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  1. One thing I've learnt on this server, is that it is very unforgiven when it comes to OOC behaviour. Sometimes, however, people may end up doing something out of character by accident, especially when the game is 'bugging out' etc. However, other players do not realise this and may react as a person would IC and it is up to you to either improvise or shamefully post an OOC message to excuse yourself. I was wondering if you guys remember any moments where you 'tripped' out of character and had to improvise an IC excuse? I remember two myself: 1. I met with these two players and as we introduced ourselves, I accidently sprinted up to the person before me and she got really spooked. Despite what we saw, I just wen up and said "oh uh, sorry I must've tripped!" 2. A group of friends and I made a stop for some food, we made a nice pile of food to eat from and I happily ate some cereal from the cereal box. As we left the house, my game was bugging out like no tomorrow and when I recovered, people were around me and hoping I am okay, asking if there's something wrong. I replied with "I just need some water, some dick made a sad attempt to drug that cereal for whoever finds it!"
  2. When did @dayzdevteam ever retweet something from us? Feels bad, bros...


    1. Oliv


      It's nice to see them giving support to new communities, they should be supporting that. We've been here a bit longer, many know it already exists.

    2. Lad


      Literally you type in DayZ roleplayand the first option is us, so guess don't need that publicity.


  3. How does one cancel their Sponsor subscription? :S

    1. Roland


      Menu at the top -> Premium -> Billing agreements -> Cancel/suspend

      Or go to PayPal and cancel there

  4. SirGunman

    Safe Zone Trial

    Good idea. Also an opportunity to make friendships etc to last OUTSIDE of the zone.
  5. For newcomers...


  6. I tried to come back to DayZRP, I did. But then Divinity Original Sins 2 came out. See you in a month?



  7. When you choose a profile song... that only gets better after the second half.

    1. Max


      it's the build-up that matters aye

  8. SirGunman

    What is happening?

    My only nit-pick of the day is when you mind your own business before finding yourself in a hostage situation and even though it began with you doing your own thing, now kidnapped, you get asked more than once with you want to get perma-death. Yeah, sure. I'd love to randomly encounter a player who wants to suggest every next step for my character OOC. Lately I'm just getting better at saying "no" but you can't always count on the 10% of the community that thinks outside of the torture meme. That being said, I take the rest of the community/server with a pinch of salt and I still like to roleplay on this server.
  9. Uhhh, not actually a specific person but a place full of folk! The hospital at Berezino has been a base of UN forces and many civilians like myself wander up there. So afterwards you shelter inside the hospital and with so many people inside already, it all becomes claustrophobic. It's some pretty cool atmosphere and reminds me of Metro 2033. So thanks to all I met there! o/
  10. How does a man roleplaying a Russian who can't speak Russian... respond to a man actually speaking Russian to you IC?

    1. gElmo


      With bullets

    2. Rory


      You don't. Can't expect someone who wants to RP as a different nationallity to actually know the language. :P 

    3. Oliv


      Common courtesy of roleplay says whatever you do, you don't make the man feel like shit for it.

    4. Lyca


      I only speak german to people where I actually know that they speak german. :P 

    5. gElmo


      @Lyca that's cause all of your characters are German anyway :trolle:

  11. SirGunman


    Captured my fellow campers of the UN base in hospital. Got caught spying... Became a dog for ten minutes. The group shows promise!
  12. SirGunman

    DayZRP Doodles

    All the doodles I make based on DayZRP
  13. From the album: DayZRP Doodles

    Made my own Chad v Virgin meme while playing for PUBG. Dedicated to DayZRP...
  14. SirGunman

    Popular Opinions Thread

  15. Put something together while playing PUBG...

    DayZ RP Chad v Virgin.png

  16. I would like to go on DayZ today but...





    1. Max


      WAIT is he in yet??

    2. SirGunman


      He's here boi!

    3. Max



  17. My tongue is growing a six-pack from tensing up due to doing a Russian accent so often.

    1. EndeavourRP


      fuck sake 

  18. Andrei was born in Norilisk, Russia into a small family with little money to spare. By luck, he found a roof over his head and loving parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents. But it could never fill that hole of how sorry he had felt for them all throughout his life. As an adult, he moved out of his home and into Chernarus where work was booming. An opportunity to make money for his family. Even today, they're the first thing in his mind should he ever find a reason to worry about the end of the world by now.
  19. I don't mind the appearance of military characters, for the current lore suggests that you'd run into these sort of fellows occasionally. This kind of concept just has bad reputation because I have met characters who are ex: - US Marines Weapons Specialists - "The" Sniper Corps So I'd prefer this to be toned down. ... Also hello everyone! I haven't posted on these forums nor played on the server for a while!
  20. I'm not gonna lie, I actually feel like it has gotten... better? Or maybe it's the beautiful look that hypnotises me.
  21. The beauty of 0.62...



    1. SillyGoose


      it maek me cry everytim.

  22. SirGunman

    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    Exactly. And yet I hear torture being used, not because of their character but anything else is either a 5min bad RP scenario or "ruleplay."
  23. SirGunman

    Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    I like how admins encourage alternatives for the sake of good RP like torture. Because every character suggests torturing people to themselves. Like I always say: talk smack, get whacked.
  24. *Gordon looks around the lonely street, or at least it appeared as a lonely street. It was good enough for him to respond to the broadcast without interruption.* "Every single local of this country is a crazed lunatic riled up by this 'president.' It's gotten to the point where I have to warn every cockney, hick, and every other nationalist under the sun. These locals are living in a fantasy world and your existence in this place is a crime and a liability to their aim to rebuild this forsaken place." *He is cut off for a moment as he looks over to a sudden noise with an alarmed expression. Thankfully, it was just a rodent scurrying through the rubbish being discarded on the pavement.* "If you want my advice, you'd best keep your distance if you see people dressed in green, especially with a green helmet... or a cap or something and if they have a thick as hell accent." *He pockets the radio, preparing for a journey down the main road to the next town.*
  25. When you think of a concept, but remember it's based off an existing fictional character...