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  1. Private construction contractor sent to Chernarus to construct large structures in the Norther border area of the map. Was not able to return home before the fall of modern society and has lived alone in the Northern area of Chernarus building various shelters. Generally will avoid people altogether but does not shy of conflict if it feels justified and within his power to do something. He left what family and friends he had in Canada, where they are likely dead. He will do anything he can to stay alive now, even if it means pushing his own moral boundaries.
  2. IGN: Robert Smith (available to change) Age: 18 Country: Canada English Skills: Fluent in English DayZ Mod Experience: Arma 3 Epoch & Exile mods DayZ Standalone Experience: 1 year (approx: 500 hours) Roleplaying Experience: Less than a year What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter, Farmer, Friendly Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional Notes: Best Way to Contact: Forum PM Backstory: Robert was an average citizen in Chernarus before the outbreak and breakdown of society. He was a farmer who lived just outside of Severograd. He relied mostly on hunting and farming to come up with food so he didn't have to step outside of his comfort zone too much. He had friends before all of the chaos, but they either succumbed to infection or turned to hostility in a time where laws aren't enforced. Robert has seen plenty things that disturbed him around Chernarus, so he may be a bit timid when encountering larger groups, but he does like to lend a hand where it is needed.