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  1. Palatheio

    Daniel's Adventures

    This is the album that I will be posting the various screenshots I take during roleplay.
  2. I voted for yes, but the idea situation in my eyes would be to keep Chernarus and open a third server for Stuart Island. I don't want to see where we all started vanish. EDIT: I love the idea of a map set in an English speaking country. Might help with cutting down on all the native English speakers in Eastern Europe.
  3. One of the several Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station when the outbreak began, Andrei was born in Yekaterinburg, on the 24th of February, 1983. The first knowledge of the outbreak that found its way to the International Space Station was from a civilian news broadcast that was detected by the station. Two weeks later, they were briefed by NASA that return might be postponed for several weeks. Two weeks after that the radios went dead. They were stuck. Andrei watched as a nuclear weapon was detonated in the Green Sea, and continued to watch as flashes of light erupted around the world in the coming weeks. As firestorms swept Australia, and a Tsunami engulfed Japan, Andrei watched. He spent weeks that way, staring out of the window at that pale blue marble beneath him, realising just how small and fragile it was. Of course, as diplomatic relations degraded on Earth, this was reflected in space, as well. Several months after the global outbreak, and with no apparent way of returning to Earth, order gradually broke down. A staticky transmission from somewhere in the United States declaring that Russia and the United States were at war did not help matters, even if there was no way of determining if it was genuine. There was a brief skirmish on board, fought using improvised weapons, and after two casualties, one from each side the Russians and the Americans retreated to their respective halves. Several months of infrequent skirmishes led to another American death and the seizure of many rations on the American side. Rather than starve to death, the sole remaining American elected to euthanize himself by flooding the ventilation systems of the American half with nitrogen, which rendered the supplies still kept there impossible to retrieve. The airlock between the two regions was sealed, and it was never opened again. For months, Andrei and the two surviving Cosmonauts did little. For a short while, they continued with their mandated experiments, although when it became clear that rescue was not coming, even these were abandoned. As more months passed, and hope continued to fall, the other two cosmonauts elected to follow the lead of the American, and euthanize themselves. Although Andrei attempted to convince them not to do this, they nevertheless suited up in their spacesuits and flooded their breathable air with nitrogen as well, peacefully drifting off. Andrei awoke one morning to find them dead, and sent them out of the airlock, watching them drift towards the Earth until it was impossible to see them anymore. Now alone, Andrei continued eating the remaining supplies, rationing it out. In an attempt to not burn unneeded calories, he discontinued the daily exercise, and watched as his muscles wasted away in the following months. On occasion, he’d glimpse another space station, the Tiangong-2, although as it orbited the Earth the opposite way, these glimpses were seldom at best. This was the closest human contact that Andrei had for over a year. In an attempt to stave off the worst of the loneliness, Andrei began talking to the only other living organisms on the space station, the Earthworms from an experiment regarding their burrowing in zero gravity. This ended up keeping him at least mostly sane. (More coming, WIP)
  4. My current "active character", the one that appears underneath my name, is one that I've never played, nor do I have any intention of playing them yet. Is there any way to change who appears there with these new changes? It's definitely not displaying the last character I played. It seems to be displaying the last one I created, unfortunately. <-----------
  5. This just makes travelling in the South even harder for civilian-types. A group consisting of myself and two others barely survived an attack by a wolf pack a few weeks ago. With double the health, wolves will be able to tank gunshots, even from weapons like shotguns. -1.
  6. This is ultimately what it comes down to. Night is already shorter than daytime. By having the nights genuinely dark, and forcing people to ICly hunker down for the night instead of just marching through the darkness I believe it provokes more roleplay in the form of actually being able to chat amongst each other, or maybe cook a meal or something. Some of the best RP I've had on this server was spontaneous "we should hunker down in this house here, for the night."
  7. Less than a week ago we saw that "Bright Nights" was enabled by a mistake, and it was corrected. Now, "Bright Nights" is a part of the changelog, and at night you can see for miles. This essentially renders glowsticks, flashlights and flares mostly useless. Night should be scary, something that you avoid travelling during unless you're planning on being stealthy for whatever reason. Earlier today, I watched someone walk up the road near my house at the middle of the night from when they were at least a hundred meters away. Maybe "Bright Nights" could be enabled one weekend out of every month, to represent a full moon, but I don't believe that the nights should be visible the vast majority of the time.
  8. Didn't bright nights just get turned off after it was accidentally put on? It doesn't make sense to be able to see the next field over while it's the middle of the night.
  9. There is a long pause. Maybe even a minute or more. “I didn’t expect that. Fair enough, then, you’ve got my word, I’ll drop all bounties. I can’t speak for any other groups who are acting independently of me, though.” Daniel pauses for a moment. “We can discuss this face to face. You guys already know where we live. Let me know when.” Daniel takes a long drag of his cigarette. ”Anyone else on the hunt, still looking for NATO thanks to what happened to me can stand down, for now.”
  10. “You know, you ever realise how back before the outbreak, whenever cops would do something bad like, oh, I dunno, sexually assault someone or kill an unarmed black guy, they’d do an ‘Internal Investigation’?” Daniel, sitting at the table in the otherwise sparse kitchen responds. He takes a drag of his cigarette, and exhales towards the ceiling. “It’s that magic phrase, isn’t it? An ‘internal investigation’. ‘We looked into the case, and we decided that we were not guilty.’ No offence, but any words out of the mouths of you lot mean less to me than mud, right now. Let’s see results, yeah? We don’t want an investigation. We want our food back. Dinner today, for the three of us, was two sardines and a potato.” Daniel breathes heavily, pausing to take a drag of his cigarette. The clang of a tin can can be heard in the background. “The fact that you’re all contacting me through here means that I’ve ruffled more than a few feathers, and you’re trying to shut me up. I’ll tell you what, you bring our food and booze back. All of it. You can keep the rest, and we’ll consider this even, and we’ll call off the hounds. No questions asked - as long as you acknowledge what you guys did - publicly.”
  11. "You sunnovabitch. She didn't need food, we had food inside the house. The house that she saw you in the midst of scouting it out, the house that you later stole the entire food stockpile from. Don't give me that bullshit, don't pretend you want to help us. 'Mary' says that she recognises your voice, so you were one of the ones there scouting it out. Now were you guy stupid enough to call his friend 'Private Miller' or the guy with enough sense to keep stumm? Maybe you're the guy with the US flag on your arm?"
  12. Oh yes. Imagine following someone's trail by following their notes left behind. +1.
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