have gone my seperate way but perhaps our paths will cross again. I have something of yours to remember you by as well as your weapon
  11. When I spawn into the server as a fresh life. It doesn't seem to set me to what I set it on the main menu. I am given a random assortment of a character... Any help? I don't wanna spawn as a woman with a mans name lol.
  12. Nebulous does this, community directors are always looking for player input when it comes to LORE, GAMEPLAY OR SERVER changes specifically. The staff is fairly dictated on a behavior basis.
  13. How I see DayzRP.com from a spectator standpoint: From the couple of years I've been here it's been alright. I ain't had many run-ins with people on here from a personal perspective. However from an outside perspective; looking in, I don't see a fair democratic community, rather I see a dictatorship that would sooner ban people for posting a bad meme. Other communities would likely brush it off and not let it get to them, not here though. Heck, most people get warned or banned for their opinions and I don't wish to be one of them but if you do decide to warn/ban me, then you've proven my point. It doesn't surprise me when many leave due to the bias of the team. All I ask is that you're more lenient with basic things. Just in case you didn't catch on yet, this is my opinion and doesn't reflect the overall community consensus. It is just how I see things when I browse and read things people put.
  14. Hi, I'm Dan! A game designer with a passion for Level Design & 3D Modelling, who works for International Hobo. They are an outsourcing company that works on triple-A and Indie titles. I'm just going to dump some things in my thread here. WW2 German Schmeisser MP-28 - [3D Model] - View in real time via the link. Pipe Rifle Gatling Gun - [3D Model] - View in real time via the link. Most of the stuff I have is featured on my website. Oh and this.
  15. Future tip, if your cam ever locks like that, just doubletap alt and doubletap it again and it fixes, at least it does for me.
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