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  1. I agree, was good RP with the crew @Hellspawnceri @Tony and @Hassan enjoying rping with you again :3
    • Mexi
    • Keira

    How did I know that it'd be this fucking song..

    1. Keira


      Cus you know how fucking awesome my music taste is

  2. Lmao I love these guys
  3. Keira

    Probably not worth a whole.. explanation or anything. TBH, probably not even worth putting down into words but eh, I'll try. Maybe someone will be understanding.

    I've dug too many holes; made too many beds. Where does one turn when there is no where left to turn to?

    I've done my best to make others happy. No one wants to be THAT person. It pains me more to see someone else unhappy, after all I'm the only one who has to live with me and I can handle my own unhappiness. I've really lost myself. I'm not the same person. People used to enjoy my presence. I think the only things I bring to anyone are stress and anxiety and these sort of strains just leave a person feeling burdened. I don't want that. I should have left long before I became these things, kept myself on good terms and remembered as the person I was. I'm just another thing for you to roll your eyes at now. I'm sorry for the people I leave feeling weighed down or the people I seem to constantly piss off. Things were good once, I will acknowledge that. Everything is still good for most, at least I hope so. For me? I am not sure how to answer that. I am uncomfortable. But I won't let my emotions be projected on others. Even I wish I could get a break from myself, as exhausting of a person as I seem to be. You all keep moving forward, I just hope things stop and go steady for a little while..

    I hate goodbyes, so this isn't one of them.. Circumstances have just left me being a shell of the person I was and It's a little hard figuring it all out, but I'll get there..

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    2. Phoenix


      Love you Keira <3

    3. Chief


      kinda PO at the circumstances that brought this about, can't say this was one of the outcomes I saw coming. You better stay in contact with me on FB or here somewhere, I love you keira stay true to yourself and know a lot of people care about you, a lot.

      Come back soon it's getting cold here.

    4. Oliv


      I'm sorry we haven't chatted in a while, but this sucks to hear. You need to stop worrying about others so much and focus on you for a while. I know, much easier said than done and I don't take my own advice either so trust me when I say I understand if you don't do it either.

      Just make sure you take care of yourself. You know how to get at me and I'll check up on you in a few too.

  4. They're all RIP, courtesy of the Lost Souls :3 minus Joni and Boris I believe?
  5. Thanks for the RP tonight @Galaxy and @Credidred and @Tony and @Genji
  6. I like your idea as well Stradic. There doesn't have to be one set in stone way of how this area became so populated; it could be a combination of things occuring.
  7. I agree. Feedback is entirely important and it is in regards to the entirety of the new lore, something that will greatly effect all of the community and thus their input should be valued and considered.
  8. In the community meeting, this was discussed and I think was a very good idea supported by a majority of the community. It is a very realistic solution and one that I can stand behind.
  9. Keira

    my idea of romance :x


    1. Kris


      You should re-evaluate.

    2. Keira


      Nah, no one has time for someone who's high maintenance. 

    • Joo
    • Keira


    *cringes slightly*

    1. Keira


      nom nom nom

    2. Joo


      *looks around not seeing anyone so he hides his cookie jar*

  10. I mean //permission to execute and //permission to perm you are kinda two different things. If it was a 2nd hostile encounter and followed execution rules then sure, execute me. I might perm for this if the RP is good enough. But it would take a lasting conflict and quality RP and reasoning to permadeath.
  11. Keira

    Hunting the family like


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    2. King
    3. Hellspawnceri


      Gotta love classic Metallica.

    4. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      Gotta say, I like it... for some reason it is really suiting.