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  1. Lucifer

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    Thank you
  2. Lubomir Skala was born in November 1974. His family was all working at a weapon factory in Belozersk. So his parents would teach him a lot about weapons, especially the Ak-47. Lubomir grew up and when he turned 22 he joined the Military. Where he started off as a Tank driver. But through the years he climbed up the ranks and became a platoon commander. When the outbreak hit South Zagoria he and his men where fighting both the Russians and the infected. A fight they lost and Skala and remaining troops had to retreat down south. With him, he brought his daughter Ellie. One by one the remaining soldiers got either shot by other survivors or eaten alive by the infected.
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    Ahhhh  memories... @fletcho1

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    well. let's give this a try again.

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    Ohhh. so there is still hit and kill logs...

    1. Spartan


      I will emote that out ingame to hide my weapons

    2. Lucifer


      There is plenty of places to hide a weapon on you ;)

    3. SweetJoe


      ...that's dangerous as fuck.


      there is a company that makes holsters that'll do a similar job except you don't have to be OBESE. 


      Cant say I recommend it cause I don't own one, but here it is. (I aint friends with the Police Chief or Governor, so no conceal carry permit for me here in NY.)




      here is a review.


    4. Chewy


      I cringed a little but also laughed.

    5. SweetJoe


      that was supposed to be funny? gee wiz.


      I felt bad that he has 80 lbs of human meat hanging from his front section. 

      and I just noticed the unicorn raping the kid painted on the wall.

    6. Lucifer


      He looks happy. But Oh my...I just noticed the unicorn aswell... good that the 80ibs of extra human cencored it.

    7. SweetJoe


      I know right? love that Central American Artistic Flare.

    8. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      Well then

  6. Lucifer


    I know I never said goodbye. But I think I'm back. Been on the server once since October/November so... Please enlight me. What have I missed? 

    1. Terra


      Quality roleplay of course




    2. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      everyone died tbh

    3. Lucifer


      @Terra Ooo sounds... like fun can´t wait to get some Quality RP. Who knows may move in to the Severograd apartments and decides to start a group.  But someone needs to take the whitenames 5,56. Don´t worry @Lady In Blue I won´t steal all 5,56 so they can still white knight you with the rest of it;)

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      Who, if i may ask?


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    You still married!? xD

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      Well. Yes, even booked a delayed honeymoon... ishxD

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      I hope you are happy and I hope you both have lots of fun. <3

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      thank you<3

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    Drunk Thread

    Trust me @Grimnir, I'm not drunk! yet...
  10. Lucifer

    [GAME] Do you know the person above you?

    who the heek is that?
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    Carrying the wife's Christmas shopping bags... 
    Pls send help...

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    Computer giveaway

    *check calendar* hmmm it's not April 1... Okay then. I like, I like
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    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Well. why not
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    I think I got married last night

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      thank you?

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      you wat? ...see what kind of shit happens when u get drunk!

  15. Cade had a rough childhood. He lived and grew up with his ten years older brother. Their parents had both been victims of a bad work schedule. They were not dead just not home very often. But that learned him to take care of himself. He managed well in both school and other activities such as sports. But he always thought that what he was studying in school wasn't really giving him what he wanted. While watching the news, he saw the injustice in the world. He felt that he wanted to make a change in the world. So when graduating from high school, Cade decided to sign up and do the military service. He got the role ass an TUAV- Soldier in the "32. Underrättelsebataljonen" at K3 in Karlsborg in Sweden. Two years later he served in Mali as a UN peacekeeper where his primary task as TUAV soldier was to find out information about the opponent and pass the information on to high command. Cade stayed in Mali for 6 months before returning home. While he was home he continued with his training while waiting for his next mission. When the news about what happened in Chernarus reached Sweden the government turned into lockdown mode. But it was too late and not too soon after the virus reached Sweden as well. Cade and about 100 men managed to keep a stronghold on an island in the lake "Vättern" It was the perfect place for a "safe zone" but due to a few bad decisions from high command, the entire island turned into a dead island. Cade and a few other men managed to escape in a helicopter and had to witness their home go up in flames on the horizon. And from that day Cade has been on the constant move. From place to place.