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  1. Meme




  2. Meme

    Remove buried stashes, increase barrel & tent spawns

    Could there be a way to keep the stashes, but remove the ability to bury the weapons?
  3. Meme

    Interview With A Community Member: Cookie

    Well if we would be in jail they would not need any high fences... @Cookie
  4. Meme


    Should be able to ignore topics. 

    I am done reading peoples back and forth about raping kids in a videogame

    1. Crim


      Just dont open the topic...

    2. Meme


      Wow that is so smart😮... But the only topic in the Post section is the Rape one and I am too lazy to look elsewhere. 
       I just want is a "Not interested" button

  5. Meme



    Hunt down foreigners

    1. Eagle


      Or supply them with Medical supplies ey?

    2. Malet


      Inb4 the game is taken out of the store for broken trailer promises - Binoculars dont work currently :trolle:

    3. Watchman


      Didn't see any flying cars in the trailer.. whats up with that

  6. Meme

    • Meme
    • Cookie

    Guess what I did today

    I ate a Pan pizza

    From a stick

    I am a true survivor! 

    1. Cookie


      Was it cow shit on it this time as well..? 


    2. Meme


      No... 😅... 😐

    3. Cookie


      Yeey! You are learning! 😄 Im proud of you! ❤️ 

    4. Meme


      Thank you😊❤️ 

      Btw. When are we gonna (after) ski? 🍻

    5. Cookie


      Come get me and we can go whenever! Skål! 😄 

    6. Meme



  7. Today I learned something. In the future, I'll be rolling with another group that initiates on people. When we get shot at and if I die it will be an invalid kill, Because I wasn't involved👀  But if I manage to kill someone and survive  I was very involved.

    I am done with this shit for now. Really don´t feel like getting in game again any time soon if this is how it works

  • Meme

    Appeal Ruleplay-5 days

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is not fair because: I did not kill him just because he beat up a member of my group If that would have been the case I would have shot him on the spot. I killed him because he was a part of a party the initiated on one of my group members. In the summary made by the staff that handled the report they wrote "We will start off with a short summary of the situation. The OP is in stary when he hears shots coming and decides to take cover in his base. While doing this a shot is fired and kills the OP. The OPs friend then decides to try and hunt down the shooter and successfully does so and kills him." I agree that that would have been bad if that was the entire truth. But it isn´t they forgot about the part where the OP together with several other groups decided to initiate on @Wolfaye . (This took place about 1h before I killed the OP in Stary). To me, it feels like the staff team has failed to understand the situation. But instead of asking any more questions they came up with a wrong verdict. "You state that you got punched by the OPs friends earlier and that would make you gain kill rights" I never claim this. I wrote several times that Wolfaye that got knocked out. They even failed to understand who got knocked out despite it being mentioned a few times. If you open fire and kill a group of people that initiated on your group member is considered "Ruleplay" I would like to claim that every kill on this server would be considered "Ruleplay". This wasn´t the case of just a random punch on wolfaye resulting in him being shot, It was the case of several hostile actions resulting in his death. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: To sum the situation up. Wolfaye got initiated on in Kab by a big group of players (including the OP) From my point of view they were all a part of the hostilities. No one showed any sight of not wanting to initiate. A firefight breaks out and we identify the people involved. @PatZ guns the OP down and then gets killed. I don't take any shots or fires any during this encounter. We decided to fall back when the situation gets out of our hands. We follow them on a distance for a while and finally sets up an ambush in Stary where we reengage. I was holding the road leading towards Novy in order to shoot any hostiles attempting to retreat that way. I then see the OP (which was involved in the Kab situation) run into the base. What it seemed like to me was an attempt to take cover/hide. If I would have been able to initiate on him and take him hostage, I would have done that. But there was no way I could have done that without getting killed so I used my kill rights and shot him (Bear in mind that there was still an ongoing firefight 200m up the road). The OP wasn't the only target. We wanted the entire hostile party to go down we tried to get rid of the threat. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get my ban and points removed What could you have done better?: Recorded it all, made my POV even easier to understand for the staff
  • Meme

    DayZRP mod February content update

  • Meme

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    No Kamenici here...
  • Meme

    S1: KOS - 07/03/19 23:00(CEST)

    We used the Defence rights we gained from the first situation. There was about 50 min between the situations.
  • Meme

    S1: KOS - 07/03/19 23:00(CEST)

    I didn´t use it as an attempt to justify the kill on him. We got the kill rights when they all decided to be a part of the hostile act. I quoted you because what you wrote was a good example of what he should have done if he truly wanted to NOT be a part of the hostilities. Yes, you were standing very close when the initiation was dropped and you did back off. But only a few meters. You where all still around him It is when the fight starts you decide to run... Towards the gunfire... Did any of you do anything to show us that you were not involved in the situation? Cuz standing a few meters away with weapons drawn following @Wolfaye doesn´t seem very uninvolved to me. What we saw when shooting was a bunch of people with weapons drawn surrounding our guy. At 9 seconds in this video, you can see both @Pep and another person wearing a light green armband just like Eagles which can also be seen throughout the report hitting and knocking @Wolfaye unconscious, which is a hostile act that gave us rights on those involved, IE Jackals and Green Dragons. Not only that you can also see @GMAK standing beside the situation and going along with the RP taking place as well as all 3 groups taking part in the hostile act. You can't pick and choose when you are or are not apart of a hostile situation when you're literally following them around and then take your weapon out as an initiation is dropped. Towards the point when you sprint past the church, it looks to me as if you were attempting to push towards the shots that were coming from the apple orchid direction. You were actively taking part in this situation whether you like it or not. Later on, I find you in the town, confirm my target and kill you. I will not be replying more unless asked by a staff member.
  • Meme

    S1: KOS - 07/03/19 23:00(CEST)

    So. What the video shows is basically that you guys were all rolling together and initiated on @Wolfaye, no one seems to disagree with the initiation and almost everyone has weapons out including @GMAK . When the fight begins people hides and takes positions. @GMAK does it too but gets shoots by @PatZ (I believe). You survive this time but I killed you later using the "Defense Rights" As @Zanaan wrote in this report: "In the future if you are not involved in a hostile encounter it is usually better to either separate yourself from the situation, or put your hands up as well showing that you are not a threat. Continuing to run around a hostage situation and calling out other people, even when not done maliciously, may still be taken as such by those with defensive rights." You were a part of the situation in Kab and decided to roll with them until I shoot you in Stary. The reason I shot you in stary was as I said that we knew and saw you all rolling together as one big party.
  • Meme

    S1: KOS - 07/03/19 23:00(CEST)

    Hi, I where the one who shoot you. POV: We (Kamnici) had been in a constant firefight with the GZ and Greendragons. The fight started off when GZ and greendragon initiated on one of our people. We had a firefight in Kabanino but had to retreat. We later identified some of the people that took our guy hostage. @Lumen open fire shit hits the fan. There is a ton of shots and people die everywhere I then see you( @GMAK ) From my perspective it looked like you were well aware of the situation and decided to stay in the middle of the fight. I see you climbing up the tower and I take the shoot. I would be very happy if we could talk about what happened on discord
  • Meme

    Car Dance Party!

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