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  4. Izz al Dim was born into the war. from as young as 6 his father taught him to be a warrior for Allah. He began his training with firearms at the age of 12 before he was instructed to follow his father out to the front lines to learn, trial by fire they called it. during his time at the front he spoke to many of soldiers at the front lines about this righteous battle and it only strengthened his love for Allah. Eventually his father sat Izz al Dim down and had a man to man conversation. This lead to the realization that he needed to seek his own righteous path somewhere else. Encouraged by his father, he set out to find somewhere in desperate need of Allah's love. This brought him to the Jaysh Allah, where he acts as a servant of Allah.

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  6. Best of luck my friend. I hope you can figure everything out for ya self. will never forget ARMA nights.
  7. After the fight, Someone on our team-speak said that we had been given permission to log, so I took it and did so. If It wasn't given then I suppose that's some miscommunication on our end.
  8. I was on a hill for the majority of the fight, The point at which i wasn't, I was not near Anouk. As i said earlier, the only association I have with this report is that someone got shot by me afterwards, so I'm kinda clueless on what the hell happened.
  9. Yosyp was born in the heart of the Ukraine. He grew up as an orphan and up until his 18th birthday nothing interesting had happened in his life. Once his birthday hit he joined the military. After a few years of service he got real good at killing. Once he realized he could take this skill to the outside world and earn money off it, he quit the military and started his own "business." For a while he did some hits on generic boring people but the time came where that got boring and he wanted to go after someone worth the challenge. He decided to head over to Chernarus to take out a political leader there. He took a plane over and set off to finish his mission. Along the way he got to be good friends with a man named Joseph. Joseph helped him through the area and guided him to his target. After a few months there he had finally completed his mission and was ready to go. On his way out of the country he was met with a quarantine. Told he couldn't exit Chernarus till a later date, he set out for Joseph to find a place to live. a few weeks into the quarantine Joseph had joined a group to help with surviving the day to day, Yet something horrific happened. For some explainable reason, Joseph was murdered by one of his group mates. This gave Yosyp a new goal. Avenge his fallen friend Joseph.
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