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  1. +1 Also the Roamers, Gamblers, Masquerade, Jackals, The Reapers, the Trust! Great groups. Everyone was always immersed in RP and there werent really memes unless made by accident. Old friends who dont play anymore, old memories.
  2. If anything, I want more mods! Not less!
  3. Please archive Hoping to return after the holidays when life settles down.
  4. I agree maybe a weekend. Maybe an unban day too? Give it a test before doing a massive unban permanently?
  5. I might be lame but I want Day 1 and twitter RP again
  6. There's several reports from when we only had one server ( back in 2018+ even) and report titles have always mattered (especially when I was in staff). I found numerous examples where report titles were asked to be put in the proper format both in the report and in the title. I am concerned staff stopped being trained to follow these protocols. Location and server time and date were all important when obtaining logs. That was also how people who were involved would be able to identify as well if they were apart of situations and if they should post in a report. Now the only ones who post really are the ones who show up in the logs for shooting or killing but Im not sure if that gives a complete POV view for some situations. When you follow the report format it also stops immature wording of titles and requires an actual rulebreak accusation to be listed instead. There's a reason for the way things were and should still be handled when it comes to reports imo. Its about being professional and keeping things organized. I'm hoping to hear back from an admin or GM since they are the ones who handle reports. I would like to see report title format being followed again when it comes to reports and being enforced once more.
  7. Is it not required to follow report templates anymore? I remember when report titles and their post had to follow the set template or they would be locked and not solved if the owner wouldn't/refused to follow the template. Just wondering if thats changed now because Ive seen many no longer following the report template for their report titles. There is at least 8 in solved reports in the past month not following the format so I thought I would ask.
  8. until

    Yay another PVP event
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