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  1. I couldn't agree with this more. This exactly. +1
  2. *Wakes up* "Oh, I think I'll check the forums before logging in." > server 2 wipe > new map > reducing the size of Chernarus by 1/3 > imminent lore wipe "O-Oh..."
  3. I'm against all cutting of the map, but if anywhere needs to be cut, cutting the coast makes the most sense. It gets rid of the massive player hubs, and lore wise, the radiation could leak in from the sea - after all, a nuke did go off underwater there. EDIT: Additionally, keeping the location physically present on the map and requiring one to wear specialist equipment to go there certainly sounds more palatable that straight up removing it.
  4. This is also a large part of it. I've counted at least 20 people at Chernogorsk before. Cutting the map down won't make it more likely to find people, it'll just give those that like the wilderness less area to live in. They'll be forced into cities. If you ask me, something needs to be done about the mega-settlements. I don't know, a horde event maybe?
  5. Yeah, exactly what the others have been saying - Please don't cut the map, at the very least not there. You're planning on removing the best parts of the map.
  6. Palatheio

    Testing a new map on S2

    I think this is certainly a good idea, though perhaps making it Lyutyi, as RedSky suggested, would be best. It would allow characters to receive broadcasts from the mainland (via the forums) and vice versa, as opposed to transmitting halfway around the globe.
  7. Daniel hears the response and holds up his hand to silence Beau. "Uh- Yeah! Yeah, someone else here who's worried about that. Top of the list type deal. Heh. I can uh- I can wait for you! I'm actually near Zelenogorsk right now. I can meet you there?" He takes his hand off the transmit button for a few seconds, before pushing it down again. "Contact me when you're close. Uh- Over."
  8. Just logged out after a very enjoyable encounter with @Peril. Met at Chernogorsk, witnessed a public execution, and they both left in disgust. Together, they headed up North, looted a few towns and had a bit of target practise after getting trapped on top of a newspaper kiosk by a horde...twice. With that completed, they headed down to a summer camp so that he could look for a friend. Before they arrived they encountered a recently-crashed helicopter that gave the both of them hope that there could still be civilisation out there, and after leaving the camp they headed up to a military base, where once again they became trapped up a ladder and had to shoot their way out. From there, they headed up the mountain, crossed through a lumber mill and eventually arrived at a mountain-top restaurant. As the sun began to set, they sat on the roof of the building, admiring the view and chatting, and after a casual comment from Dan, suddenly they were drinking vodka together in the lobby of the restaurant. It was an amazing scene, and one of the most enjoyable that I've had on this server. While typing this up, I saw that Peril posted in this thread as well. I'd like to add onto what he said by stating that Teddy is almost certainly the most grounded character that I've encountered during my time on this server, and as you said, I can't wait to get to know him more. Thanks for the frequency!
  9. With his finger still pressing the transmission button, Daniel responds to Beau, seemingly not noticing that it's still transmitting. "You're gunna have to be more specific. What 'thing'? What does it do?"
  10. Daniel almost drops the radio as the voice comes out of it. In truth he wasn't really expecting a response, merely using the radio as a means to get his frustrations out. Nevertheless, he's thrilled to hear back. "H- Hello! Yeah! Vegetables! I uh-" There is a brief crinkling of paper. "Right now I'm staying in- Uh- Oh shit- It looks like a three? Uh- Three-an-pee-ahoe? Wait- That's a D. Uh. Three-Anpyadhoe. What does the three mean? Sorry, I can't read much Cyrillic. There's a lot of farms, just North of the military base to the North West."
  11. There is a few seconds of open air static before a somewhat muffled voice comes through the radio, speaking with a British accent. "Hi. I uh-" There are a few more seconds of silence. "Basically I'm testing the waters for an idea that I've got. Basically uh-" There is another brief pause, before he launches into what is essentially a rant. "Winter is coming. That isn't a reference. I know it's summer now, but we've got less than six months until the first frost. We've got crops rotting on the vines out here, and all of you lot are too busy in your petty fucking squabbles to notice just how fucked we are for this year. I'm sure you remember how abundant supplies were the first winter, and the second one was pretty alright too, but this is going to be three winters in. Perishables don't last forever, you guys. We need to work together, at least some of us do, and get some farms running now. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have a harvest before winter, and we won't starve. I know how to do some of this stuff myself, but I'm going to need a lot of hands for this. We'll split everything we produce. Equal. There are another few seconds of dead air, perhaps sounding like he's finished, until- "Or don't. Keep fighting each other and starve when it starts snowing. I know which one I'd rather do." Another brief pause. "Uh- Over."
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