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  1. I had this issue. Found out that simply searching for it again on the browser fixed it. Hope it helps!
  2. This is hilarious. What was the context, if you're comfortable with sharing?
  3. @YAKMOUTH Well done man, seriously. I have never, and I mean never had hostile roleplay that felt as threatening as the roleplay we had the other night. Daniel’s been in a lot of dangerous situations, but the way you play Hector is honestly terrifying. Seriously, well done man. @K2U And thank you for helping Daniel stop freaking out after the above situation, haha.
  4. The staff team ultimately decided not to follow through with this idea. Chernarus isn't going anywhere, as seen here.
  5. I'm in full support of this, loremasters having control to guide their events is imperative. That being said I believe that tools are disabled for everyone right now. I assume that once they're re-added, loremasters will regain access to them again.
  6. Funny you mention this. I was just thinking this yesterday, and then not even an hour later I had an interaction with a group that was genuinely scary. Hope to see more from them in the future. Not going to say who, in case they want to remain covert for now. Anyway, I'd personally like to see more Livonian and generic survivor groups. People struggling to survive, no gimmick. That being said, I'd love to see some religious groups spring up. Cults and the like.
  7. Palatheio

    Daniel's Adventures

    This is the album that I will be posting the various screenshots I take during roleplay.
  8. Looking good! Not met you guys in any official capacity yet, but let's say we have a few mutual friends. As I said with on the group page of Brass, this should really bring an interesting dynamic to Livonia. Only thing I can suggest is, as others have mentioned, grammar in the title. The Del Toro Cartel, or Del Toro's Cartel, would read better.
  9. Loving this group idea. None of my characters really have any need of guns, but this should really bring an interesting dynamic to Livonia.
  10. Yeah, hard no from me. The infection has always been one that doesn't reanimate the dead, but is rather a virulent disease that increases aggression. More can be read about it here. From the post:
  11. That reminds me of my college days. Anyway, on a more serious note, I've only rarely been KO'd by infected, twice I believe. Both times when fighting multiple infected. I don't think it's too easy to get knocked out, especially if you take adequate precautions such as hopping onto cars or inside a building.
  12. At the voice, Daniel pauses for a moment before fumbling with the radio. "Ah- I uh- Sorry, I'm not. I've got a small vegetable garden for that. I'm mainly just looking for apples, plums, pears. Stuff like that. I'll level with you, I just want some goddamn fruit. I used to start each day with an apple, and-" He sighs. "You know how it is. I uh- I appreciate the offer, though!"
  13. [Livonia] There is a crackle of static before a British accent cuts through it. "Hey! You know what everyone seems to like? Nails! You what what I like? Not fucking getting scurvy. That's why I'm introducing the fruit drive! One box of nails for every piece of fruit. What's that I hear you say? This deal is too good to be true? Well, you better believe it, bucko! Just send me a radio message on this frequency, along with how much fruit and what fruit you've got, and I'll come pick it up and deliver the nails, couldn't be easier! Ciao!"
  14. There is a very brief pause. "No way..." His voice fades out into a crackle of static, repeating his statement to the teen beside him. "...No way..." A static-filled pause. "...Right?"
  15. There is a crackle of static, before a British accent comes through. "Woah, holy shit, Teddy, listen to this!" He turns away from the radio, speaking away from it, talking to someone else. "She sounds just like Azra Stone, right?" There is more muffled speech. "No, no, I don't think it's a recording."
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