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  1. *Checks DayzRP website after a few months of chilling and playing other games, relaxin' "


    What the. . .


    What. . .



    What fucking shitbrain got the bright idea that everyone should go look at profiles to check "Oh, is this gentleman able to be engaged in one on one combat?" NO! That's so fucking stupid that just copying and posting the screenshots killed off 15% of my fucking brain cell count!


    Did nobody bother to get any of the admins or even ROLLE to read this?


    I don't NEED to ask someone if they're okay with me robbing them, it's open for EVERYONE to interpret their OWN fun. I . . . I don't think even Beta can save this community anymore.

    Two thumbs WAY up to the dickholes and cancer-bumms that did this shit.

    Jesus H Christ, people. . . 



    1. stargirl



    2. Dvlinhb
    3. RileyChan



    4. Karma


      Try reading what it says again. 



      If people took two seconds to read it rather than just throwing a fit they would see that its really not that big a deal. It basically just means your more open to random robberies. It doesn't apply to ALL hostilities.

    5. Stagsview


      Preach it.

    6. Roland


      What are you on about mate, did you actually read the new rules and the suggestion thread? Perhaps your lack of brain cells after copying the screenshots has hindered your ability to read with understanding. Try again, this time after reading it properly.

    7. Pinkerton


      Thank you, Master Head Admin Sir, But I have read them. I just wish that in a roleplay environment I didn't have to be "I am bandit, me go give someone RP to show how bad land is and take stuffs" but when I do this I get the OOC message "//I don't know you IC, you cant do this.     Please, Rolle. I'm not trying to be a jackass, and between you and me we've both insulted each other so that there's even ground, think about what "We" as a large community want to see and not just the hierarchy of baby babboos wants.   Now get outta my feed, you don't follow me.

      Love you beebs *Smooches*


    8. Karma


      the thing is, those rules were put in place to keep people from initiating on everything that moves just because they are bored.

      If you are in need of something that someone else has as far as I'm aware that is still totally valid. All the rule changes is that you have to put in a little more effort into your reasons for attacking people.

      This setting basically makes those rules not apply to YOUR character if you set it to hostile/hardcore which it seems the majority of people have done so I dont see why so many people are throwing fits over it.

    9. Pinkerton


      It's not that it HAS happened (multiple greeny's) it's the fact that the option is there? why? 

    10. Karma


      Because not everyone enjoys being initiated on constantly with no actual reason for hostilities?

      The option hurts literally no one.

    11. Pinkerton


      It hurts me. . . . I ache, I cry, I try so hard just to make sure everyone and everything is equal. Then comes this, the idea that you can be shot at for any reason but another cannot. It hurts those of us that "Want" hostilities, but still get fucked on somehow by people that "Don't". Take a new bandit group, they no nobody, they want to get their name out. If they run into a green guy, they simply cannot do that!? It's unrealistic, it's an Armour of Agatha that protects the lessers of the community!. . . . . . . I don't know. . . . . I'm one voice. . . I'm one fat guy on a keyboard. . . what can I do about stuff, eh? We don't get listened to half the time anyway.


    12. Karma



      IDK how else to explain this to you to help you understand. Enjoy being salty over something that changes next to nothing I guess?

    13. Pinkerton


      Thanks, it's probably best I be left alone. . . P.S. All the salt

    14. Queerios


      Jesus man, you’ve got no chill no matter which community you’re in. ((assuming you’re the same pinkerton I know from GTA))

    15. Pinkerton


      ??? Maybe ??? Do the Rough Riders ring a bell?


    16. Cowboy

      Bud arguing isn't gonna change nothing, it's sad that what was once great has become this, but I guess that's just how it is I suppose, I for one will not be alt tabbing every time I run into someone to see if I can or cannot initiate on them or if I have to play all nicey nicey because of rules, which is not RP first whatsoever, but I suppose some of those who wish to roleplay in a zombie apocalypse do not care about realism and don't want their things being taken or their feelings hurt. *Shrugs* Oh well, it sucks because I have met so many amazing people here and have had a blast on this community, but it'll never be the same great server that it once was with shit like this.

    17. Karma


      @Cowboy Or you can just build up a reason to actually initiate on them? Like actually do this thing called RP you know the thing we are on the server to do? Rather than just instantly dropping a initiation on them. This doesn't change all that much, you can still be hostile you just need more than a bullshit weak excuse to initiate.

  2. *A clear fuzz broadcasts through the frequency, a breath is all that is audible before a man's speech* Kermit. . . Gaman að heyra að þú ert vel. Sjáumst fljótlega, bróðir. *Transmission End*
  3. This character is ALIVE //This character is KOSable. You may kill this character upon seeing him. Date of birth: 08/05/1982 Date of Contraction: 02/04/2012 Place of birth: {Redacted} Birth name: Gunni Jónsson Specialization: Translator | Negotiation | Interference | Background Experience: Ex-Icelandic Special Police {Víkingasveitin} Unit. Acted as hostage nagotiator for his knowledge of six languages and his ability to act on the defensive side and offensive if need be. Has also ran interference for ground units, acting as whatever is needed to keep situations under control. Past knowledge of action as multi-roll operative include {Marksman, Short-Term Undercover [Acting Hostage], etc.} His contraction was accepted almost immediately upon review since his background and record fall into line nicely to show that he can take orders when he has to and cut the rope to act as an individual when needed to finish an operation. I believe upon writing this the papers for induction into the ground defense forces have already arrived upon the chairman's desk and that he would see that the need for specs on this man's ability to use a firearm and mentality on the battlefield are not needed. ~Signed Deacon Strauss, Secretary of Defensive Actions for Potius Cras Biomedical Corporation Icelandic Division.
  4. Pinkerton

    The Potius Cras Corporation Media Thread

  5. Pinkerton

    Potius Cras

    To all the good citizens whom have given us the chance to bring ourselves closer to a cure and a way to turn this Hell back into our home, we give you the gratitude of the entire human race. Now if you just follow the line out, my good friend Shadow will be happy to grant you your very special "I gave blood today" sticker. Now then, move along everyone, can't save the world at this snails pace now can we.
  6. RogueSolace

    • RogueSolace
    • Pinkerton



    1. Pinkerton


      I'll be on soon! I promise! My CPU recently got busted and ended up looking like this


      My new CPU that was graciously gifted to me by Roger Sampson should be here by wednesday. So lit roleplay should commence at that point. Just don't die until then.


    2. RogueSolace


      I remember <3 aww yay go him! Cool :D

  7. v2 of the "Potius Cras" Clearance Cards I made for myself and the others in the group



    1. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      This man, makes a mean id card.

    2. RogueSolace



  8. Pinkerton

    Potius Cras

    Yo, Gary. Tell me how you like this (Could use a professional's touch, just threw it together)
  9. Pinkerton

    Potius Cras

    I can shoot over a paragraph or two of my characters specialties and a few other things to put with the photo, as for the codename, it's just from an Arma 3 milsim unit I was in. I got Cinderella from having to be in bed before midnight for work the next day and they cleverly designed it as my call-sign (Behind my back) for the rest of my time with them. @GaryCash @Para
  10. Pinkerton

    Potius Cras

    When you realize what Potius Cras truely is
  11. When you log into DayZRP.com and see you have 15 new notifications, you get all giddy before you hover over the icon to see they're all just Hope's status updates. @Mademoiselle





    1. Mademoiselle



    2. Whitename


      same /unfollowed

    3. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      I feel your pain

  12. Pinkerton

    Potius Cras

    Thanks, squadfam
  13. Pinkerton

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I agree with Red here (Hi, Hello, Yes I live) it kind of throws out a sense of actual realism when (Say you have a brother, like the characters me and Cowboy usually make) We actually have to make an official group to protect one another? It just seems like this rule was made to restrict random bandit gangs from sprouting up without any thought to the affect on low-pop dynamics and the ability to act freely within them. I dunno, I just live here and pray that the trail ends up ditching the "No-dynamics" call. My two-cents are in, and I am out. Peace.