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  1. Born out of upstate new york Vincent was made since birth to survive in the wild. Each day he will be sent out in the woods with just his rifle and what ever gear he can hold. Every night he was tested on his survival skills and camouflage by his retired marine father Tristan. One day his father was requested by his old unit to accompany them on a rescue mission out of Chernarus. Not wanting his father to leave him again he sneaked onto his fathers truck, onto the plane and out to chernarus. Family must stick together.
  2. I completely in agreement with GDate it was failRP on my side. During the sewn mouth part i forgot that i spoken within the clinic. I will take any punishment that is handed to me. I am sorry @GDate for messing with your RP. I was trying to play insane.
  3. Franz Von Baeyer - POV (no video) I approached the medical center looking for medical supplies for my sickness. Upon arrival a group of people was outside of the medical building and saw i was sick. At that time they offered me medicine. I took my mask off to obtain the meds and after taking the medicine i proceeded to put the mask back on. After hanging around for a few minutes waiting for my sickness to go away i saw a ghili guy with a m417 on his back. I walked up and offered in silence my suppressor for it. He kindly declined and i dropped it on the floor then seconds later picking it back up. I finally wanted to leave so i waved my hand and started to walk away. I walked a little past the water pump where a man started to try to get my attention (Myles Johnson) I turned around in silence and he began to ask me questions regarding me possibly being part of corporation. Me being quiet he asked if i am a mute because i was writing down on paper (i had a mic). I took off my mask and shown my mouth has been sewn shut. I begin to take a combat knife out of my bag and proceed to cut it open smiling to pretend being insane. I then messed up on saying goodbye in german and said hello as i run away. I then look behind me and see 3 or 4 people begin chasing after me. Being scared for what possibly could happen i ran in the woods and proceeded to the industrial area where i stayed put for a few minutes before heading back into sitnik all the way towards soup kitchen. After that no contact between me and (Myles Johnson) was established again.
  4. I connected my discord to my account on the forums but for some reason when I go to my discord the discord isn’t there does anyone have a link to the discord so I can just click It and join. The going through your account on the forums isn’t working.
  5. Very informative with great explanation for each subject.
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