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  1. Derrick Kessler

    This character is ALIVE //This character is KOSable. You may kill this character upon seeing him. Date of birth: Classified Place of birth: Classified Birth name: Classified Specialization: C.Q.C / Breacher / Explosives As of recent reports of {REDACTED}'s training and success in most combat scenarios, we have chosen to take him on as a field member and have him operate with the secondary entry team. Sit him down, talk with him about his "past" and make sure that any instances of it coming up again are kept OUT of work hours. Anything that happens on his time is his to deal with, nothing leads back to us. . . {RECORDING+} 10/13/2014 :1423: Interviewer: So . . . you were born in {REDACTED} along with two brothers and a sister. . . correct? {REDACTED}: Yes sir. Interviewer: So you have knowledge of my next line of questions then? {REDACTED}: *Sigh* Yes sir, I do. . . and I understand. Interviewer: Good, honesty will get you far here. Especially since this issue will mean your enlistment or the purging of your record and application. . . after all that training, I'd hate for this to go to waste. {REDACTED}: . . . Interviewer: So, you had an issue with your father. He was . . . "distasteful and rude" . . . didn't act to your liking, seemed to take out a bit of heat with you and the other siblings. You grew to have a sort of, hmm, trust issue with your own family. The other children blamed you for the problems that caused them to be. . . is there an issue {REDACTED}? {REDACTED}: No . . . sir Interviewer: Good. . . looked a little red in the face. So, continuing. . . better yet, straight to the point. *Papers dropping* You killed them. . . but you didn't do it like some deranged murderer. At the age of 16 you picked off each of your family, aside your mother whom you never spoke to again for "Her own good" . . . one by one. . . made each one look like some sort of accident. . . well. Those skills could be useful here, but only if you can learn to control these . . . outbursts. *Chair screeching, audible metallic clicks* Interviewer: Shut off the camera, we need to do a little training {REDACTED}: Wait. . . what are you? . . . HEY! . . . {END RECORDING+} 10/13/2014 :1434:
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    hmu if you getting in game

  2. Make DayZRP great again

    I think I've seen the outcome of what most everybody wants. So I guess I can say that if between the time (if it's even being thought about) this rule is taken out, or even if it's kept. You may see me in the report thread for . . . I'm guessing the title of the report would be "Brother shoots me because I put a gun to his brother and didn't say anything before he shot me" Server time and the man's allies to follow. . .
  3. Make DayZRP great again

    I went through and decided to do a recount. . . not counting those whom may have spoken directly to El Presidente himself, these are the numbers. Rule 1: Remove dynamic groups (Ruling based on number of people for or against the rule before the decision made by Rolle on page 4, not including votes afterward) (Those who only pitched in for one or two aside the main topic of this post or were speaking of other things were left undecided and not counted) Yay? - 16 votes Nay! - 38 votes . . . .is this. . . is this for real? I can't even begin to think. . . I'll let everyone else pitch in however they'd like.
  4. Gonna love not being able to shoot somebody putting a gun to my brother's head because I have to initiate first and give myself away so that he has the chance to blow my brother's brains out first and then run for cover whilst knowing my position. . . gonna love it. . . but who am I to complain?

  5. Ronald Bennet

    The Bennet family. A family of bruisers, beatnicks, and bail bondsman. This being the family business, it's what me and my brother Deacon experienced for most of our lives. Our parents worked together as Bail Bondsmen and "retrievers" as they called themselves. They never had the money to hire bounty hunters, so they just did it themselves. . . this is what lead to them both ending up dead because of some druggie that decided to skip town and OD rather than serve his time rotting in a cell where he should'a. . . . I think I would've rather seen him die in a fire. . . but that's just me. Now, the business has passed on to me and my brother. We've been doing this gig now for about. . . going on five years. Though we don't really hand out money to those looking to get a free ride before the jury puts 'em on the block. . . no. . . we do a bit more dirtier work than that. You just got yourself a few grams? wantin' to pull a fast one on the old dealer and get out of town to get high? That's when your good ole' corner store hook-me-up gives us a call. We won't hurt you, we won't shoot you, we won't kill you. . . unless you give us a reason to. . or if we're given a bit of extra pay to do so. This job puts food on the table, rounds in our rifles, and gives us the cash we need to get by in life. . . heh, and then some I suppose. But now we've got a bit of something on our hands with this shot-caller guy tellin' us some boy took off with a bit more than he can chew and is now *cough* get this, "Attempting to flee the country in his Luxury Yacht, heading east bound" . . . Jesus christ this guy must be stupid. But the money's too good, so we took it, and also got hooked up with a pilot and one of them old cesna "runner" planes to take us to where they think he's heading. We're just about to be on our way now, so we'll just have to see if this prick is worth the cash. . . and if the El Carlito Kingpin is good for his word.
  6. RDM S1 Gvozdno 6/17/17 4:44

    I just want to clear up that I had told Grim to "Check him". I know this can go a million ways, but the point I want to make is that right as grim pointed his rifle to advance on Joffrey, Marshal was gunned down. This leads me to believing that the call "I'm being initiated on" by Joffrey, was made during first contact with me when I told him to stop where he was and pointed my rifle toward him. This is a small fill in of my thoughts and of the happenings that might clear up that certain point. Even though I did ask Grim to check Joffrey, it was already called in as an initiation beforehand. That is all.
  7. RDM S1 Gvozdno 6/17/17 4:44

    Just as a reply. I listed them as my allies because I had no other people to turn to other than them, as I knew them in character and they were victims to the shooting as well. They are also listed because their names were unknown to the report, so I presented them for the administration and the others that were involved to know. I also have this to bring forward. 6.1 You must always have a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile situation. See also rule 5.3. 6.2 Demands during hostile situations must be made clear and unambiguous to all players. I did not have any IC reason for a taking of a hostage or for robbing Joffery as that is not what my character does, as well as I did not know who the man was so I was taking precaution with the raising of my rifle. ((Had it happen to me plenty of times before and done it to others as well, was never shot or never shot at them for it as they and I were securing our safety, not the other persons gear {as Joffrey had none}. As for demands being unambiguous, I had made only one command and that was for the man {Joffery} To stop. The raising of my rifle was to bring a sense of realism to the situation, not to drop a *Clears throat* "Dank initiation" on someone of whom I had never met in my entire life. Thank you, I will now be waiting for the administration to make a comment on verdict. I will be available for further questions to them and only them.
  8. RDM S1 Gvozdno 6/17/17 4:44

    Dee Hawthorne POV: Me and a few guys (of which I was not part of their dynamic at the time) were walking around Gvozdno. Marshall takes Brayces off behind a tower to show her how to shoot when I hear unsuppressed shots from the opposite direction of where they went. I went to investigate along with Grimstein to see a friend run past. I asked "Is that you?" speaking about the shots. He replies "Nope, not me" and continued back to where we all were. I looked past him to see a man with no visible firearms in a yellow raincoat walking on the road behind him (Joffrey). This is when I hear a few more shots and get a little worried about the situation, as to where I take precaution. I raise my rifle toward the man, give the order to "Stop" with no following and no means of taking the man into custody or harming him as long as he kept his distance where I had told him to. When I do this, the man freaks a bit and throws his hands in the air without my order and begins to start speaking very quickly and nervously. I tell him to "Chill out man, it's all right" right before more shots ring out and I get a message over steam from Brayces in an IC format that Marshall had been shot. This threw me off and I thought it was a KOS/07/Chicken Tendy incedent again, so I decide to move the man we have to safety. Not knowing he was either on their side or no side at all, I make the decision to cuff him ((For our protection as well as his. Not taking him hostage for robbery or any other reasoning)) and protect the building for a moment while I assessed the situation further. During this, I learn that Marshall had been confirmed dead and went back to the building with Joffrey after being gone for no longer than 30 seconds. I return, decide to further ensure his safety as an unknown person, and start to move him up to the green two story building nearby as to where I am shot in the back twice to unconsciousness and a third time where I die. I did not know of the execution after my death, so that is not my battle to fight. Allies: Marshall, Brayces, Lt. Grimstein, Yoshi, and UnrealJay ((P.S. The first thing I recieved from speaking to Nihoolious after the incident was that we were "assumed" to be the Symptom and were "assumed" to be initiating on Joffrey. As well as I was not a member of any group or dynamic at the time. I was in contact with Marshall and his guys for a matter of 10-15 minutes IC'ly and not in their TS channel. I was only there to pick up a rifle and head off for bed afterward. It seems this was not the case.)) ((P.P.S I also must add that the reason they must've shot the others after me telling Joffery to stop, was that we were wearing the same style of clothing.))
  9. *Acer, having been locked onto this frequency for a time, would be eating before he sighs. He drops his fork into the can of beans and picks up his radio, pressing down the PTT to reply* Hey, boys. Everyone seems to be having a bit of a shindig throwing my name around and all *Chewing* Don't really know why. . . must think I'm a 'threat' or something, eh? *He chuckles a bit, swallowing* But, anyway. I've decided to air my voice over these delightfull airwaves so that I could carry a message through to a. . . *The sounds of paper being filed through is heard, as well as a creak from a chair as acer leans back and prepares a pair of glasses over his face to read the papers* Uh-hum. . ."Austin Maverick and the Butt Buddy Gang" *He says in a clear and moderator style voice* hmm. . .the message I have written here. . . it says. . .hmm, gimme a sec. . . .*silent mumbling is heard as he flips through pages* ponyboy. . .no, no . . .glue factory. . . naw, too cheesy. . . A-HA, here it is!. . . To aaaaaa. . .Mr. Maverick . *Clears throat* . . Fuck you. . . and the horse you rode in on. . . . . . that is all *The radio goes silent abruptly as Acer drops the radio uncaring and returns to his meal*
  10. Question : are you still the toughest guy around ?

    I miss you man, I'll make sure to seek you out once I'm back into the fray. Stay safe brother !

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    I need mah rifle D: 

  11. Standing still, Acer felt a wave of emotion and memory take over as he stood in the middle of an open street caked with snow. Standing there, he remembered he had nothing to live for. . . or some would say. He had his own reasons for going on through the trials of this hell. Always has. Though not many would understand them if he tried to explain. The only thing that mattered to him. . . was making sure nobody had to walk down the same road as him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Put 'em up, dickhead." Acer lowers his head, throws off his bag and raises his hands into the air as the cold steel barrel of what seems like a handgun presses to the nap of his neck. "Smart move, big guy. Most people'd try and turn on me. Heh" Acer stays quiet as the man ransacks his bag in search of things he doesn't want nor need. The gun still faces Acer as he checks to see the man's face. He's wearing heavy clothing to fight off the cold and a large knit scarf around his face. His profile unable to be made out. Acer chuckled. "You know, foreplay is usually recommended before proceeding to fuck somebody" The man stops and steps closer to Acer, pressing the barrel back onto the same spot as before. "Wise guy, eh? You signed this shit over to me as soon as you set foot on my block, asshole." "Your block? -chuckles- Thats cute. . ." The man is obviously furious under his snow gear heavy enough to survive another ice age. He shows he means business by pulling back the hammer on the sidearm. "I WAS going to be kind today, with you cooperating and such. But I guess I'm going to have to put another notch on my . . .' "Oh please. ." "WHAT?!?!? What else do you have to say, you fucking prick. Say it before I put your brains on the pavement!" Acer turns his head slightly to see him. "You have about as much street cred as Jeb Bush. . . I saw you back in Kresnovic. You had a small boy you were talking to." The man takes a small step back and mutters. "S-So what? Yeah, I know the kid. His father left me to take care of him" "And this is how you do it? By acting like some street thug, jacking shit off of people who have a little more than you?" "I TAKE CARE OF HIM! Any way I can. . ." "Then why don't you just ask?" "I, I can't. This is all I know and. . . and nobody's going to just roll out the red carpet for someone who say's they have a kid to feed. . . . Besides. . . I've already come this far" The barrel rises back to Acer's neck "There's no going back for me" Acer quickly balls a fist in his right hand, turning and hitting behind the gun as he moves out of the way. The gun goes off from the man's panic and flies to the ground from Acer's hit. Acer grips the mans arm with one hand and his throat with the other, taking him to the ground. He quickly replaces the hand around the mans neck with his knee. Taking his knife from his boot and sticking it to the man's temple. He leans in close as the man breaths rapidly, afraid of what happens next. "You can always go back" Acer relieves the blade from the man's head and puts it back into his boot. He stands from the man whilst taking out his own handgun from the back of his pants. He then reaches over to his bag, takes out a bottle of water and two cans of food, placing them on the ground. He then takes a half eaten chocolate bar from his pocket and puts it on top of the small stack. "Kindness will get you farther than killing, friend. Some people just don't understand that." Acer puts his gun away, grabs his bag, then proceeds to walk but is quickly stopped by two hands caressing his leg like a small child. It's the would-be thief, crying his eyes out and keeping his face pressed to the ground. He sobs as he speaks. "T-Thank you. Thank you so much. . . I-I-I don't deserve this at ALL. P-P-Please. . .Can I d-do anything for you in return?" Acer smiles, turns around, then crouches in front of the man "well. For one, could you let go of my leg?" "and for two. . . . a cigarette should cover it" He offers his hand to the man. A hand that had taken lives. . . and spared them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Author's Notes- --------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading, guys. I hope you enjoyed my attempt at writing. I am COMPLETELY open to criticism and such, just know that this is one of my first attempts at writing solo without anything to work with. All of it straight from the mind. If I can find more things to write about, there will be more. and like I said. SEND IN THE CRITICISM. It helps, honestly.
  12. So. I just learned that my grandfather is on his death bed and I went to see him. He told me that if I can acquire the game "Darkest Dungeon" by the end of December, he would live another 5 years. . .

    Who am I bullshitting. . .

    I just want the fucking game. . .

    Somebody buy a poor, fat slob with no cash (yet) a game to make him feel better.


    Greatest of Keks and merry Christmas


  13. A more perfect union? [Open]

    -Acer, his new voice a side effect from his "interaction" with his now deceased "friends". He hears the transmission as he sits in an old shack- -Snow and wind heave through the cracks in the windows and walls wherever they can- -He raises his radio to his mouth and speaks calmly. His voice mangled, but his formulation of words would be articulate- You want feedback. . . . . . then here's the truth. You have a wonderful idea. . . If not for letting every anti-moral loon in the world know of it. You made the idiotic choice that I've seen plenty of good people make. . . You announced it. . . -He takes a breath and reassesses his thoughts, he continues- You want to create this "union"? Take your time and quit being lazy with your damn radio. It'll get you killed. . . . Go pick out your people by hand and get out of your chair of "thoughts" because it's doing you no good. Pick up a gun Walk out your door and FIND your "Union" -He lights up a cigarette and the inhale/exhale is heard through the mic- Don't expect any more replies such as mine. The "radio children" will hear this soon and use it as an attempt to scare you with their false knowledge of being "Psychopaths" Don't reply to them , just ignore their ignorant ways and find yourself a new radio frequency. Good luck. . . and Merry Christmas. -Acer releases the PTT and sets down his radio. Shaking his head. He stands as takes the radio from the table. He holds it in his hand and finishes his smoke-