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  1. Member my friends
  2. Hello who's calling please?
  3. I'd really appreciate if you kept your snarky comments to yourself when you blatantly sit there and flame my friends. Not cool I can't flame you back because I'm on final but if it means anything I've lost a lot of respect for you.
  4. Hello gang 

    What a time to be alive. 


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    2. Oliv


      Kool and the Gang?


    3. Brownie


      Rest in peace sweet prince

    4. Kevin

      I remember when you were nothing more than a whitename edgy clown,

      o7, you beautiful bastard.

  5. Bye bye usx
  6. Charlo gang here, At the rate the community was going before this movement it's not going to bounce back anytime soon, looks like we have a tough few month ahead of us.
  7. Peace b
  8. *clic* You and all your pals made a publicly stunt a few weeks ago and went away for what, a day? See you tomorrow. *clic*
  9. Nice slaughter with you guys today.
  10. I hate saying "DayZRP is dying" but the server is on a steady decline and it's no secret. Weekends were usually full but on the weekdays we barely scrape 30 players.
  11. Was about to say, Ryan's pretty good at.
  12. I hate to be that guy, but you can. I have lots of friends from Australia that have 3/400+ ping connecting to S1 and they make it happen.
  13. If you do have clear evidence of this and know who did it. Then it is greifing and a reportable offence. You have to catch them red handed or you have no case.
  14. Nice start, keep these coming (: