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  1. @GaryCash You've left your men at the worst possible time, Gary. I suppose I'll have to make do with your lackeys before I get to meet you again. Sjáumst bráðlega, friend. ~ Gunni Jonsson
  2. I'd guess at that point it's down to realistic knowledge. As an example, take me initiating on you from a hidden location. I'm using my radio from a discrete local where you cannot see me but I can see you, I'm also far enough away to keep my voice low and talk over the radio without being noticed. Once I come out from that position, it turns into me having to use double mic because I can VISIBLY be seen using the radio. Same goes for the person being held up. I can easily see someone a foot from me using a radio, but at the same time you cant see me 20 feet away behind a half wall using mine. In the end, it all depends on the type of person you deal with. Some will follow it for realism, some wont for it being too consuming of keys and wanting to be lazy and not giving themselves away in a tactical manner. In a way, I support the rule, but it could use some work. That, or a mod like TFAR to come into play.
  3. TBH, until they can add in the ability to lower your voice IG, I'm gonna have to go with a no on this one. Using your radio IG and in TS at the same time does make it so everyone IG knows you're using the radio and adds realism, but at the same time I don't want to have to give myself away when I'm hiding to tell my friends I need help. Until the ability to whisper is added, this rule just doesn't really fit.
  4. Gunnar....

    1. Pinkerton


      That's Mr.Gunnar to you


  5. @GenjiRP

    In case you didn't see it on the Discord 😄


    \/ "Worm, doing the lord's work"  \/


    I am also now taking commissions for memes. XD

    1. FaeRP


      I am immune to anti-bitch spray >:)

  6. People talking shit about me in the grave pisses me off TBH P.S. Still got 'em. Went out with that 1.0 K/D.
  7. @ScarletRose

    Found you something you might like 😄

    Listened to it earlier and it reminded me of Alyssa. Good song IMO.

    1. ScarletRose


      Wow, I actually loved the song. Thanks. ❤️

  8. May he rest in peace: (Been listening to sad songs all day after that, it hurts to lose a character with that much built onto him in terms of story, but life happens. Goodbye, Worm. My most favorite character that I've ever played since the Carmine Brothers.) I'm gonna take a break for a bit from RP if I can help it, good luck to you guys. I loved our RP and everyone's character had such different ways of seeing things in life, different aspects to them that made them memorable. Maybe we'll meet again. . . in another life. We'll see. Worm, signing off for the last time.
  9. R.I.P

    Ronald "Worm" Bennet


    "It's time to go home, brother. Go on back, find a place to rest your head, and remember. . .


    it's okay for men to cry. . .


    I know you've been holding it back for a while and. . .


    there's no need to hide it here. . .


    You're home. . .


    you're finally home"


    Where you always wanted to be. . .


    "Welcome home. . . son"



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    1. Dutch


      Goodbye old friend.

    2. Kain


      Damn you man, got us all emotional at your funeral

    3. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      Good bye old timer

  10. Boys, how about we just chill and quit the smack talk. Let an admin get a post in before releasing Armageddon in the report. Alright? Guys have been banned over throwing shit over reports like this before. Let's not add to the list on either side.
  11. Ronald "Worm" Bennet POV I was not present for all hostile interactions, which was simply the first which I got word of as I entered pushtoshka and was dealt with soon after hearing about it. "Not a big deal" Though the ones following seemed to me like the roleplay aspects of the interactions were degrading and turning into a simple game of cat and mouse. One where the Cat just didn't feel like giving up until something came of the chase. 2nd Situation: I had just logged in after going to help my family outside to hear the guys were traveling to Kab to try and locate the Toymakers. Hearing this, and being generally close and low on health after a spar with Dominik the Chernarussian Bear whom kicked my ass rather bad (Dom was not a part of this situation, so please keep him from being tagged) , I limped my way there gaining back health as I went. By the time I got to Kab, I was back to full HP and starting trying to rally with the boys. I meet Spencer @HeyItsGrimm near the Piano House well where we meet a man in a full Ghillie and another in Firefighter pants that keeps the convo minimal, gets his water, and goes along his way. Not 3 minutes later, I hear gunfire and @Kase say "What the Fuck?" as he is now unconscious from, to my knowledge, a couple of randoms. I keep info OOC and wait to hear from him as he says he's only Uncon and not dead so I can confirm this wasn't a straight up KOS situation. Those minutes later, he gets up and has been patched and is told "Sorry, we don't want any trouble. Bye" and they left him. I then run into the guys in the middle of Kabanino where I meet the one in the Firefighter Jacket. He tells me, whilst hushing a giggle "Hey man, you might wanna get outta here. Somebody just got shot then got back up again" and it ends there with them going east and me looking for the wounded @Kase. End of 2nd Situation. 3rd Situation: Me and the guys, still together in the area of Kabanino, hear over the radio that Spencer found the Toymakers and told us to go to the Long Brown Barn. That's all we hear and we promptly run around like chickens with our heads cut off until we find the right one. We get there, roleplay for a bit, then get over the radio via @Kase from our guy @Tasnik that he's been taken by the Jackals in Pushtoshka and they want the SAME THING they always ask for. A fully kitted plate carrier loaded to the brim with 7.62 and other goodies. I get tasked with going to get him to pay him back for coming to get me when I was taken by the Jackals in Novodmitrivodsk days earlier, and I promptly de-gear myself of weapons and valuables to keep the deal to the extend of what they wanted. By the time I get to VMC, I hear that I should abort. The reason for this? Some other guy stumbled upon the Jackals as they had @Tasnik and he either didn't comply or initiated (Can't remember, ask @Kase) and in his death, the Jackals got a Metric Ass Ton of loot from the guy and let @Tasnik go since they didn't need our "Lesser Life Form Loot" (My own quote, not theirs) End of situation, but the Jackals still pursue @Tasnik in order to follow him back to us. 4th Situation: Roleplaying with the Toymakers further and @Tasnik still leading the Jackals off of our trail and in another direction, it turns out that the rest of their force decided to scout out anyways. Mid-Convo with the Toymakers, I hear from @HeyItsGrimm that we have Randoms in town and that they're getting close to the barn. I step outside, spot the man trying to play cockroach in a bush, and point at him to show the rest of the group. We waited a moment to try and rectify the situation but. . that ended in the rest of the Jackal Army arriving and bee-lining for the barn we were in. I yell to the Toymakers to run, we get halfway through the field, then one of the Jackals gets on the haystack around the side of the barn and gets on the megaphone, dropping the initiation. As soon as a demand was given and threat was held, @Kase Just lets go on the guy with the megaphone and the WWII Esque combat began. Haybales and Trees as cover, us dropping like flies, me taking a single shot with my mosin before they got too close and not feeling like regearing for a second time today, threw my hands over my head. They left those of us on the ground surrendering to lay there until they cleared the rest of the field before coming back through, yelling at us to run to the barn and keep going, meanwhile grabbing guns and gear as they walked around giving these orders. End: I have no personal comments as to keep my nose clean and my hands dry, so I will leave this information to the admins so that they can use it in whatever form they wish.

    Ronald "Worm" Bennet

    Entry 1: April 21, 2019

    I don't even know where to start with this. . .

    I sit here at this pond that I've never come across before, writing this. I never felt like writing before, just seemed like a bullshit way to get out of my own head for a while. Though now that I'm sat here at this pond, leaning on a post of the fishing dock that extends over it to give off this scenic view. . . I am, for the first time in a long time, calm. 


    It brings back memories of a place I haven't seen in a few years now. . .



    Sister running around the house, feathers on her head. Younger brother loading up the truck to go fishing, the smell of honeysuckle and sweet country air flooding my nose. It comes back in waves, just sitting here.


    I forget about what I am now. What I'm being forced to do. Who's forcing me to do it.

    I forget about gathering dirt on people. The murder, the enslavement, the psychotic rampages.

    It all leaves me and lets me see straight for once.


    I got got, the Chedaki pretending to be good people, took me and marred my face with a phosphorus flare. Leaving me looking like some freak. . . but, unlike them. . . the Toy Makers. . . the Cult. . . every other sick bastard out there, I have something they don't.


    They tell me I'm their Dog, a lost piece of shit that they scraped off the road that is chernarus and plan to use as fuel for their war machine. I don't want this, I won't let them have this, but I have to think about my home. Sitting here made me think a lot more about getting back to there. Finding my brother, going home to my sister. . .

    They're all I've got left besides my own sanity and this rifle. I don't know whom it will be upon, but I plan to use both to ensure my freedom from this Hellish land of vibrant colors. A rose-tinted wasteland that blinds you with beauty just long enough before the shadows creep from beneath the trees and snatch you up.

    I'm earning their trust, earning a place so that I can be safe enough to think about more entries and record my thoughts. I've done enough to get them to stop calling me Dog and have earned a new name amongst one of their people . . .

    "Tovarishch" . . . In English. Friend, Ally, Comerade. . .

    The last bit of info given earning my right to this new title and a new employment. Direct Deployment. They want me to search Cernaya Polana for the Chernarussians. . . I pray I don't find them. If I do, I can only hope I'm sane enough to make the right decision.


    Fuck it. That's enough for now. I don't wanna reflect on the bad. I just want to sit here and take this in for a while longer. 


    If I can live long enough. . . I can promise myself that I'll come back here again someday.


    This post is not being made as a jab at anyone for any reason. This is a personal update on my page showing my feelings and stances on certain issues with the current system of rule and thought going into bans.


    So, I woke up this morning and decided to myself that I'd, against my own will, check out the forums on dayzrp.com. I don't usually "Like" doing this, but I was bored and have recently gotten back into playing on dayzrp once again. I happened upon a report that was made for various reasons which do not matter to me, other than the part where I found shots were being taken at a sole person for his word of mouth. Apparently talking smack and saying things in the wheelhouse of "I wanna just go blow their heads off" and "I don't care, I'll take the ban" in a normal angry manner. . .

    Normally, I'd just look at this and say "Eh, I've said worse within the confines of a TS channel" but. . . not until the report took a slight turn from my own moral train of thought. The post went on as follows. . .



    To sum it up, it started with a community member "Viking" taking shots at a friend of the group posting. Not as in "Shooting at them" but talking smack. In my opinion, a human beings words do not define a human beings actions and are usually just them letting off some steam. I can say this because of my experience as a DM for D&D and Fallout Tabletop campaigns. PEOPLE CAN GET REALLY ANGRY AND SAY WHAT THEY DON'T MEAN. You just gotta open up a port for them to cool off.

    Buuuuuuuuuut. . . . that didn't happen.


    Jim, an old friend and all around merrymaker, threw his hat in the ring and started doing what Administrators are here for "Punishing the Heathens". Though, this kinda threw me for a curveball, because instead of tending to the reported issue, a man was being hunted down for some "Bad Words" that were spoken withing the privacy of his friends. . . which in my opinion, privacy is to be respected to a point. Anyway, it continues on to end up with this. . .


    The person that was being searched for was found via name being given freely and the cogs began to turn as to what just might happen next. I thought maybe a "Here's a warning, think about the things you say on an open stream software" or "It's your privacy, but be careful about what you say/do in the future" but no. . . I was too virgin minded for what was about to happen next.


    *Deeeep inhale*

    The guy got banned

    The guy was stripped of his rank and thrown into the ditch for saying things within the privacy of a safe TS. Albeit it was over stream but THE GUY WAS JUST SPEAKING, A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT IS FREE SPEECH FOR CHRIST SAKE. My man out here saying shit 1/4 as bad as some of the things I used to say and he out here getting smashed for it? I bet you listen in to any comms during a gunfight or on a certain topic and you'd probably have to procure a friggin infinity gauntlet to ban the people necessary to remove the issue. 

    I just want to end this with saying "Human nature has to have an outlet of anger and rage. Nobody is perfect and nice and calm in all of their actions. Everyone has a breaking point. This man just getting mad and talking shit doesn't mean he's going to do something he's going to regret. It also hurts my feelings to know that he got banned for something that isn't really a "Used Rule" It's a rare circumstance thing meant for immediate processing of blatant rule breaks. This. . . this is not that IMO. 

    I end with this.

    Please bring my man @lukek25 some justice and give him a chance, please my boy. @JimRP 

    Just remember what I had put in the beginning and know this is not open season to go into the posts and flame, this goes for anyone and everyone. A comment? Fine, but no hating openly on the website where it makes perfect SENSE for you to get banned for talking shit. 

    Thank you.



    1. Shanoby


      Well some of us learned long time ago... nobody is safe here.

      When you see the stuff that goes on in this community over time... you will learn, how to stay in shadows (lame I know, but literally it is like hiding from Eye Of Sauron).

      As long as someone can prove you "shit talked"... bye bye!

      So when I stream I always either warn people, mute them or something else...

      Stay strong!

  14. Thank you for showing me what it would be like in an IRL episode of The Twilight Zone @GaryCash , Whoever played "Crazy Eyes", and to Kirby & Cin. . . Syn? sin. . . However you spelled it. The RP was amazing.
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