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  1. vinnyblingbling

    Kirovograd Lore Post

    I love the post man amazing
  2. Vincent and his family are now under CDF protection after the outbreak hit their town in South Zagoria. Vincent is tasked by one of the military captains their to head north to a research facility and obtain information about a cure. Before he leaves he is trained by the CDF special forces in reconnaissance and sniper training. With this training Vincent takes his fathers old hunting rifle and sets off to this so called facility. Along his way he meets a scientist named Hanna. She says that she works at the facility he is going to and warns him about the journey. She refuses to tell more as tears start to run down her face. But risking the life of himself he pushes on with Hanna by his side both of them go town to town gathering any information about this research facility up north. After, going through multiple towns Vincent meets a old man sitting on the front porch of his ranch house. Exchanging words for a bit the man allows Vincent and Hanna to stay the night before they continue their journey up north. As Hanna goes upstairs to go to sleep Vincent stays with the man to obtain more information about him and what knowledge he may have of the facility. They man's name is Herman P. Schwan a bio engineer who works on the human DNA. He tells Vincent that he was a bio engineer at the facility they are going to but warns them not to go there. But Vincent persists wanting to know more why not to go their. The facility Hanna and Vincent are going to does have a possible cure but it is also the place where the infection arose. He nods to the man and heads off to sleep. in the morning Vincent notify Hanna of what new information he has and she is startled but nods knowing Vincent will now won't stop till he finds this cure. So both of them leave hoping this facility is still there...but will it?
  3. I connected my discord to my account on the forums but for some reason when I go to my discord the discord isn’t there does anyone have a link to the discord so I can just click It and join. The going through your account on the forums isn’t working.
  4. vinnyblingbling

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    Very informative with great explanation for each subject.
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