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  1. It could also just be newer players who are not yet as comfortable with role-playing with people they don't really know or aren't friends with OOC, as someone who was brought into the community by a friend I can say firsthand that my first week or two were spent avoiding other people and just hanging out with my bud, just takes some people longer to get more accustomed to the environment and community I guess.
  • Cole

    Something that been bothering me recently with hostilities

    -User has been warned for this post-
  • Cole

    Miscreated Media Thread

    Random stuff from todays trip:
  • Cole

    Yackals Media Thread

    You low key ruin everything...... Just kidding you my boy. <3
  • Cole

    Jackals v2 [Recruiting]

    Well, if Nik tells us IG what he told us OOC about what you said, you may find yourself waking up on the coast Still haven't run into you guys, looking forward to it though, and to see what direction you have taken the group Nik. Probably haven't run into us because we aren't actively hunting you guys, we don't roll around up north like before. Even more so to just hunt down one group, the few times we have though seems like you guys very casually are no where to be found or just happppen to be on the other server.
  • Cole

    DayZRP Wallpaper (4K)

    Go for it man, image is free for all to use how they see fit.
  • Cole

    DayZRP Wallpaper (4K)

    Oh for sure, just so much more simple to have the font on hand though.
  • Cole

    DayZRP Wallpaper (4K)

    If you are referring to the logo at the top of the site, do you know if its a custom cut image or if thats an actual font. Because I have failed to find out if its a font or not.
  • Cole

    DayZRP Wallpaper (4K)

    Thanks man!
  • Cole

    DayZRP Wallpaper (4K)

  • Cole

    Need a tutor for Sony Vegas

    You will want to go to this video and download it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL2Jtd53PQY Then put the video on track 1, and put the video you want to add him coming out from behind something in on track 2. Go over to the chroma keyer plugin while you have the track of scarce selected and choose the green screen option. You can move the video position to the spot of your liking from there. Here is a nice little video tutorial that explains it in a little more detail than myself:
  • Cole

    DayZRP Wallpaper (4K)

    Link to original upload: http://i65.tinypic.com/2iiy0ky.jpg (Downsized jpg) Download link for full 4K .tif file: http://www.mediafire.com/view/3dnvwbb2u0jsm5z/Untitled%DayZRP.tif (24 MB) Gonna be making a few of these in my spare time, requests or critique is greatly appreciated as I have not really used C4D for things not animation/video related. Final Product: Example on desktop: Pre Render:
  • Cole

    Need a tutor for Sony Vegas

    What do you mean? You just want to cut him out and paste him somewhere else?
  • Cole

    DayZRP 2016 rules draft

    Looks great.
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