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  1. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is two send it." **The transmission stops**
  2. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Arrived at RP Atlanta. Lima Alpha Charlie Echo is as follows. Yellow, Red, Yellow, Yellow. How Copy?" **The transmission stops**
  3. **Woods begins transmitting breathing heavy and clearly exhausted.** "Actual... this is Two..... Over...." **The transmission stops**
  4. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Good copy. Mason in the open. Will be Oscar Mike to Delta 2-9 for support. ETA 3 hours. Over." **The transmission stops**
  5. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Send it." **The transmission stops**
  6. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Good copy. Actual arrived at Houston, Delta 2-8 clear and continuing observation. Over." **The transmission stops**
  7. **Woods begins his transmission** "Actual this is Two. Send it." **The transmission stops**
  8. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Roger that. Indirect fire is impacting danger close. Oscar Mike to Detroit ETA 0730. Out." **The transmission stops**
  9. Indeed.


    1. Vandal



  10. **Woods begins transmitting** "Actual this is Two. 12 contacts patrolling at Chicago, Russian uniformed with standard infantry equipment. How copy?" **Transmission ends**
  11. **Woods beings transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Over." **Transmission ends**
  12. **Woods beings transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Wilco. ETA 1900 Zulu. Out." **Transmission ends.**
  13. **Woods beings transmitting** "Actual this is Two. Yellow, Gold, Green, and Green. How copy?" **Transmission ends.**
  14. **Woods beings transmitting** "Actual this is Two. 37 contacts looting at Delta 6-2, indigenous personnel at 1600 ZULU equipped with various small arms and farming equipment. How copy?" **Transmission ends.**
  15. **Woods beings transmitting** "This is Two. Send your traffic." **Transmission ends.**
  16. Hey so I was just wondering if there had been any indication of when the new lore would be revealed. I looked on the forums a bit but I couldn't find a date or whatnot and I was just curious since its 11 days out and I figured it would be out at least 2 weeks ahead of time so I could view it and see what kind of character background would fit well in the "new world". Not trying to bitch about it being out yet just genuenly curious if it is still in the works, or I just missed it being released or the date talked about ya know?
  17. **Woods immediately thinks to himself to sort out all the information that was just thrown over the net at him. Looking at Vandal he says.** "First things first we need more to go off of than what she said... we don't even know what their situation is." "Agreed ... get some more information Woods then we can decide how to proceed." **Replied Vandal which then spurred Woods to broadcast back over the net.** "Dolores this is Raptor 2. Are the two of you secure? Break. What is the situation. Over."
  18. **About 15 minutes after Vircum's transmission is sent out a weak transmission barely audible comes over the net from Woods, who sounds out of breath and on the move.** "Mike Delta Two Seven this is Raptor 2. Unable to make the RV. Break. New RV at 147 005. How copy? Over." **Woods ends the transmission and haphazardly stuffs his radio into his pack then slings it back over his shoulders as he and Vandal continue to run through the woods away from the source of their inability to make the prior RV.**
  19. "Mike Delta Two Seven this is Raptor 2. Solid copy, advise when you reach the RV. Out." **Woods quickly sent his response over the radio as he and Vandal finished packing their gear and proceeded to finish their food.**
  20. **As Vircum's response came in over the radio Vandal had just returned and so Woods filled him in on the conversation that had occurred thus far.** "Alright Woods send him to RV Omaha so we can get him closer to where we are." **Vandal says as he looks up from his map as he continues to gear up.** "RV Omaha it is." **Says Woods as he moves back to his radio to send the message.** "Mike Delta Two Seven this is Raptor 2. Understood, move to 103 043. How Copy? Over." **Finishing his broadcast Woods spices up the sizzling steak strips that he has been cooking on his pan this whole time and prepares to had him and Vandal some delicious fried wolf steak strips and coffee.**
  21. **'Deemed unfit for continued survival.' Those words registered with Woods but he did not understand the story behind those words so he inquired further in his response.** "Mike Delta Two Seven this is Raptor 2. Who deemed you 'unfit for continued survival'? Break. What went down and is your POS secure? Over." **Finishing his broadcast Woods looked towards Vandals direction worried if he should go get him but immediately pushed the thought aside as he needed more information first before anything can be done.**
  22. **Thinking to himself for a moment, Woods, begins to respond to Vircum.** "Mike Delta Two Seven this is Raptor 2. Unable to provide our POS currently. Break. What is the situation. Over." **Upon releasing the button Woods returns to lacing up his left boot as he watches over the meat sizzling on the frying pan over the fire.**
  23. **Woods lifts his head up from the rock he was laying on and looks over at the direction that Vandal headed in to take a shower.** "VANDAL! .... VANDAL!..... Guess can't hear me...." Yells Woods trying to get the attention of Vandal.. but to no avail. "Mike Delta Two Seven this is Raptor 2. Send your traffic. Over." **Woods releases the transmission button while pondering why Vircum is the one making contact and not Sutherland.**
  24. "Raptor Actual this is Raptor 2. What is your POS? Over."
  25. **Woods arrives at the coastline he was instructed to be at for a resupply meetup with Vandal. But that was supposed to go down at dawn so he could be back into the hills as soon as possible, the only problem with that is .... that it was now well into the afternoon and Woods had not seen head or tail of his comrade or the party of people he was staying with. Nor did he see any movement across the straight where the whole lot of them was staying which was... worrying to say the least.** ... **Night had not fallen and with the last of any illumination from the island Woods was fairly certain no one was coming to the meetup. That being the case he moved to higher ground to attempt to contact Vandal via radio and find out just what was going on.** "Raptor Actual this is Raptor 2. Over."
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