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  1. Charlie Grew up on a property near a small town in Australia called Wagga Wagga, roughly 5 hours inland from Sydney. His family wasn't huge, just his sister Maddy, and his parents Mark and Jenny. The Andersons owned and operated a 5000 hectare property, where they grew crops and farmed wool and cattle. They also bred and looked after horses, as Mark was a licensed and trained veterinarian. Charlie loved growing up on the farm; he'd often go hunting with his Dad and sister, and would often have mates over so they could drive around the paddocks having a laugh. Chalie and his older sister Maddy
  2. *Luke storms around the compound, kicking barrels and plants all over the place. With palpable anger he punches out the window in the house, blood rushing down his arm, he sits on the front of the broken car and pulls out a cigarette after putting a bandage over the cut on his forearm. Luke lights the cigarette and pulls out his radio, through gritted teeth he begins to speak.* "My name is Luke Holland. I am a member of a delivery service in the Eastern side of the country" *He takes a drag from his smoke.* "I've come home today to find our compound broken in, the lock on our front
  3. The zombies, according to lore, aren't even zombies, they're more similar to the infected from 28 days later. Therefore they should most definitely die from a single bullet to the head or a shot/shots to the torso (Amount of shots depending on the calibre of bullet). That being said, I don't think the damage they deal should be decreased, they are no longer humans, they are essentially just piles of muscle, fat and bones that kill anything they can, therefore its not like they'd be pulling their punches.
  4. Had great fun tonight with @StreamsWithFrank, @Woodsy, @Sealgaire, and @steeltalen. To the two creepy guys in the factory, you gave me goosebumps, great RP!
  5. Finally finished my characters backstory. Yeet lets go.


  6. October 25th 2018 Well shit, here goes. I'm finally leaving, Finn & Lucy are at University and I can finally leave this shitty town. Lucy gave me this Journal for my birthday and told me to write in it so I can look back on my life but I don't know, I'm not a very talented writer. Anyway, I told her I would so I guess I have to now. I'm leaving for Ireland on Monday, I've got my Irish passport and have packed basically everything, Emirates is being a pain in the ass about getting Obi to Ireland, but it should be okay. I landed an apartment in Dublin, and got a job at a local pub with
  7. come rp with me ?

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    Happy to be here
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