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  1. Doom

    Computer giveaway

    *Puts name in jar*
  2. Doom

    Goodbye My Friends

    Best of luck my friend. I hope you can figure everything out for ya self. will never forget ARMA nights.
  3. Doom

    S1: KOS and Invalid Kill in Kab - 11/24/2017 - 7:46 (ST)

    After the fight, Someone on our team-speak said that we had been given permission to log, so I took it and did so. If It wasn't given then I suppose that's some miscommunication on our end.
  4. Doom

    S1: KOS and Invalid Kill in Kab - 11/24/2017 - 7:46 (ST)

    I was on a hill for the majority of the fight, The point at which i wasn't, I was not near Anouk. As i said earlier, the only association I have with this report is that someone got shot by me afterwards, so I'm kinda clueless on what the hell happened.
  5. Yosyp was born in the heart of the Ukraine. He grew up as an orphan and up until his 18th birthday nothing interesting had happened in his life. Once his birthday hit he joined the military. After a few years of service he got real good at killing. Once he realized he could take this skill to the outside world and earn money off it, he quit the military and started his own "business." For a while he did some hits on generic boring people but the time came where that got boring and he wanted to go after someone worth the challenge. He decided to head over to Chernarus to take out a political leader there. He took a plane over and set off to finish his mission. Along the way he got to be good friends with a man named Joseph. Joseph helped him through the area and guided him to his target. After a few months there he had finally completed his mission and was ready to go. On his way out of the country he was met with a quarantine. Told he couldn't exit Chernarus till a later date, he set out for Joseph to find a place to live. a few weeks into the quarantine Joseph had joined a group to help with surviving the day to day, Yet something horrific happened. For some explainable reason, Joseph was murdered by one of his group mates. This gave Yosyp a new goal. Avenge his fallen friend Joseph.
  6. Doom

    S1: KOS and Invalid Kill in Kab - 11/24/2017 - 7:46 (ST)

    Joseph Ryder PoV: So basically we have this fight that stretches from Stary to Kab. Lots of dead people. I ran around a ton. I honestly have no clue what this is about as all my focus was on the firefight taking place. Sorry but I don't have much to contribute.
  7. Doom

    People's Army of Ukraine [PAU] [Selective Recruitment]

    Sorry @Rolle, I realize the situational awareness there was quite poor. It was in no relation to your past posts. My B
  8. Doom

    People's Army of Ukraine [PAU] [Selective Recruitment]

  9. My father was an american veteran and my mother was a native German who was a retired political leader. We presided in the back forests around Berlin. Since the day I was born my father tried to drill into me the arts of combat and survival but I was never really good past a few punches and kicks. My mother however was a skilled manipulator who, thanks to her experience in government, could talk her way around anything or anyone. That is was I liked to learn. by age 12 I was swindling locals out of money and gaining cheap favors. My father always resented my refusal to learn combat, but the day came upon me when I shared his resentment and regret. I never knew what my parents did for a living and they never gave me hints towards it. Up to this day I still don't know what they did for a "living." One cliche of a dark and stormy night our house was broken into. most of it’s a blur, all but a few moments of pinpoint clarity. I heard a lot of scuffling and yelling, then all of a sudden two gunshots. One followed by screaming and crying, the other by a thud and dead silence. Moments later my room was busted into and I was knocked out. I didn't put up a fight and if I had done something maybe my parents would still be alive. Nonetheless I was taken. A trophy, a living plaque. I was their collected debt as far as I could see. Over many years, these savages forced me into mindless labor and running stupid errands for them. The older I got the angrier and more resentful I got. Eventually I was moved up in this organization. They thought I could be trusted and somehow told themselves that I had forgotten what they had done. Nonetheless I took the opportunity and ran with it. It must have been 10 years I worked with these savages. Over that time I learned what they did. These people were hit-men of sorts, hired by the most vile scum in the German government. I'd be wrong to say I was surprised, however I saw this as a great opportunity for revenge. I began to meet with these special parties and befriended a particularly high up client. After working with him for a year I collected enough Intel to publicly bring down my former institution. I did so without remorse. This got me some attention. The man whom I had been collecting from saw me for good understudy. Someone younger and able to do more discreet actions, so with this he took me under his wing. After 3 years of honing my skills learned from my mother and new techniques picked up traveling with my mentor, I was ready for some field work. My first assignment was to grab a packet of Intel regarding Russian counter intelligence from a Czech operative, as well as escort him to safety. He was defecting and due to rising tension in the EU, we were unable to get the information ourselves. He request we met in Chernarus due to the ease of travel for him, so I set out on a plane over the country. Once there I was informed of rising tention in the area. I thought nothing of it at the time. I slowly made my way to the designated meeting spot, and from there I sat waiting. Hours after hours and no one came. I assumed the worst and headed back for transport out of the country. I was stopped due to an apparent quarantine of the area. Despite my deep connections, there was nothing I could do to get our of the country. Since then I've been waiting for contact from my CO and doing my best to survive. After being beheaded by David Mack, Joseph has died. RIP
  10. Doom

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif starts a transmission* Hello Officer Reynolds, This is Communications Officer Iosif Sobolev with the VDV. Currently, the Kapitan and the Mayor are out on a critical mission. Once they have time freed up we will plan for a meeting between us. Thank you. *Iosif stops transmitting*
  11. Doom

    Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Congrats boys. I need to run into ya soon.
  12. Doom

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Iosif transmits* Hello Gerula, this is Communications Officer Iosif Sobolev. We will be over there shortly. stay outside the gate, and await our arrival. thank you. *the transmission ends*
  13. *Iosif begins transmission* Hello, Officer Michaud. I am glad that your time inside the town was good, and I hope you continue to visit. We do our best to keep the town as safe as possible. Unfortunately, as you have said, we do get those who resist our rules. As long as you aren't one of those people, you'll be as pleased as Mr Michaud was. Thank you. *Iosif cuts the transmission*
  14. *Iosif Begins his transmission* Hello, If any terrorists are found inside the city, they will be dealt with immediately. We do our best to have constant patrols around the town. As for the exact number of men... I cannot disclose that information to you. Thank you *Iosif ends his transmission*
  15. *Iosif begins transmitting* Hello Elizabeth, Apologies for missing you the other day. Yes, our goal is to have the town guarded at all times. We are however in the middle of first bringing the town up to workable standards so there may be times where it is unguarded as we are out hunting for supplies as well as making rounds on our airfield. The point of this joint ownership is to do our best at keeping personnel there at all times possible and so that the duty of the town isn't all left to a single group. As we are beginning to setup this town, I'd advise not entering it unless you can identify guardsmen in the area. It is unsafe to be there while there are none of us guarding it. Thank you for your questions. *Iosif ends his transmission*