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  1. Gowbe


    Well. that's... better?


  2. Gowbe


    Yes!! A fellow Swede! Welcome!
  3. Gowbe

    S1 BadRP NWAF 17:00 2018-11-12

    Look. I do not accuse you of killing me, that is just Dayz being Dayz... But I would say just sneak up behind someone and handcuff them because is BS and leaves me with no option what so ever...
  4. Gowbe

    Can't connect to servers (Timed out)

    Same problem here..
  5. Gowbe

    S1 BadRP NWAF 17:00 2018-11-12

    @Jamie Done I believe
  6. Gowbe

    S1 BadRP NWAF 17:00 2018-11-12

    Server and location: S1 NWAF on a roof at "South barracks" Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:00 2018-11-12 Your in game name: Cade Willson Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: Baldvin + one more Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Yes Detailed description of the events: So as I was scavenging through the south barracks at NWAF I ended up on a rooftop where I began loading some mags. While doing so a man (Baldvin) walks up behind me on the roof. I turn around and starts to talk to him. One man passes by the building and we talk a bit with him before he leaves. While Talking to the random guy Baldvins friends walk up on the roof "Baldvin relogs/loses connection and joins again" I talk a bit with his friend whose name I never get. But he doesn't seem to be very interested in RP. Instead, he just said something like "Why can't I see the description of this" (Probably just a mistake and hotmic) But when Baldvin joins back I start to look around if I can see the guy that just passed by. While I am standing at the edge of the roof in first-person looking for the guy, Baldvins friend decides to sneak up behind me and handcuff me. I turn around but it is already too late. I go out of first person and tries to back away from him. He then told me to sit down (No initiation but I sat down anyway) he starts to go through my gear and I decide to start recording but as I hit the record button my game crashes... When reconnecting I find myself at the coast as a freshspawn.
  7. Gowbe

    One Group

    Alba 19. Best roleplay I have experienced on the server
  8. Gowbe

    Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great.

    *Cade cries while eating Skittles*
  9. Gowbe

    • Gowbe


    1. Svenne

      Fan vad perfekt! haha

      07 NBG 

  10. Gowbe


    So... Im back 😙


  11. Gowbe


    Food is eaten and toilets are visited. Time to start streaming again😙


  12. Gowbe


    stream will be back in 1h. Have to stay energized 🌮

  13. Gowbe


    So with nothing else to do and a broken knee I decided to do this. 

  14. Gowbe


    6 weeks into the national service and already in the newspapers


    1. Svenne

      Which one are you? 

    2. Dino


      Similar thing happened to me, enjoy your service!


    3. Gowbe



      The 5th guy from the right

  15. Crim

    • Crim
    • Gowbe

    BO1 was great

    1. Gowbe