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  1. Surprised I don't see Sonny Jr. on the roster.
  2. I was trying to help you guys in possibly preventing future altercations regarding this, but alright. I was told to leave the front of the compound, if I would have went back I would've been shot more than likely, hence my screenshot on the south road. I was pretty close, >1 meter from the gate and what I said in my previous post still stands.. Just trying to say if this wasn't permitted for other factions, I don't see how it will when somebody reports it. I'm at work now however tomorrow I'll gather screenshots of the other entrances fully sealed including the gate and provide further examples. I'll stop cluttering your thread until I gather the additional examples. Have a good one. Edit: I see you've uploaded a screenshot. When I arrived, the outside tent was overlapping both the right and left gate (when on the road east of the compound). Not sure if it was recently moved, but if it wasn't, I'm not sure how it would be possible to open the gate, wasn't going to risk trying. DayZ I guess.
  3. I'm failing to understand how a player or vehicle can enter the compound from the outside, can you explain how? You're unable to open either gate unless you remove the tent inside the compound, and that provides the ability to remove the tent on the outside of the compound.
  4. Hey guys, I approached your settlement at GM today and had a few words with I believe a member while outside of the compound. Just a heads up, I believe this is considered ABOGM. Other entrances of the compound were sealed as well. The previous faction I was a member of and others were warned regarding things like this, figured I'd try to prevent a report or something in case if you guys were attacked from a different faction or if someone is just having a bad day and decided to report it. Correct me if I'm wrong though, thought I'd just give a heads up. It was a little immersion breaking try to speak to someone inside the compound while outside the gate with two big tents next to myself having a stare-down though
  5. It did and still does. No, no that's not my belief at all, nice assumption. "When they stalked people the person could only here *hear* a whisper before death", my point is as Phoenix stated, there has to be a line drawn. What's next, "The Scavengers", "The Hunters", "The Termites." ? Creativity at its best. Hinting towards the suggestion of a name change plus group revamp for the best of creativity.
  6. Don't know about this, when I see the group name "The Whisperers", the group leader with "TWD" included in his username, and the not nearly but exact similarities of The Whisperers in the TWD comics, it's making me cringe. Nonetheless, good luck.
  7. *Tully listens to the message from the headquarters, raises his eyebrow, and responds* You say you're one of us... The future of mankind... You're not. You're a race tradin' son of a bitch is what you are! *Tully becomes angry* Don't you get it! The infected you speak of, it was all apart of the plan. The subhumans caused this for them to grow, be heroes, to create their own version of the world... You know their version? Revenge. *Pauses* Revenge for what they call atrocities committed on them, to have power, to have a moment of glory as they would be the ones to fix this disaster. But as always, they have FAILED! *Pauses* Who were the ones whom were enslaving fellow brothers near the town of Vybor! The Nigerians. Whom were the ones pillaging every peaceful haven owned by brothers and dealing drugs to the next generation, Mexicans! Don't you see the fuckin' pattern! It was all apart of their own plan B! *Looks towards Nisse / Tully Jr. and responds.* We need to stop their plan before it goes into full effect, and raise the next generation so these mistakes will not be made again! The Aryan Front will stop this madness and secure our rightful future! My boy ain't goin' through what everyone else has. We shall not take shit any longer and play along with their plan! *Tully yells* White freedom! *Tully ends the transmission and sits next to Tully Jr. teaching.*
  8. Good stuff today @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @PatZ @Jonas Gj @Beni, excited for what's to come. Thanks to @Viking as well, had a lot of fun!
  9. Thanks @Grimnir @Fluffy @PatZ for the exciting and in-depth RP. Hoping for some great development ahead for Simon!
  10. I'm failing to see your logic. You do understand, the situation could have ended entirely different and could have further the roleplay, correct?
  11. Care to share your discussion as to why you think the rulebreak only deserved caution compared to others being punished with a ban for the same rulebreak?
  12. I'll begin practicing my "Hello, welcome to Bash!" lines now. Good stuff, I'll stop cluttering the thread. However, nugget life is the easy life. Practice attempt #2: "Hello, welcome to the Sovereign State of Akrasia!" *wiggles nub-limb*
  13. @Steck Coming in to give his POV. I gotta give Moody credit though. I would be fine with being executed as long as there is RP, but from I have witnessed, it's: *Initiate* *Frisks for radio* //do i find one? *Takes radio* "Alright Louie, Akrasia sends their regards" *Domed* (From Mexi) Louie also informed me of extremely similar situations from you guys, but I can't judge as I was only there for one. That's what makes me not want to comply, I would even if we were evenly matched, well I at least tried to comply but got domed, from Mexi :(. I shall attempt to comply once again one day and give it another shot! Third time's a charm. Nonetheless, good content.