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  1. Keira


    Are we not ALL here for RP? 

    Let's stop judging people by their IC actions and let RP go places different for once.

    Comfort zones suck.

    1. Mexi


      It'd be great if people could stop being salty when the RP doesn't go their way too, it's not just their story or RP to take into consideration. Some pathetic people in this community when it comes to that shit I gotta say.

    2. Keira


      Calling people pathetic won't help or change things either, that needs to be taken into consideration too my dear Syrian :)

    3. Rory


      what happened now?

    4. Mexi


      Elitism won't change Keira, that's quite clear. I'll stick to how I worded their actions :) 

    5. Keira


      Pretentious attitudes do need to change, I will agree. No one in this community's RP is -too good- to refuse to RP with someone else.

    6. Randle


      What occurred?

    7. Mexi


      Exactly but that shit'll always continue to happen.