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    This post is not being made as a jab at anyone for any reason. This is a personal update on my page showing my feelings and stances on certain issues with the current system of rule and thought going into bans.


    So, I woke up this morning and decided to myself that I'd, against my own will, check out the forums on dayzrp.com. I don't usually "Like" doing this, but I was bored and have recently gotten back into playing on dayzrp once again. I happened upon a report that was made for various reasons which do not matter to me, other than the part where I found shots were being taken at a sole person for his word of mouth. Apparently talking smack and saying things in the wheelhouse of "I wanna just go blow their heads off" and "I don't care, I'll take the ban" in a normal angry manner. . .

    Normally, I'd just look at this and say "Eh, I've said worse within the confines of a TS channel" but. . . not until the report took a slight turn from my own moral train of thought. The post went on as follows. . .



    To sum it up, it started with a community member "Viking" taking shots at a friend of the group posting. Not as in "Shooting at them" but talking smack. In my opinion, a human beings words do not define a human beings actions and are usually just them letting off some steam. I can say this because of my experience as a DM for D&D and Fallout Tabletop campaigns. PEOPLE CAN GET REALLY ANGRY AND SAY WHAT THEY DON'T MEAN. You just gotta open up a port for them to cool off.

    Buuuuuuuuuut. . . . that didn't happen.


    Jim, an old friend and all around merrymaker, threw his hat in the ring and started doing what Administrators are here for "Punishing the Heathens". Though, this kinda threw me for a curveball, because instead of tending to the reported issue, a man was being hunted down for some "Bad Words" that were spoken withing the privacy of his friends. . . which in my opinion, privacy is to be respected to a point. Anyway, it continues on to end up with this. . .


    The person that was being searched for was found via name being given freely and the cogs began to turn as to what just might happen next. I thought maybe a "Here's a warning, think about the things you say on an open stream software" or "It's your privacy, but be careful about what you say/do in the future" but no. . . I was too virgin minded for what was about to happen next.


    *Deeeep inhale*

    The guy got banned

    The guy was stripped of his rank and thrown into the ditch for saying things within the privacy of a safe TS. Albeit it was over stream but THE GUY WAS JUST SPEAKING, A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT IS FREE SPEECH FOR CHRIST SAKE. My man out here saying shit 1/4 as bad as some of the things I used to say and he out here getting smashed for it? I bet you listen in to any comms during a gunfight or on a certain topic and you'd probably have to procure a friggin infinity gauntlet to ban the people necessary to remove the issue. 

    I just want to end this with saying "Human nature has to have an outlet of anger and rage. Nobody is perfect and nice and calm in all of their actions. Everyone has a breaking point. This man just getting mad and talking shit doesn't mean he's going to do something he's going to regret. It also hurts my feelings to know that he got banned for something that isn't really a "Used Rule" It's a rare circumstance thing meant for immediate processing of blatant rule breaks. This. . . this is not that IMO. 

    I end with this.

    Please bring my man @lukek25 some justice and give him a chance, please my boy. @JimRP 

    Just remember what I had put in the beginning and know this is not open season to go into the posts and flame, this goes for anyone and everyone. A comment? Fine, but no hating openly on the website where it makes perfect SENSE for you to get banned for talking shit. 

    Thank you.



    1. Shanoby


      Well some of us learned long time ago... nobody is safe here.

      When you see the stuff that goes on in this community over time... you will learn, how to stay in shadows (lame I know, but literally it is like hiding from Eye Of Sauron).

      As long as someone can prove you "shit talked"... bye bye!

      So when I stream I always either warn people, mute them or something else...

      Stay strong!

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