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  1. Leon lived a very normal life. It wasn't filled with any tragedy or depression. He had loving parents and a younger brother that he was very close with. He has never really had many issues in his life. Before he left for Chernarus on business he was happy with his life. He had a nice, decently sized house with his fiance. On a day the same as any other he got a call from his work about heading to Chernarus to try and capture some photos for the news. Travelling was no doubt the best part of his job, except from the fact that he had to be separated from his loved ones. So the same day he packed his bags, said goodbye to his family and got on the fist plane to Chernarus. The next day Leon made his way to Severograd, where he would be staying for the duration of his stay. Leon done very little work that day and was very jet lagged. So he took a rest for a few days and barely left his house. On the 11th Leon awoke to screams in the street. Looking out his window he was appalled to see the sight of people attacking one another, he had no idea what was happening. He quickly packed some of his essentials and tried to make his way out of the city. He was able to escape the buildings almost completely unnoticed until right at the entrance when a crazed man covered in blood jumped on him from out of nowhere. The man clamped his teeth down onto Leon's shoulder and began tearing at his skin. Leon was just barely able to flip him over his back and run for his life. He ran into the woods and didn't stop for ages. Eventually he came across a cabin that seemed to be empty so that is where he took refuge during the first couple of months. During that time he was able to find a medical kit and pistol in the cabin. He was able to do some shoddy work on his shoulder to stop infection but to him it seemed that whatever happened to the people in Severograd could not be spread through a bite since he seemed to be doing fine. He was also able to learn the basics of how to use the pistol but cleaning it and using anything bigger would be a much bigger struggle for him to figure out. Now that he seemed a bit more capable he decided it was time to leave the cabin and attempt to find anyone else still alive. He worried for his family and hoped they were still alive. Now he would do whatever it took to live in the hopes of getting back home to his family.
  2. Hipster Lion

    Fang's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    I'm fine with it, mate. If you need a break then just take one.
  3. Hipster Lion

    Fang's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    Hey could I get a profile pic and signature with the same kinda forest theme I already have? Pretty please.
  4. Hipster Lion

    Cya Nerds

    <3 Gonna miss you man. o7
  5. Hipster Lion

    Calling all Scottish people...

    Square Go-Like
  6. Hipster Lion

    2016 Role Player of the Year nominations

    Nominee: Jake Reason: Top lad and role player. Best group I've been in was Alba 19 by far and that's all thanks to how Jake pulled it off and his own RP. Role played with him before Mr. Black and I know he is great at roleplaying no matter the character he makes. Evidence: Radio Chatter - Lore and Stories - To be honest just ask anyone that has role played with him.
  7. Hipster Lion

    2016 Newcomer of the Year nominations

    Nominee: Charlie Reason: Top lad, Was a great staff member, Great role player and just an absolute meme. <3 Evidence: Staff feedback, Whose roleplay did you enjoy today
  8. Hipster Lion

    Short stories from the new world

    Love everyone. Can't wait for more.
  9. Hipster Lion

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    0/10 Would never listen again. JK luv it
  10. Hipster Lion

    DayZRP Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition)

    I would love to be a part of this. I did have a game going with some friends but the DM sorta disappeared and I have been trying to get back into it ever since.
  11. Hipster Lion

    How many Scottish guys are on here

  12. Hipster Lion

    Alba 19 [Recruitment: Strict] {Active}

    Looks Gucci, fam!
  13. Hipster Lion

    Summers conscience

    Great read!
  14. Hipster Lion

    Alba 19-Getting the old crew back together {Open}

    *Ramsey hears the familiar voice and lets out a loud laugh before picking up his radio* Nice to hear from you again, mate. Surprised you're still breathing though. *He lets out a small laugh down the radio and then sighs* About getting the old crew back together...that might be a bit hard. Not sure if it's just the right...step for me, ya know? *There are a couple of groans and screams in the background* Listen I ain't sure about coming back but it's nice to have dreams, Black. *He releases the PTT*
  15. Hipster Lion

    Goodbye for now.

    o7 Charlie Hope you get everything sorted out, good luck. Now if you don't mind i'm gonna go cry myself to sleep.