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  1. Come back 😢

  2. Charlie Grew up on a property near a small town in Australia called Wagga Wagga, roughly 5 hours inland from Sydney. His family wasn't huge, just his sister Maddy, and his parents Mark and Jenny. The Andersons owned and operated a 5000 hectare property, where they grew crops and farmed wool and cattle. They also bred and looked after horses, as Mark was a licensed and trained veterinarian. Charlie loved growing up on the farm; he'd often go hunting with his Dad and sister, and would often have mates over so they could drive around the paddocks having a laugh. Chalie and his older sister Maddy were very close growing up, she was only a year older than him so they pretty much had the same friends and hung out with eachother's groups in school, even if they were constantly embarassing eachother. Charlie was very close with both of his parents too, doing work around the property with his Mum and Dad; his Mum was especially keen on working on the vineyard and canola crops, and his Dad enjoyed working with the livestock and general property maintenance. They had a few farm hands on the property, and basically every year they'd have a jackaroo come work on the farm for 6 months so Mark could show them how to work on and run a property. Mark Anderson was a great man, he taught Charlie everything he knew; how to be a man, how to take care of family, how to run a farm, driving, hunting, horse riding; everything. Growing up, Charlie's sister Maddy was always little, and both Mark and Jenny loved horses, and with their help Maddy became an excellent rider, and began competing in equestrian competitions at the age of 15. Charlie didn't really have any discernible skills, he was quick witted and a halfway decent hunter, but its not like he was going to become a comedian. Nonetheless, his family loved him and supported and encouraged his endeavours. Charlie's Mum Jenny was the kindest and most caring woman he knew, he'd always loved his Mum and really enjoyed doing chores with her around the property. Growing up in Australia, Charlie quickly became obsessed with Aussie rules football, and began playing at the age of 5. He joined a local footy club when he was 8 and started becoming a decent player. In high school he was offered a sports scholarship to a private school, just like his sister was given for equestrian. Charlie loved playing footy, it was exciting, it helped him relieve stress, and it was an amazing feeling when you were clearly the best player in a game. His family came to basically every single footy game he played, and he kept getting better and better. At the end of year 12 he was nearly drafted into the AFL except he had injured his ACL earlier on in the year and unfurtunately he didn't get in. Charlie still played footy whilst at university, he was leading goal scorer for the best team in the region, except he no longer really cared if he got drafted or not, he was loving his degree and couldn't wait to work full time on the farm. Charlie wasn't the best student, he fucked around way too much in primary school and by the time high school came around he was incredibly unprepared. He had heaps of mates at school, and loved every second of it. During high school he dated a myriad of girls, and always made his mates jealous. His sister never really liked the girls he dated, and he proably didn't too as the relationships never lasted more than a couple of months. Nonetheless, Charlie loved high school and the majority of his mates from school would be going to the same university as him so he couldn't wait for college either. Charlie had always dreamed of some day taking over the farm, and in his second last year of highschool his Mum sat him down and told him that if he didn't stop fucking around at school he wouldn't be able to go to university and get a bachelor of agricultural science. So Charlie stuck his head down and worked his arse off, studying a heap and getting his family to help when he was stuck. Charlie just managed to get the marks for his first choice of university and was accepted. Even though he lived close to the university, Charlie wanted to experience the college lifestyle so he stayed on campus for the first two years of his degree. By some miracle Charlie hadn't failed a single course, he spent his entire time at college partying with his friends and fucking around drinking alcohol and smoking way too much weed. During his first year at college Charlie also picked up a smoking habit, which in the subsequent two years he had failed to kick, but he always told himself it was fine and that he'd quit properly when he graduated. In his first year at college Charlie shared a room with a guy named Jordan who had moved up to Wagga Wagga to study vet science from Melbourne. Charlie and Jordan instantly became great friends, they shared a lot of electives and were constantly together, going out to clubs and parties. About half way through first year Jordan and Charlie met a girl named Lucy who was friends with one of their other mates. Charlie and Jordan both got on with Lucy really well and the three of them became great friends, and in third year they all moved out together with another girl named Alice who was good friends with all three of them. Whilst he was at college, Charlie's sister had met this guy Brad, who in Charlie's opinion was a massive dickhead. Brad went to the same universty as Charlie, and they would often see eachother at the same parties. In October of 2019 Charlie walked in on Brad cheating on Maddy with some random girl, and he instantly said to Brad that if he didn't tell Maddy he'd beat the shit out of him. Roughly a week later, Maddy called Charlie crying, she told him that Brad had dumped her and left her on the side of the road, saying "I just don't love you, you're making this relationship toxic"; Charlie was furious, he'd fucking kill Brad for blaming it on Maddy. He told his sister what had happened, and she was relieved that she was no longer with Brad. The next day, Charlie took a walk to Brad's dorm, and kicked open the door to find him fucking another random chick. Charlie was fuming and beat the ever living shit out of Brad, telling him to stay the fuck away from Maddy. Maddy was a little bit mad about what he had done, except she forgave Charlie pretty quickly because she hated Brad. During their first year at their sharehouse Charlie, Jordan, Lucy and Alice planned a trip to europe with a couple of other friends, they were set to leave in early November. They were going to Greece, France, Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands, Russia and Scotland. On November 5th, Charlie, Jordan, Lucy, and Alice took a flight to Greece where they met their friends Ben, Noah and Sophie. They were having the time of their lives, drinking way too much and taking far too many substances. Jordan and Alice hooked up on a night out, which made Charlie and Lucy a little bit worried about the house dynamic but they didn't really care, they were all having a great time and as long as it didn't affect the trip they could care less. Eventually Charlie and his housemates left Ben, Noah and Sophie and left for Spain, where they went to heaps of festivals and cannabis clubs in Barcelona. They went to a couple of football matches too; Jordan was a die hard Barcelona fan and went insane seeing Lionel Messi playing. Charlie didn't get that into it, the sport was sort of boring and you couldn't tackle people like you could in Aussie rules, but he still had fun drinking and watching sport with his friends and he admitted that the atmosphere in the stadium was insane. By the time they got to Russia they had all hooked up with way too many randoms, and Jordan and Alice were back to just being friends which made Lucy and Charlie very relieved. Russia was surprisinly way more fun than they thought it would be. It was Alice who had initially suggested going to Russia; she had family there who were apparently very rich and Alice's cousins Lexi and Milo enjoyed getting fucked up just as much as Charlie and his mates. Whilst they were in Russia they went to alot of night clubs and underground concerts which were super hardcore and cheap. Because they were having such a good time in Russia, Charlie, Lucy, Alice and Jordan ended up delaying their flights to Scotland by a couple of weeks. Alice's Aunt and Uncle were more than happy to host the four friends as they got on very well, Uncle Alexander, as he had asked them all to call him, had even taken them on his helicopter and let them drive his plethora of sports cars. Eventually it was time to leave Russia, and their flight was ready to go. Alice had found some dirt cheap flight to Scotland which for some reason had a layover in a small country called Chernarus. They weren't entirely sure what the point of this was, except the flights were ridiculously cheap so they didn't complain. When they got to Chernarus the country looked like a total mess. There was military everywhere and their connecting flight to Scotland was cancelled, something which the shady airline company had neglected to tell them. The friends were furious, but there was nothing they could do about it so they called the airline company who offered to pay for a hotel until they could get a flight to Scotland. The hotel they were in was actually pretty nice, it was in a city called Svetlojarsk, although they were sure they had butchered that name completely. As time went by conditions continued to deteriorate, the four friends had absolutely no idea when they were going to be able to fly to Scotland. There was some sickness called the frenzied flu going around that had killed a shit ton of people and made a bunch more crazy. Eventually they were told to evacuate the city they were in, and the military began shuttling them to a nearby camp where there was a sea of tents set up. After a week at the refugee camp things became dire; there wasn't nearly enough food going around and every day more people were dying. Alice caught the flu and she was taken away from Charlie, Lucy & Jordan. They had no idea where the military had taken her, except they knew it was bad and she might not make it. About a week after Alice had been taken the camp began to fall. Huge packs of crazed people began attacking the camp and it fell overnight. In the commotion Charlie got separated from Lucy & Jordan. He ran down the coast away from the camp and was scared for his life. Everything had changed; the country was a total shit storm, he had no idea where his friends were, and he had no idea how to get around the country. He did know one thing though, he had to be careful and find his friends; although secretly Charlie was loving the fact that there was no police around to tell him to stop getting high and drinking, and eventually, he began to enjoy himself, meeting strange and wonderful people on his travels. -As the lore progresses I will update Charlie's backstory and character progression-
  3. *Luke storms around the compound, kicking barrels and plants all over the place. With palpable anger he punches out the window in the house, blood rushing down his arm, he sits on the front of the broken car and pulls out a cigarette after putting a bandage over the cut on his forearm. Luke lights the cigarette and pulls out his radio, through gritted teeth he begins to speak.* "My name is Luke Holland. I am a member of a delivery service in the Eastern side of the country" *He takes a drag from his smoke.* "I've come home today to find our compound broken in, the lock on our front gate busted off, our red tent gone, and our green car gone. Whoever stole our things left a note on the front of our compound saying 'Thanks for your loot, so glad to do business with you and your members Frankie'" *Luke clenches his fists whilst reading out the note, and slams it furiously on the hood of the car.* "I don't know who you are; your note suggests that you are a fucking pansy ass bitch. I am fucking sick of it. Bring our things back or I swear to fucking christ I will find you and fuck you up. You have 24 hours to do this, if you do not bring our things back in time I will hire every mercenary in this country to find you and bring you to us." *Luke considers if he's being too harsh on a simple thief, but quickly recounts on the previous five days of being robbed constantly.* "Bring. Our. Shit. Back." *Luke turns the radio off calmly, but his face suggests he is everything but calm. He loudly roars a couple of curse words and launches the radio at the wall of the compound, it collides into the wall with an almighty crash, sending pieces of plastic and metal all over the compound.*
  4. The zombies, according to lore, aren't even zombies, they're more similar to the infected from 28 days later. Therefore they should most definitely die from a single bullet to the head or a shot/shots to the torso (Amount of shots depending on the calibre of bullet). That being said, I don't think the damage they deal should be decreased, they are no longer humans, they are essentially just piles of muscle, fat and bones that kill anything they can, therefore its not like they'd be pulling their punches.
  5. Had great fun tonight with @StreamsWithFrank, @Woodsy, @Sealgaire, and @steeltalen. To the two creepy guys in the factory, you gave me goosebumps, great RP!
  6. Finally finished my characters backstory. Yeet lets go.


  7. October 25th 2018 Well shit, here goes. I'm finally leaving, Finn & Lucy are at University and I can finally leave this shitty town. Lucy gave me this Journal for my birthday and told me to write in it so I can look back on my life but I don't know, I'm not a very talented writer. Anyway, I told her I would so I guess I have to now. Anyway, I'm leaving for Ireland on Monday, I've got my Irish passport and have packed basically everything, Emirates is being a pain in the ass about getting Obi to Ireland, but it should be okay. I landed an apartment in Dublin, and got a job at a local pub with decent enough pay, I'm just excited to get the fuck out of this town. Finn & Lucy will be okay, they're not at home anymore so they don't have to live with Dad anymore; they said they'd visit me next year so I can't wait for that. October 31st 2018 I'm here, the apartment is great and I start at O'Reillys tomorrow (the pub I'm gonna be working at). Emirates came through with getting Obi here, and the landlord is fine with having dogs. There's a great park nearby that I took him to this morning and he loved it. Anyway, I gotta go buy some furniture so I'll continue this later. Met a cool chick on my floor who helped me moving furniture, her name was Cara, we'll see where that goes. November 23rd 2018 I asked Cara out for a date and she said yes, I'm nervous but it should be good, she's super easy to talk to and we have a similar sense of humour but I guess I'll have to wait and see. November 24th 2018 It went very well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -WIP-
  8. come rp with me 🙂

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  9. You're probably right, my only gripe with changing the server to exclusively Arma is that it's so much more milatarized than DayZ, and I know there's mods out there, but I just don't see it replicating the same feeling as DayZ. Maybe the community does have the resources to hire a mod developer to make a good mod, like you said earlier, and if so that'd be really cool. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Surely you don't think that. Saying the game has almost no development is ridiculous, compare 2014 SA to 2018 SA and there's a considerable difference.
  11. I disagree with your first statement, there's not really any other game as suited to zombie apocalypse roleplay as DayZ. I was under the impression that modding was coming with beta but I'm probably wrong. My bad.
  12. Look you're not wrong. The dev team is atrocious compared to other games. Maybe it's just because I'm a DayZ fanboy, that I stick to the game and still have a little bit of faith in it. I just find it too hard to give up on a game that has so much potential for roleplay. I think when and if beta comes out, mod tools will be a big change in pace for the game, and a much needed one. So I'm holding out until then, and if others don't want to, that's fine.
  13. I know you didn't say standalone wasn't more buggy than it was two years ago, but what I'm saying is that if you were able to put up with it then, why not now? And yeah I do agree, changes need to be made.
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