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  1. Server and location: S1 Barn just below Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 7:30pm (BST) 03/08 and 7:30pm 04/08 Your in game name: Tom Richardson Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Attached below, see both doors are secured and unbroken Detailed description of the events: Between the last time I logged in and today, base has been clearly ghosted, taking around 10 wooden crates filled with items and leaving just 1
  2. Alright this one properly made me laugh, can totally imagine this
  3. *Shaun clicks the PTT and speaks into the radio on his shoulder* I'm no leader but I am the diplomatic envoy for multiple factions, I'd be very interested in cutting some deals with you fine gentlemen, I'm currently Mid-South but making my way North-West, so let me know if you're on the route *PTT is clicked off, Shaun takes a deep breath in and back out, before continuing his trek*
  4. For my guy, Shaun Harper, has to be this. a very sombre track with uncertainty of the future, especially with the groups he's involved in and his current tasks, either leading to death or victory
  5. What soundtrack or song conveys your character/their current emotional state, and why?
  6. Had a great and really creepy few hours with @Nick Wilde as some bugger went round with a Predator sound board and admittedly did scare the crap out of me the first time I realised it wasn't ambient noise. 0:48:30
  7. Great time yesterday when a random fellow showed up to the base, Took him hostage but he decided to throw insults and try to escape. Fairly poor RP but exciting to get Kill Rights for the first time. Cheers @DeathBeforeDawn for having my back!
  8. Yeah that was some exciting stuff there @Will, will need you to PM me the radio signal for when my new mission is finished
  9. Wonderful time roaming the streets with: Cecil, Damian, Robert and Jonny! Hope to see you all again, remember you signed the contracts, you're bound until death
  10. Met a ton of Russian militants who despised the UN and everyone who was a part of it. Only found that out when I said "it's ok, I'm a UN negotiator". Luckily they let me go relatively unscathed despite being surrounded by 12-14 very twitchy survivors. I met a couple of REALLY cool guys afterwards; Keaton, Jack and Damien. That was some immersive and intense RP, cheers everyone who was a part of it!
  11. So far it has been amazing, met a couple of survivors who fixed me up, gave me weapons and ammo... This is certainly how the game was meant to be played
  12. Fair enough, it just felt in this instance it wasn't as clear as it could of been, that's all. Thanks for taking the time to respond anyway
  13. My point being there was nothing really indicating 'for' or 'against' so the natural thing to do is to take the safe option. I understand your point that if it was bad it'd be in the rules somewhere but in my opinion, it could be improved
  14. Yes I added a suggestion and the admin gave some good feedback and closed it so not to worry, thanks anyway
  15. Hey chaps, so after I got whitelisted a buddy of mine decided to apply as well, however a question cropped up asking whether sexual roleplay is allowed and two answers caught his eye; Yes, if it's consensual or No, it's not allowed. Looking through the rules we find the zero tolerance policy but not much else so we play it safe and he picks No. Now he's locked out for 6 hours until he can apply again, over one ambiguous question. I dunno guys it seems a bit of an excessive punishment don't you think?
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