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  1. Wouldnt it be La Familia? Graphics look good!
  2. I voted yes, I agree. It makes all items equal as far as capacity goes.

    1. Whitename


      jade stinky 

  4. Kill because he killed @FireDude
  5. Covid is rough. Hope you get better soon. https://www.twitch.tv/keiraskyler/clip/AmorphousGiantRutabagaWoofer
  6. Was the Vehmic courts symbol being mistakenly identified as the Sonnenrad or the sun wheel nazis used perhaps? It looks similar, but it is not the same. They're two very different symbols..
    White supremacists have been using Norse and Viking symbols to push their ideology for a while. 
    Wikipedia does not even acknowledge this symbol to be used by Neo Nazi groups and I cannot find any information besides the Vehmic Courts (The medieval German court system) being an inspiration for the precursor of Nazism.. but so was Buddhism, hence the Swastika. Is Buddhism then not allowed because of its connection to Nazis also?

    What I did find was that its a symbol for slavic paganism:



    "The kolovrat ("spoked wheel") is a symbol of the supreme God in Rodnovery (Slavic Native Faith), Rod and its manifestations (Svarog, Perun, Svetovit and all the other gods). Kolo means "wheel", and its vrat ("spokes") are spinning. It is a symbol of spiritual and therefore secular power. The kolovrat represents the endless cycle of birth and deaths, time, the sun and fire, strength and dignity. Each turn of the wheel is a cycle of life in our world. The kolovrat and the swastika have the same religious meaning." The same as Hindu wheel of Samsara or the Ouroboros. 

    Just wanted to educate because I am Pagan, and I do not consider myself a Nazi, and neither should pagans be associated with such!

    1. Rover


      Its very easy for someone to claim ignorance as to what a symbol may or may not mean. (Not you)

      Its very easy to dogwhistle. (Not you)

      You somewhat answered yourself though.


      The kolovrat and the swastika have the same religious meaning

      This same sentence can be extended to a lot more then just the religious meaning. All it takes is a group to usurp a symbol to ruin the symbol. Case in point, the swastikas.

      I do appreciate that you are well researched. 

    2. August


      The justification for banning the symbol was due to some English journalism website having a guide to "spotting" hate speech symbols and everything from the Kolovrat to random numbers were used. It was uninformed and unprofessional on the decision to ban the symbol if you ask me.

      Personally i don't agree with the censorship of any political symbol or even RP group. As in essence it all stems from just that. Roleplay. That's where it should remain. Within Roleplay.

      The server is just killing itself by taking actions like this.

      Banning symbols just seems like a slippery slope yer know

      resist san francisco GIF by cloudy



    3. Aisling


      Do not get me wrong here, I am not condone the actions or hateful speech and violence that racist groups spew. I am 100% against racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, etc. These bigoted actions and messages are not shared by the religions these symbols actually represent. I am just as upset that meaningful and spiritual religious symbols are being used by these groups to be turned into symbols of hate, when we are only trying to push messages of peace. 

    4. ShroudKN


      I mean Echo literally changed his discord description to “all my homies read siege” which was a news letter written by an actual Neo-Nazi so yeah, think that added in to it

    5. Aisling


      I'm only talking about symbols and their representations. It does not mean the symbol itself or those who practice the religion associated with the symbol agree with those ignorant individuals.

    6. Eagle


      Neo nazis have no influence they can't claim an entire religion group and make it there's like the real nazi's did.

      If that symbol is such an important factor for them that they have to nuke themselves or flame people over it then the meaning is set in stone.

    7. August



    8. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      You make excellent points @Aisling however unfortunately pointing and crying Nazi seems to trump any and all reason in this case.

      A symbol which has been so deeply rooted into the lore, as a symbol of Chernarussian Unity since as early as 2014 is now banned and censored.

      The very same people who were pointing fingers and crying Nazi are the same people who spout hateful rhetoric like ACAB and post their IRA songs on their profiles.


      It's all a circus at this point, and I am quite frankly disappointed in the decisions made by staff.

    9. ShroudKN


      Like I said before the symbol definitely wasn’t the reason for what happened after, pretty sure it had to do with all the dog whistling and and flaming that happened on discord and on the status updates 

    10. Panda


      Thanks for the words Keira, always appreciate ya.

    11. Hofer


      @ShroudKN hit the nail here. Instead of being mature and discussing this with staff after the initial message, multiple individuals from the group went on to harass a staff member due to sexual orientation, mass changed their Discord icons to the kolovrat and spam shitty memes and generally being edgy, which resulted in one person getting permed for his actions.

      The following hours contained more flaming, shit stirring, some of the lousiest tendies I've seen as well as complaining that staff is incompetent.

      This could easily be avoidable if the group only started a dialouge with stsff, instead of deciding to go full on monkey.

      Reap what you sow.

    12. Angel


      I said this before and I'll say it again: The Symbol could've 100% been reviewed by Staff and deemed fair game as it may represent their characters and their roleplayed backstories, but they chose not to go that way. Their behavior after being notified of this symbol's shady background is not in any capacity proportional to the actual issue at hand.

      However, the Kolovrat was unfortunately hijacked by neo-nazis over the last few years, and that is what it symbolizes to most people nowadays. It has even been officially recognized by international organizations as such. This type of dog-whistling's been done before.

      And now, due to their behavior, their dog-whistling and actual nazi sympathy of a select few, the symbol is banned as it represents far more than what can be seen at first.

      No one's been banned for no reason, nor removed for no reason. The symbol was not the reason.

    13. Panda


      I really didn’t care to argue further, nor do I believe that such a topic should continue under Aisling’s post/page, however, from a moderator of this community I expected a little more. Please do not call my friends, or I for that matter, Nazis. Tbf you don’t even know me and I don’t care to know you. Please do not call somebody what they are not. If this is seen as flame, so be it, I just prefer to not be called a Nazi but a staff member of the community.

    14. WeirdChamp


      Guys this is DayZRP

    15. WeirdChamp


      its only game

    16. Aisling


      This was not to discuss bans or a group that I have no affiliation with nor ever played with. This post is meant to inform that PAGANS and those who use these symbols for RELIGIOUS meaning are not to be confused with NAZIS as our religions and people have been gravely harmed and killed by Nazis for our beliefs and traditions and do not want association with such. That is all.

    17. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      The Kolovrat does not represent "far more than is to be seen" it represents and is part of the Native Slavic Faith and there is nothing more to it. 


      People threw a fit because the symbol had been used on here since as early as 2014. 

      As for the claim of going about it calmly. We did. 

      We complained about it the day prior to the bans and were told the symbol was fine after all. Less than 24 hours after that it was banned again so of course we were upset. 

      Perhaps the monkeying got out of hand. But honestly I'd rather say it was staff that lit the dumpster fire. Simple jokes about wagonwheels were being pointed and mentions of being sent to Brazil got you kicked or banned. 


      The whole ordeal is a mess, and as stated earlier I'm massively disappointed in the way staff handle this compared to their tolerance of ACAB rhetoric and other political subjects.

    18. Hofer


      That's a rather nice simplifying and victimizing you and your group for what went down @groovy ducky.

      None of you discussed it with any of the higher staff members. Your (your groups) reaction was bullying the staff member that sent you a PM, which then led to the avatar changes while being monkeys in Discord. 

      Stop blaming your behaviour on us. We would've discussed and listened if you had been mature about it. You decided to be childish.

    19. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky


      I discussed it with Realize who said it was brought to the Admin team. 

      I don't remember who replied back after that but we were told it was okay. 

      Then the shit storm happened the day after. 

    20. Angel


      @groovy ducky Then maybe you should've dug further or waited for an Admin's official statement. Echo was PM'd on one night, and Admins would only be online the morning after, which was when they were approached with the issue. What they saw was spamming, bullying and general disgusting behavior, which then turned into neo-nazi propaganda being posted on the forums (it was all archived if you'd like to see it for yourself, I'd be happy to explain it).

      Then, the Admins gave you a chance to simply remove the symbol and let it be done with. To which your group responded to shutting down all activities and breaking rules until many were banned. I will not be responding to this further as it clutters @Aisling's notifications (Sorry!), but I'm more than happy to discuss it over PMs. The relentless baiting and insults thrown my way were just sad, but I feel no bad blood towards any individual or group of people. Hopefully it reciprocates.

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  8. I love Teamspeak! Miss it so much!!! I voted Yes. It was so great and united the community.
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