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  1. It's been two years, I think, but beta is out and I bloody missed this place and all of you people...so here I am.
  2. Not one for action, Omar always found a way with words -but words dont solve everything. In the year 2012, Omars country, Syria, was taken by war and civil strife. Not too long after that, he left the country, seeking a more quiet life -Turkey. In Turkey, he completed his studies and went on to become an engineer -or so was the plan. You see, Omar couldnt stay still for too long -he had to go somewhere, do something. The fact that he was bad at making friends made this worse, as staying in the same place for too long made his lack of friends all too apparent. So, a few years into university, omar went on a trip by ship to some obscure country across the Black Sea where he could enjoy the nature and solitude for a while. Things dont exactly go as planned as, a week into the trip, things start to go south. Civil unrest in that country took over before he could know it, and out of the black came a plague that took the world by surprise. No way out, Omar was now stuck in this foreign land.
  3. I started training in Aikido about a month ago. Gonna take my sixth Kyu test next week. Still got a LOOOONG way to go
  4. Jowad Berekdar

    What good have you achieved? [Open Freq.]

    *Fred hears the woman's broadcast, and thinks to himself for a moment before holding down the PTT button. He mutters something in Arabic before speaking* "Sounds like you've yet to experience the reality of it all. Its a dog-eat-dog world these days, and we must live accordingly. I'm truly sorry for your losses, but in these times, what doesnt kill you either makes you stronger or breaks you; only, you get to decide which of those happens to you" *Fred sighs, and speaks some more in Arabic with himself* "Tayeb sma'i, if you need anything feel free to contact me. And if you have the names of those men, I'd be more than happy to hunt them down -haven't had a decent hunt in a while. Name's Ernest by the way" *Fred releases the PTT button and looks down at his feet. 'Wish I had someone to cry for'...*
  5. Jowad Berekdar

    'The Dentist' is ready to see you now...(Open Freq)

    *Fred, while toying with his radio, stumbles upon a broadcast. He waits and listens, partially in disgust and partially in boredom. He presses the PTT button and lets out a sigh* "Well would you look at this, another psycho. Seen my fair share of you, but haven't met someone as flashy since...what was his name...Sean, I think? Yea, Sean Kelly or something. Ok, Mr. Dentist, have all the fun you want but you better not get too ballsy. People like you tend to disappear in...lets call them 'unpleasant ways'." *Fred was about to release the button when a though reaches his mind* "Oh, and by the way -Sean was just a twisted person with a bad parent or two, and he just messed with people for the fuck of it. Do you have any basis as to what people you apply your...dentistry on? Just curious" *Fred sighs again before letting go of the PTT button. He knew psychopaths and sociopaths existed, just not at this density*
  6. I'm crackin up. Funniest thing that's yet to happen on the website aside from Rolle pretending to delete S3 hahaha...haha..ha
  7. Currently, the game's lighting system is absolute crap and far from realistic, especially at night, and their sad attempt at "eyes adapting to different light levels". So, if you want the game to be actually realistic at night, you need to pump the gamma up a bit (not all the way tho)
  8. Jowad Berekdar

    Injection of sp00k (72 Hour Live Stream of investigating Paranormal activity)

    Cant handle the sp00kiness. No seriously I'm very bad with horror stuff of any degree, I'm outta here
  9. Jowad Berekdar

    The Origin of Banter - Voodoo's Theory

    This thread is a work in progress so expect some more history in the near future Ayyy this thread is bound to be the most lit of them all
  10. Jowad Berekdar

    The Origin of Banter - Voodoo's Theory

    I want to drink bleach. No one is stopping you, as far as I know...
  11. Jowad Berekdar

    The Origin of Banter - Voodoo's Theory

    I demand a steady stream of Banter History updates.
  12. So I never said a proper goodbye and just kinda went dark on this community and gaming in general during the summer, but I just might be back for a short while so I thought I'd announce my return for the few people that I had interacted with on the community. Sure does feel good to be back tho...
  13. Sorry I cant update this frequently enough, uni is killing me. And yes, I uninstalled the graphics drivers, reinstalled them from the Nvidia website, disabled firewall, gave dayZ high priority in the task manager, and some other minor tweaks and sadly the problem is still happening. I'm giving up on this till I get a new graphics card, but thanks for everyone's help and support anyhow
  14. Update on this pal? Just finished uninstalling my previous Nvidia driver, and am currently downloading the latest driver from the website. Also, I dont use any kind of third party applications. I'll try disabling anti-virus for DayZ tho, and I'll see how it goes
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