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  1. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif starts a transmission* Hello Officer Reynolds, This is Communications Officer Iosif Sobolev with the VDV. Currently, the Kapitan and the Mayor are out on a critical mission. Once they have time freed up we will plan for a meeting between us. Thank you. *Iosif stops transmitting*
  2. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Congrats boys. I need to run into ya soon.
  3. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif transmits* Hello Gerula, this is Communications Officer Iosif Sobolev. We will be over there shortly. stay outside the gate, and await our arrival. thank you. *the transmission ends*
  4. *Iosif begins transmission* Hello, Officer Michaud. I am glad that your time inside the town was good, and I hope you continue to visit. We do our best to keep the town as safe as possible. Unfortunately, as you have said, we do get those who resist our rules. As long as you aren't one of those people, you'll be as pleased as Mr Michaud was. Thank you. *Iosif cuts the transmission*
  5. *Iosif Begins his transmission* Hello, If any terrorists are found inside the city, they will be dealt with immediately. We do our best to have constant patrols around the town. As for the exact number of men... I cannot disclose that information to you. Thank you *Iosif ends his transmission*
  6. *Iosif begins transmitting* Hello Elizabeth, Apologies for missing you the other day. Yes, our goal is to have the town guarded at all times. We are however in the middle of first bringing the town up to workable standards so there may be times where it is unguarded as we are out hunting for supplies as well as making rounds on our airfield. The point of this joint ownership is to do our best at keeping personnel there at all times possible and so that the duty of the town isn't all left to a single group. As we are beginning to setup this town, I'd advise not entering it unless you can identify guardsmen in the area. It is unsafe to be there while there are none of us guarding it. Thank you for your questions. *Iosif ends his transmission*
  7. Bilek Family

    Fucking fantastic graphics guys. Hope to see you all IC
  8. *Iosif Begins a Transmission* Yes, The VDV, UN, and NATO are all protecting the town, so It is safe. We do our best to keep the town clean of any of those things. Of course, they seem to be free roaming so we tend to have some wonder in every morning, but they are quickly dealt with. As for what is going on. Not much more I can attest to at the moment. All we know is that these things don't respond to commands, they end up rushing us and we're forced to put them down. If you have any further questions please continue to ask. Thank you. *The transmission ends*
  9. *Iosif begins a transmission* Hello, Indeed you may have found the town empty as of today. We have been securing the land around the town before we began to settle there. We are also waiting for the full support of the UN and NATO in regards to keeping this establishment safe. It is our hope that the town will soon become active and full of people to meet. Thank you. *Iosif cuts the transmission*
  10. *A Transmission begins, Iosif clears his throat and begins to speak* Hello to anybody listening! This is Communications Officer Iosif Sobolev of the VDV. I am making this transmission to inform any and all listeners, of the safe zone we are currently setting up in Kabanino. This zone is a joint effort of the UN, the VDV, and of NATO. From this moment forward, you can consider this town a place of safety, trust, and comfort for all who wish to visit. Of course, there are guidelines we require all visitors to follow: *Iosif takes a breath and continues* You must adhere to any commands given by any of the three primary personnel protecting this city. No civilian within the city may carry Military grade rifles. No civilian will openly carry firearms inside the town. You will not start any hostilities while inside the town limits. Anybody disobeying the commands of the city protectors or found breaking these guidelines will be escorted out immediately, no questions asked. In the case of more severe threats, the problem will be dealt with as swiftly as possible. I will be personally seeing to it that the people of our town are updated on any and all events important to the town. Keep your radios close and listen in whenever you can, It is in your best interest to be aware of any threats or dangerous persons that may come through the town. These will, of course, be broadcasted for all to hear. *Iosif takes a pause* For anybody who is still here or has any questions regarding this transmission, speak now and I will answer all questions I can. Thank you all for listening. *The transmission ends*
  11. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif begins transmission* Alright, Ms. Smith, I have let men know where you are. We should be seeing you soon. *Transmission ends*
  12. Was great to be part of it. All the Communications between UN, Nato, and VDV were fantastic
  13. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif Begins a Transmission* Alright Ms. Smith, I have updated our profile on you and have passed that information on to our search party. If you become endangered please let us know and we'll do our best to get to you as soon as we're able. *The transmission cuts*
  14. *Iosif switched from the previous frequency and begins to speak* Hello Mr. Najjar, This is Communications Officer Iosif Sobolev. We have been monitoring all public frequencies and have heard your previous transmissions. We acknowledge your missing persons list and will expend a bit of effort towards finding these people. Please keep us informed for any advancements in their cases or on any new missing people. Thank you, and good day. *The transmission cuts*
  15. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif Begins to Transmit* Ms. Smith, as soon as you get to the location inform us and we will do our best to send for you. I'm sure we will be able to work around your sleeping hours. Just keep your eyes out for any envoys we send. Thank you for your cooperation. *The Transmission ends*