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  1. U.S army Trained been deployed to a Iraq once before Chernarus he watched as his best friend got torn to pieces by the infected an will do anything to forget this. He drinks an smokes to forget but only does it when he knows he is safe. He is tiered of loosing people an is a man who is not afraid to leash out at someone for doing wrong to him or someone he cares about an ever since the collapse he has been looking for a purpose an often sales him self as a merc trying to make what he needs for the week
  2. Server and location: RP 2 Elktro Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1/28/2016 1100-1200 Your in game name: Robert Jackson Names of allies involved: no allies involved Name of suspect/s: Not known Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles involved Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none available Detailed description of the events: I was in elktro sitting Roleplaying morning my friend telling everyone to leave him alone (he died of a glitch) I was sitting on top of the newspaper stand in front of the school house when a man who I told to leave my friend alone climbed up to me I had seen a man with him when I saw them down the street an I saw the man come to me since we were surrounded by zeds when I saw out of the side of my eye a man go in the police station when I saw him I thought nothing of it when all of a sudden I herd a gun go off an I fell dead. I herd them they were together said I was threating them when I never rased my gun other to help them by taking out a zombie then they shot me for helping an talking to them when the one who shot me never said a word to me an I never said a word to him. An to add insult to injury they came outta role play to go through my gear.