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  1. this effects my RP and I need it to change now.
  2. Hefem

    S1 attempted KOS Stary

    are you in a black tracksuit jacket at the time? If so, I precisely remember you at the location of novy church, I thought you were with this man Ravenous and it seemed like it at the time, if only you hadn't ran back to that god damn cabin haha.
  3. Hefem

    S1 attempted KOS Stary

    I followed you from Novy church, I was up at the hill initially looking down when I saw a few guys including you and two others at the church of Novy and running around that area, then a girl with a weapon flashlight (which btw I gave to her) ran towards that cabin and one of your team mates, the one with the black tracksuit followed her and I then saw you two chase after. And in the video, you can hear at the end of the video "maybe go shoot the people in the church". You had initiated on us (when there were members in the church and yall were outside the doors) and there was a clear stage in which both parties were allowed to kill each other so that is why I shot you.
  4. Hefem

    S1 attempted KOS Stary

    I believe the group of players you were with and yourself were battling with my group near the church in which a lot of the members of that group had died to your men, i followed you from the church down to the cabin and shot you in the chest, then just ran off. You were in the precise zone of the situation, in which I had gained KOS rights due to an initiation, that it had happened in and I was told about how the group looked and it seemed correct. Hope this helps. Thank you.
  5. @BrianM @CocoMii For the first time in a while had a very fun time on DayZRP (because i havn't played in a few months). It was nice to see semi-friendly faces and travelling around and even tho yall didnt partake the pvp was fun as fuck. Hope we can team up together some time
  6. I dont remember it I think it was jon but dunno the rest
  7. Looked for the guy who had been with me in zelenogorsk showing me the military camps.I was killed by zeds... I think your name was Jon; and my in-game name is Carlo. I'd love to rp again pls find pm me.
  8. I grew up in New York. My family were apart of the Italian Mafia, what a stupid bunch of fuckin' idiots, who in the right mind brings a child into a mafia, fuckin' loonies... as you can imagine, I had to get outta there as soon as I could. I wasn't okay with all the bullshit around me, stabbing people in the throats at 13 because they took my football, having 3 meals a day with a bunch of fuckin' "family" that like to sneak under the table and jack each other off in order to take their money eventually, like what the fuck, I'm just glad I got to see it the right way and get out of there before I get done for life... So there I was, 19 and already lookin' for a place to hide, I see Chernarus, I'm like hell why the fuck not, I jump in a private plane and I fuck off to Chernarus. My father thought that I wasn't smart enough to do such a thing because he's never around me, so I had to make a man outta myself when nobody else would, and I couldn't of wanted anythin' more. Arriving to this fuckin' apocalyptic wasteland was the 2nd worst thing that's happened to me, oh the 1st worst thing was birth heh... Well anyway, It's a weird feelin' but I didn't mind the place, like surviving it's just great because there's no government, no laws, only moral yknow, I felt like myself for the first time in years, I finally saw what it paid off to be in such a fucked up family because, hell, how would I know I'd need the skills I was taught ever again. It was mainly my comáre who kept me mentally stable, she knew it was unhealthy and wrong to be introduced in at such a young age, and she was the one who saved my mentality and myself from that, she convinced me of what to do and she was the one who gave me her fortune in order to do it, I will always mourn over her, hopefully she'll get me outta this place.
  9. Hefem

    Chernarus Winter Map

    Yes pls add some big puffy jackets with fur hoodies +1
  10. Hefem

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    Agree, please immediately turn this off, the sooner the better lmao. It kinda gives you RP disadvantage, people don't want to interact with you (Majority anyway). I've had good RP with the sickness but nothing major that over rules the amount of people that would rather not even ROB me because I am sick.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I think the verdict is not fair because The situation was very hectic and due to the shots fired at me, I believed I then gained KOS rights on the player because it was their friends tryna save them at the beginning of the initiation, which I think gives defence rights/kos rights. You say how Jackfish was running up to the shooter and blah blah, this wasn't the part that I am referring to when I say "his friends tried to save him". This was very early onto the initation, this is seen in the video called "Dayz report unedited" at 8:36 (Posted by RedSky). This led me to believe I had DEFENCE rights on him, and to be honest when I look in the rules of hostility I don't really see anything about this which adds to how complicated and messy things get in these situations and also adds to why this verdict is pretty unfair, especially when the report was attempted to be dropped ?. It is even said by a person in the report that they thought Jack was with his friends, but only later discovered that they were not his friends. So I don't see how I could've identified them when it's clear they're trying to save Jack or any other player there.< redsky POV Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When I am initiating on a group and their friend tries to save them, I believe I then gain rights to kill both of them, to which I used later on Jack, but I am not saying it was the best idea to do so, I am just explaining my perspective. I did not want to kill anyone because nobody seemed like they deserved to die, but then Jackfish started to cut up my friends body (After the whole initiation and situation) after talking him into suicide, and with my believed KOS rights and in-game RP anger, I shot him. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A reduction in the ban time/warning points. What could you have done better?: I could've re-initiated onto the group, set some ground rules and actually assured that I had KOS rights, but even if this were the case, I believe I shouldn't have killed anyone and should have RP'd with them seeing as (From recent events) they are very good role players and it was a loss in entertainment and RP from what I did, especially when PvP should be a last resort. I apologise again for the bad events that have happened and hope that I can get some reduction in my verdict. Thank you Hefem
  12. Hefem

    Remove the function for cars to explode

    I've driven so many cars in new update and this hasn't happened to me because I use the jerry can that spawns in the car, fill the car up with gas and then fill up a canteen about 7 times with water and fill up the radiator to max, this has allowed me to go from cherno to tisy without ANY problems. Still +1 because I prefer not having to deal with them fucking up if this process isn't followed.
  13. Hefem

    Held Captive [Event]

    sign me up as a prisoner pls
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