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  1. I was was around for the whole situtaion up until Sergeys capture and interrogation (it will show in the connection logs) I was litteraly one of the first to say I was gonna help do this, I know for a fact we seach all the crates before any wall dismantling happened because I was taking empty crates to the front gate while you were dismantling the fences. In fact you were the one to showed me the crate of nails and we both went crazy over how many were in the crate. Location logs will show where I was and where everyone who raided was to prove I was there.
  2. I can confirm this as we went back to the base before the raid on rify and there was still a mass amount of gear and supplies (Meds, ammo, food, a few weapons etc) it didn't seem like all of our supplies and gear had been stolen.
  3. While raiding the rify base we had found a crate that had more than 20 boxes if I recall correctly in it so there was no need to tear down the walls. it was a bit overkill
  4. I was here for about 80% of this whole situation (I'm also part of The Kingdome) and I would like to just put my point of view about some of the things mentioned. So I was on and In game when Nathan went down to rify but he never mentioned why he was going down there, he then came across luke and was killed by him to which he then got very angry OOC on discord and the plot to go back down there was devopled at that point which I was also a part of. At first the plan was to go back down there and initiate on them and maybe get a way to be able to have a gun fight to kill them. IC from my point of view we were going down there because they were the first logical people to have come and robbed us as no one knew where our base was, I was never told that Paul contacted William. I can confirm from my point of view we took down way more walls than we needed and we took/threw most of their things in the ocean as I was also a part of this and OOC the term "making it look like a server wipe" was thrown around. I'm not sure if I was afk or not around or if it never happned but I was never briefed on anything we just went straight down there. From my point of view the wall dismantling and the Items being thrown into the sea was way over the top and I don't feel out group had an IC reason to do this.
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