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    You fuckin' what? Whats with that profile pic you LOOOOOONAAATIICCC.

  1. Aryan Front 148.8 [Open Frequency]

    *Tully listens to the message from the headquarters, raises his eyebrow, and responds* You say you're one of us... The future of mankind... You're not. You're a race tradin' son of a bitch is what you are! *Tully becomes angry* Don't you get it! The infected you speak of, it was all apart of the plan. The subhumans caused this for them to grow, be heroes, to create their own version of the world... You know their version? Revenge. *Pauses* Revenge for what they call atrocities committed on them, to have power, to have a moment of glory as they would be the ones to fix this disaster. But as always, they have FAILED! *Pauses* Who were the ones whom were enslaving fellow brothers near the town of Vybor! The Nigerians. Whom were the ones pillaging every peaceful haven owned by brothers and dealing drugs to the next generation, Mexicans! Don't you see the fuckin' pattern! It was all apart of their own plan B! *Looks towards Nisse / Tully Jr. and responds.* We need to stop their plan before it goes into full effect, and raise the next generation so these mistakes will not be made again! The Aryan Front will stop this madness and secure our rightful future! My boy ain't goin' through what everyone else has. We shall not take shit any longer and play along with their plan! *Tully yells* White freedom! *Tully ends the transmission and sits next to Tully Jr. teaching.*
  2. Good stuff today @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @PatZ @Jonas Gj @Beni, excited for what's to come. Thanks to @Viking as well, had a lot of fun!
  3. Thanks @Grimnir @Fluffy @PatZ for the exciting and in-depth RP. Hoping for some great development ahead for Simon!
  4. Cautions for full-fledged rule breaks?

    I'm failing to see your logic. You do understand, the situation could have ended entirely different and could have further the roleplay, correct?
  5. Cautions for full-fledged rule breaks?

    Care to share your discussion as to why you think the rulebreak only deserved caution compared to others being punished with a ban for the same rulebreak?
  6. Akrasia

    I'll begin practicing my "Hello, welcome to Bash!" lines now. Good stuff, I'll stop cluttering the thread. However, nugget life is the easy life. Practice attempt #2: "Hello, welcome to the Sovereign State of Akrasia!" *wiggles nub-limb*
  7. Akrasia

    @Steck Coming in to give his POV. I gotta give Moody credit though. I would be fine with being executed as long as there is RP, but from I have witnessed, it's: *Initiate* *Frisks for radio* //do i find one? *Takes radio* "Alright Louie, Akrasia sends their regards" *Domed* (From Mexi) Louie also informed me of extremely similar situations from you guys, but I can't judge as I was only there for one. That's what makes me not want to comply, I would even if we were evenly matched, well I at least tried to comply but got domed, from Mexi :(. I shall attempt to comply once again one day and give it another shot! Third time's a charm. Nonetheless, good content.
  8. To The Pagans [Open Frequency]

    *Damien begins to transmit* Some brothers are disappointed. They're all about fightin' the fight. There's a time and place, I think we both can agree, however business is what keeps the club going. With y'all launching three or four attacks on our compound a day, there ain't no business. All of the goodie goodie folks out there are scared to enter Jimmy D's due to the many daily attacks. The ones that would be a problem have left. We've gathered half today. I'll be in contact. *Damien ends the transmission*
  9. To The Pagans [Open Frequency]

    *Damien goes outside f the clubhouse and witnesses the Prospects preparing to detach the monument and heave it to the new Jimmy D's location. He is informed of the broadcast form a different Prospect. Damien goes outside to the graveyard, stands over Joseph's grave. He comes to a decision, goes in the clubhouse, and begins to transmit* Alright.. I've been thinkin'. I'll admit, I've been throwin' Prospects at yinz like the Japs to Americans. Y'all do have fight in yinz, but so do we. This peace agreement can lead to business that can actually benefit the club I've been thinkin'. But, I ain't goin' with somethin' unreasonable. I've came to a compromise. So, this is my final offer on peace terms. *Pauses* The club will give the one-time payment of a whole bag of food, bag of medical supplies, bag of weapons, a batch of Purple, and a bag of ammunition. All in good condition and very worthy of use. The good shit. Somethin' to last for awhile. As said, the weekly payments ain't gonna work and never will due our counting and I don't know, math skill? Y'all would be allowed entrance to Jimmy D's and shared some booze. Jimmy D's new location will be convenient for most of the people in this shithole, yinz access will be easy to get to. *In the background, you may notice the yelling of "HEAVE! ... HEAVE! ... HEAVE!" Damien looks out the window and witnesses a Prospect lose grip of the monument resulting in his legs and arms being crushed. The Prospect is carried away, and a bystander is taken away for limb replacement. Damien resumes* That is my last and final offer. This offer is very beneficial to both, and can lead to better relations for the future. I'll be awaiting your response. *Damien ends the transmission*
  10. Persistence Wipe

    Immersion breaking? For Akrasia?! But I thought y'all don't RP! (Please no points, only banter). Yeah, it's not like we intentionally tried to place it into what it is. First we used the bus, then crashed it in the compound which resulting in it getting stuck. We then tried to get it out by throwing objects at it to use it once again, and then it went bat-shit crazy and forced Prospects to sacrifice to it. It changes every time. If you want some remedy for your immersion, we have RP'd that we have set a pulley system for it. Each pulley system that fails (smashing Prospects) we add a rope. Currently on #5.
  11. Persistence Wipe

    Hey man, it's a monument. An unstable monument. I have voted yes on the actual poll, and please count a vote on myself being here to just flame Akrasia. Thx.
  12. Persistence Wipe

    Akrasia only want a persistence wipe to add to their media thread an empty Jimmy D's. They'll have an empty, and both a tent filled version of Jimmy D's on their media thread! But in all seriousness, I agree regarding the wipe. Server performance has been occasionally terrible and I think the tents / persistent items are partially the source of the issue. +1
  13. *Damien laughs uncontrollably and begins to transmit* Very well. Elijah and Shark will eventually give the club what I want, and they know exactly what I want. Also in addition to the supplies to the club. Raully, you seem to forgetting the part that y'all chargin' Jimmy D's to attack and then cowering when noticed it was a bad idea. *Pauses* As an eighth time was actually late yesterday when I was back at the clubhouse, we'll make our ninth return soon. The club ain't givin' y'all the kind of courtesy we have with your supplies. You say you like war Raully? I wouldn't even call this a war. As Louie said, it's just a fuckin' slaughter. We'll see y'all soon. *Damien ends the transmission*