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  1. Damien Fields

    Damien Fields was born & raised in western Pennsylvania. His father was a President in the Pagan's western Pennsylvania chapter. As his father & mother were never too much around, he felt fairly unwanted and was confused in his childhood. Damien only had one friend during his childhood, Dustin McCoy. They were never easily socially accepted and were fairly hated. The other children were aware of Damien's parents actions. If there was a shooting, an arrest, all opinions pointed towards Damien's father. Damien dealt with harassment and bullying due to the actions of his father. During Damien's teens, the harassment, blame, and absence of his parents never changed. He became more independent day by day. He obtained a job at a Pagan owned bar, and vouched for Dustin to be employed as well. This is when he began being involved in the Pagan's. Damien served drinks and cooked at this local bar. However, one night he came into full realization of what he gotten himself into. He was serving as any other normal night, however a strange man came in being extremely aggressive towards Damien and Dustin. Damien asked the man to leave, he refused and began threatening him. Damien, without thinking, called the police for public disturbance. In the back of the bar, a club members only section was located there. At that time, club members were doing blow in the back of the bar as Damien knocked on the club-members only section door questioning if he should call the police. The members refused, and Damien pointed out the man. All members stormed out the door, grabbed the man, and pulled him into the club members section of the bar. Damien resumed to bartending. A few hours later, they requested Damien and Dustin to come in. They came in and saw the man on the floor curled covered in blood crying. Damien's father grabbed him saying that this is what they caused and this is how the club works. Damien's father asked how they felt, they were unsure. The club members forced Damien and Dustin to beat the man more, and drive him out of town and leave him on the road. They did so. Damien and Dustin were then recruited as Prospects at age 19. Throughout the years, Damien committed crimes such as drug trafficking, arson, interrogation, assault, and drug manufacturing. Damien was influenced by fellow members during parties with drugs, and became addicted to Pagan Purple as the majority of the Pagan's have. In Damien's late 20s, he was recruited as a Patch Member. In his mid 30s, he became a Veteran of the club due to his father's influence on the club. However, the club suffered a crisis as war and tension between the Hells Angels rival club skyrocketed. Damien's father and the Vice President were assassinated during a ride to New York. A club vote was initiated, a man named Jimmy D became President, and Damien was voted as Vice President as an heir to his father. After his father's death, Damien was distraught and extremely upset. His addiction and consumption of Pagan Purple grew significantly. As war with the Hells Angels became more and more deadly and with the increasing decrease and loss of territory, and Pagan's held an all chapters meeting to discuss of how to gain some firepower. Their Russian allies, the Night Wolves M.C had a supply of weapons & ammunition. The Pagan's had their supply of Pagan Purple. They both agreed that a trade between the two would benefit the both of them. Jimmy D, Damien, Dustin, their Sergeant at Arms Joe, Veteran members, Patch members, their main and a few Prospects said on an extremely large cargo ship that the Night Wolves sent from the Atlantic coast to a port on the Black Sea. The supply from the cargo ship as well as the Pagan's were transported to one of many secluded Night Wolves' weapons warehouses for the exchange. The select secluded warehouse was located in the country of Chernarus in the region of South Zagoria. They successfully exchanged and began partying in celebration. One night during partying, their current President Jimmy D began becoming aggressive towards a Patch Member of the Night Wolves. As the Night Wolves were offended as this was occurring on their turf and within their territory, they've discussed with Damien, Joe, and Dustin that there will be consequences if Jimmy D continues and the exchange would fail. The three tried discussing with Jimmy D, however received "Hey, I'm Jimmy D! We're the biggest fuckin' dogs in the valley.I shot someone in front of a cop! No one fucks with me!" Damien knew what had to be done. One night, the three gotten Jimmy D extremely drunk. Damien pointed towards Joe. Joe smacked Jimmy D extremely hard with a book of the Pagan's bylaws. The three brought out their books of the Pagan's bylaws and beat Jimmy D to death with the books. - WIP / In-discussion for the next part of what happens next for the club, of which would involve Damien -
  2. *Tully is sitting at the headquarters in the communications sector. He stands at the podium and adjusts the microphone connected to the transmitter and speakers. Tully is surrounded by the people of Prapor Vlkodlak including the youth. He powers on the microphone and begins the transmission* *Tully grabs the microphone and points to the people. Extremely loud chants are heard* Slava! Slava! Slava! Slava! *Tully throws the microphone into the crowd disconnecting the microphone from the transmitter ending the transmission*
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  3. As you can see in the video, I had no weapon out. I clearly had every intention of complying. During our conversation in teamspeak, you have acknowledged you did mistakenly kill me as "I was in the way." That provides no justification. I'm unsure why you cannot take responsibility for your actions, but instead blatantly lie. (I'm the character to the right) I made my POV extremely clear, I never mentioned he was "talking shit." As mentioned: I decide to initiate on an african american as he conflicts with my character's ideologies and for my character to make an example of. Immediately after Jango's character requested if my character had any knowledge of where Jango's character could obtain drugs, my character became aggressive and hostile. Conflicts with the video.
  4. Alright, so I created a duplicate copy of the .flv video, converted without corruption, and without involvement of law enforcement. The "laughter" is an extremely minor contributing factor as to why I am reporting. I am reporting as it truly did ruin all potential RP that could have resulted from the incident. Hell, I would have perma-deathed my character to Jango as it would have made perfect sense and created a brilliant RP situation enjoyable for all. Regardless of any other concerns, I will refrain from posting unless requested by staff.
  5. Server and location: S1 Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 20:00 Your in game name: Joe Tully Names of allies involved: @PatZ @Solo Name of suspect/s: @OnionRingOfDoom Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video footage of in-game. I have a .FLV file of the recording of a conversation with the suspect in teamspeak. I prefer of not converting it to .mp4 as it could cause possible corruption, and I am unable to attach it to the thread. It's playable via VLC media player. Unsure of how to handle it, email? Detailed description of the events: I decide to initiate on an african american as he conflicts with my character's ideologies and for my character to make an example of. Myself, PatZ, and Solo take the hostage to the piano house in Novy. As we were RP'ing with the hostage, PatZ and Solo continue to crash and login. During the RP, @OnionRingOfDoom and a few of his allies arrive at the house. As Solo and PatZ's games continue to crash, i do type inn OOC that their games are crashing. When they log back in, we were initiated on. I immediately put my hands up, PatZ and Solo not comply. Maybe after 5 or so seconds with my hands up I was shot. I waited until after the firefight was over, and asked to speak to the group over teamspeak. The suspect did agree about watching his shots for future occurrences, however was laughing a bit when apologizing. I'm not one to report, I always and in 98% of cases prefer to discuss verbally. I have decided to proceed with a report as this did truly ruin all potential RP that could have resulted from the situation as the hostage could have taken revenge on myself, the suspect stated he will be more careful next time with his shots, and the suspect was laughing when apologizing. This paragraph is more of so towards the suspect if confused as to why I am reporting.
  6. IGN: Joe Tully or Dougie Trotter Country: United States (However, I'm active during only EU times and only seeking a group whom is active during EU times or both) English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: 250hrs DayZ Standalone Experience: 1500hrs Roleplaying Experience: 10 years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Prejudice / aggressive type RP | RP'ing a character whom feels they have an objective or definitive purpose Have you been in any clan/group previously: Skryty, ehh the Pagan's, Alba 19, Underground Additional notes: I most definitely want to play either characters Joe Tully or Dougie Trotter. Please be aware of their personalities / RP style before sending myself a PM regarding any recruitment. Best way to contact you: PM or TS Backstory: Joe Tully | Dougie Trotter
  7. Simon Kizner

    Simon was born in raised in the small town of Morgantown, West Virginia in the US. He lived his childhood in poverty, and struggled in his education. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Simon was bullied from other children and was also heavily abused by his parents. His parents noticeably favored Simon's sister and Simon's younger brother and noted Simon was a "mistake." Simon was intelligent and his thought process was extraordinary at an early age. Bullies would take Simon's belongings, resulting in further abuse from his parents as SImon would return home with nothing resulting in more money spent. During middle school, he sneakily gathered a gun in his father's hunting cabinet and placed it in his backpack. During lunch session, Simon and his brother exited to the school American football field, with no cameras, to eat their lunch. Simon's bullies followed them as they would every other day. Simon refused to provide his lunch and belongings to the bullies. They became very angry and began pushing him. Simon quickly pulled out a glock from his backpack, shot one of the bullies and they ran. His brother in complete shock was frozen. Simon was in shock as well and quickly thought the best scenario, he turned the gun on his leg, shot his own leg, and threw the gun to his brother whom caught it. Simon fell unconscious. Simon woke up in the hospital hand-cuffed to the bed. His parents only arrived to provide medical insurance and left when Simon was unconscious. As he was questioned by police, his statement was that his younger brother was consistently bullied daily and shot the child. Simon concluded he knows nothing other than what happened. The bullies were in fear for their life and provided no story to the police. Simon's younger brother was sent to a juvenile detention center, and was never seen again by Simon. A few months later after Simon's recovery, he returned home. His parents despised him more than ever before due to what happened. Simon suffered more brutal physical and emotional abuse at home. When Simon turned 18, he knew he had to leave his home as he knew what could happen between himself and his parents. To leave his home, he enlisted in the United States Army. Simon graduated basic training and had chosen the option to be deployed. During this time, there was American presence in Takistan to assist the Takistani military in fighting the Takistani Islamic rebels. Simon was picked to deploy in Takmyr, Takistan. A year later, Simon is still in Takmyr. During a daily patrol with his team, the team was ambushed far north-east of Takmyr by a large force of the Takistani local militia. Almost all team members were killed, the remaining were taken prisoner including Simon. They were tortured and interrogated for months for valuable information regarding American presence. During the nights, the majority of the Takistani militia left the camp to fight. They were starved for food occasionally days or weeks at a time and denied water daily until needed. Only a handful stayed to guard the prisoners. The prisoners concluded that the only chance they have is revolting and taking their chances as it was no place to live. As a militiaman opened the cell, the prisoners rushed and strangled the militiaman to death. Simon stayed behind to increase his chance in survival. As the prisoners rushed out the jailhouse door, Simon rushed and ran the opposite direction of where the revolt was occurring. He continued to run until the outpost was out of sight. The nights were cold in Takistan, and Simon barely had any energy to run due to undernourishment and the cold. He covered himself in sand and fell asleep once he was in safety and out of distance from the outpost. Simon woke up and started walking the opposite direction from the outpost in the desert seemingly into nothing as there were no roads, only desert. He experienced delusions and mirages due to undernourishment. A few days later, he noticed an older Takistani man with a cane walking towards him. As he approached, Simon concluded this was not an delusion. As the man had papers with a map, Simon concluded this was a messenger. The map had American writing on it with coordinates seemingly towards the outpost. SImon identified the man may have been sent from the Americans to find the ones at the outpost. Simon begged the man for food and water, however the man had none on him and the man very limited english as Simon attempted to find a close town, forest. or river. Simon also did not fully trust the man and declined in asking to join him as he could still possibly be with the Takistani militia. Simon understood his options were limited, but he could not let the man leave as he could provide Simon's location if he was a messenger for the militia. Simon was calmly talking to the old man. As the man turned to leave, Simon put all of his remaining strength in a headlock around the old man and strangled him to death. He search the man, found a canteen with a sip of water and drank it. Simon further looked on the map, and identified the was a border with forest area a few miles east. Simon realized he would not survive a few more miles and would either fall into unconsciousness due to lack of starvation. Simon looked into the sky and fell onto the ground screaming wondering what he could possibly do more to survive, why this was happening to him, and why he's being tested of this nature. As he was thinking of the last thought, he realized this could be a test. A test of the survival of the fittest. Will he be the lion, or the gazelle. Simon looked at the old man, and realized what it would take for him to survive the next few miles. With his finger nails and bare hands, Simon tore into the muscle of the man's arm. He drained the muscle of blood as much as he could to prevent further dehydration and then devoured it. He performed the same on the other man's arm and calf muscle. Afterwards, Simon felt empowered. He looked into the sky and believed that's what was being requested, to test if he was the lion. He felt empowerment, something he's always wished for in his life. Simon dismembered the man of a few muscles and organ, dried them, placed in the old man's backpack, and carried them East. Simon resulted in being in a dense forest a few miles east close to a river. He re-hydrated with water, filled the old man's canteen, and continued to go east following the river in the midst of a dense forest. During this time of survival, he used two stones and kindling to create a fire and cook the man's muscles and few organs he has gathered. Simon became aware of some type of outbreak by overseeing chaos, medical tents / headquarters, and some infected while passing the city of Kirovograd in the outskirts as the river was close to the major city. Simon became frightened and realized possibly further east by following the river he would reach a village or city with telecommunication. He continued to follow the river, however it continued to be dense forests. A month later surviving on his limited supply of food traveling only east encountering no towns or people, he approached an abandoned military encampment. Simon noticed a man searching the camp, and thought to himself; the lion... or the gazelle.
  8. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    This group is really inspiring myself to create a Takistani character and at least trying out the type of RP, just may have to do it. Really hoping for some encounters with this group in-game. Good luck with it. Absolutely not true... A former member and I created a white nationalistic and supremacist group, Alba, and I have been often playing a white supremacist / nationalistic character for around a year now. I haven't had any issues with either of my white nationalist characters since creating them...
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Ruleplay Regarding the ruleplay verdict explaining I preferred to choose my weapon rather than further roleplay, I believe this may have been impossible as this would have been suicide for my character. As stated in my POV, I was immediately forced to leave town receiving many threats from the OPs group as many began drawing their weapons. If I would have attempted to further roleplay, either an initiation would have occurred and it would be one cluster fuck of a firefight with likely multiple invalid kills from both the OP and Hounds, or I could have been one-punched and died. The risk of being one-punched and dying is an extremely high chance for the past few patches in DayZ. My only option was to leave town, however my group was still in town receiving the taunts. That's when we concluded I should climb to gather a vantage point and attempt and JFK Darion. The entire encounter all I heard were taunts that were clear "do something!" and that nobody "backs up" their actions. This continued during the video evidence that Coreena provided as well. And when I get the go ahead to take the shot from my group members, the majority of them get tagged, most killed, and they create a report. Overall, regarding the ruleplay, they provided no choice to further the roleplay between our characters, and I was acting to defend my group with my rights before the OPs group would take action. I understand that staff may see another option for us to wait for them to leave town, initiate, and take them hostage. However, we have never seen them leave Severograd and did not look like they were planning on leaving and also we did not have the manpower to do so as we were outnumbered 4 to 1 from our surroundings. Invalid Kill I strongly believe the invalid kill on HoneyBee is valid. As stated, I shot Enigma within 20 meters from where I shot HoneyBee less than 3 minutes of when HoneyBee appeared from Enigma's exact location. He could have baiting for myself to peak, assist in the firefight wanting to heal allies (such as Enigma), or attempting to use rule-armor to try to find my position to provide to Enigma or others. As stated by HoneyBee, he was entering Severograd to help his allies or provide medical work. Honeybee knew the firefight extended past where he was killed, and still willingly entered instead of running the opposite direction. That of which I still believe to what have occurred. This is actually extremely similar to the Estrogirl and Doc Holiday deaths, they were unarmed with no weapons and were killed based off of the suspicion "feeding" information. That's what I believed HoneyBee's intention was, however I was verdicted guilt and LewellynMoss whom did the same thing (except was on two people) was not guilty. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The above is really my only thoughts on my verdict as to why I believe it is a little harsh and invalid, especially for a first time offender. I would like to note I have been playing DayZRP since December 2015, however my first account was pruned. But since then, I have only been verdicted guilty one time, but the ban and points were appealed as staff misread / missed a key factor in my POV. I also never received any warning points. I have been active every day Monday - Friday 11:00 - 14:45 or 15:45 every day (may fluctuate specific timing) since joining (exception of 2 weeks and a few weeks before & after the lore wipe occurred). I'm normally on all day every other weekend. The primary type of roleplay I provide is hostile RP. I do find that quite impressive and proves that I have knowledge of rules. This interaction may have been borderline, but I did not "prefer" to use my weapon, I believed at the time it was my only option that made sense to defend my group and prevent a massacre on our side. If you see any other possibilities that I could have taken that I did not mention in the above, please let me know so I know for future reference. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of Invalid kill verdict, reduction of points + ban days or verbal warning / caution for Ruleplay verdict. What could you have done better?: Ruleplay - I could have left town, however it would have resulted my allies in being initiated on, but would prevent a the ruleplay verdict. Invalid Kill - I could have not killed HoneyBee, however this would have resulted in my position being exposed and myself being killed.
  10. Just to note, if you check the logs, 3 minutes before I shot you, I shot Enigma whom was running directly behind the school. I had my eyes set on the school. Only 3 minutes later from when I shot the second man (Enigma), you run out from the school. I suspected you could have been bait, or you changed clothes. I was willing to take that risk as it was a big coincidence, and a no armed man running within 20 meters of where I shot Enigma, and still within the firefight area brutally beating a defenseless chicken instead of running the opposite direction.
  11. Klan member wannabee | Dakota Joe Dontchya know | Joe Tully's POV: So some the klan and I were planning on passing through Severo in search for two individuals that were hostile in Novo. As I passed, I was being remakred, taunted and instigated with. No big deal as none of them were of my character's concern. As we pass through, I wanted one more check to see if I noticed the two hostile individuals. As I am passing through a second time, I am immediately confronted as the racist one. I say, no I'm not racist I'm proud. I noted I did not want any trouble as I have agreed with the owners of Severo that my antics and opinions will not be spread as this is an occupied town, and if there are any "threats" I will just leave or if I'm in physical danger I will defend myself. All of which was ignored., and it was a complete cluster fuck of yelling from the OP's group, I honestly didn't know what to say and basically stood there as if I said anything, it would add to the other tens of voices. However, I see a man with a clown mask (OP) come forward face to face. I heard the screaming and yelling but really couldn't make out what he was really saying so I stood there saying things like "yeah ok". Claiming that the threats were direct & clear, no.... No they weren't. I had men to my left & right and in front of me, I was beginning to be surrounded. As the man with the clown mask (OP) is yelling, was continuously threatening (note not initiating) I figured my character would not take it, so when he said he'll chase my character out of town and physically harm him, I simply started coming back with remarks in my character's defense. Well, one of the remarks in my character being knocked out. After I was revived, group members and dynamic group members of the OP began drawing guns yelling for my character to get out of town, if you call that furthering RP nowadays. In fear of my character's life, I left town knowing revenge was needed. A fanatic Aryan Brotherhood member with a goal to protect his son from "colors" has to defend his pride. I looped around towards Severo apartments east side, climbed on top of the apartment building, and took the shot only on Darion, the man whom knocked me out. My plan was to then rally up with the boys and leave as my work was complete. However I then see Johnny and Estro get gatted afterwards, which is confusing to myself as to why. So I stayed to defend the klan. As I noticed everyone getting involved in the firefight, sprinting with their weapons up, I gatted one, and hit another possibly gatted not sure possibly went uncon. I do recall Grimnir and Patz being surrounded and defending themselves as I watched it overtop the apartments. After I killed the last man involved, I got away from the situation, ran far north with JonasGj, waited my 30 minutes and logged. As for the accusation of Ruleplay: Your character was screaming and taunting my character. Keep in mind, your character is African American, my character is a fanatic Aryan Brotherhood character. In fear of my character's life, I left the situation, got a position, and took my shot. I'm not sure what you were expecting. As for the accusation of BadRP: Man, our characters didn't get a chance to talk because of the cluster fuck of tens of voices. Only thing I've gathered from the screams were taunts and that I was a G.I Joe (that was repeated at least over 4 times). I'm not sure of this accusation or where it's entirely going. Miss-ID / Potential RDM'd: Dudes were literally standing in the middle of the firefight looting bodies with their weapons out and then scattering with their weapons up. I mean... They could have just left the scene? It looked like they were threats as I've noticed they were at the scene of were Johnny and Estro were gatted for no reason. The the others whom were at the pub, are listed as allies or apart of your allies group. I;m not sure what was expected. Overall... This is going to be a lengthy cluster-fuck of a report. I do have one question though, why was Estrogirl and Doc Holiday gatted after I shot Darion if only Darion + group had KOS rights on only myself? -Wannabe Klan member Edit to accusations @Coreena: I did not begin immediately with racial slander, only when receiving multiple threats and taunts, I mean did you expect my character to just stand there and take the instigation? I even repeated what I've agreed upon with the pub folks to you guys, but the taunts kept flowing. Do you have a recording of myself providing "little to no RP"? I highly beg to differ, however I couldn't understand the majority due to random taunts due to the random screaming and yelling, I was still actively RPing and replying.
  12. Blackout Media Thread

    RIP, nice try tho.. Boyos to the rescue. Aryan teddy for Aryan Junior Tully