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  1. Warm Nachos

    Who would you kill?

    My character would not kill anyone at the moment and if it ever came down to it it would be a difficult decision unless it was during an action fueled firefight. As much as shooting at people is fun, I rather enjoy trying to deescalate a situation instead.
  2. Welcome back! I feel ya because school has been taking a lot of time from me and I am not really able to log on as much. I hope to see you in game some time!
  3. I believe most people like yourself are looking forward to the new renderer including myself. I do not have a high end PC and do not suffer from bad FPS, but then again I play on medium-ish settings which I do not mind as I have gotten use to them. I keep getting told they are also adding a helicopter/ Little Bird?
  4. Warm Nachos

    Official CS:GO Thread

    I just got done playing some casual and I was clutching last round until my bird flew onto my head. Needless to say I lost at that moment.
  5. Posted this on the last one, "Hey buddy!" -Every bandit ever
  6. You guys are great to RP with and I cannot wait to meet you guys again! I will be following this, nice work!
  7. This is a very interesting discussion as I am new to the community. I would not mind a restart far in the future. The reason is like you and most others have constantly stated, there is still a lot of time for the developers to add locations, items, vehicles, etc.. Also the time frame for people to wrap up their stories which may not be easy for a lot of people. I am also enjoying the lore that has already been set in stone and learning from other characters in-game about past encounters or groups that existed. However it would be awesome to be apart of a refresh and see new events unfold!
  8. Level 40 already? Since it is a Korean MMO how is the level grind? Did they revamp the system really well to fit to a western audience? I have not been following the game too well, but I am definitely interested in it.
  9. Warm Nachos

    DayZ Status Report 01 Mar 2016

    I was very excited to get the update at the end of February, but I was not expecting it. I am not upset and do appreciate you taking the time to post this information on the forums! It just would have been cool to see this update already .. Oh well I know they are hard at work and hope to see it soon.
  10. Welcome back! I hope to see you in action! I myself have not be able to get on as much due to midterms, but once those are over with I am sure we will run into each other.
  11. Warm Nachos

    Leonardo Dicaprio appreciation thread

    I stayed up past the time I planned to go to bed just to watch Leo get his Oscar he deserved! He is a really great actor and he has been my favorite since I started getting into movies when I was young.
  12. Warm Nachos


    Is there any other information on it yet?
  13. Warm Nachos

    The DayZRP Quote Wall

    "Hey Buddy!" -Every Bandit Ever
  14. Thank you guys for the tips and welcomes! I believe I will be alright on the white listing. I am just waiting to get approved! Meanwhile I am making sure I understand the rules and lore a bit better.
  15. Hello Everyone, Well as you could have guessed it this is my thread to introduce myself! I have not been accepted yet as I just filed to be white-listed, but I am crossing my fingers. Anyways if there are some quick tips you guys can shoot me while saying hello that would be much appreciated! I hope I get accepted soon and can see you guys in game! Oh and before I go I usually like to play as a Medic or Combat Medic, what about you guys?
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