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  1. Glad youre finally back dude, Now you can join in the dayz fun again. @Hellboy just needs to get better internet
  2. Welcome back mi amigo @Vic

    If you need graphics for the cartel lemme know

  3. I forgot to post when it happened but Ive now been apart of DayZRP for 4 years and it still feels like yesterday when I joined.

    Am I still a whitename?

    1. Brayces


      we all are whitenames, we never escape the whitenameness

    2. Wolfen


      Dont let her negativity stop you from trying to stop being a whitename

    3. Brayces


      I'm not negative! Just realistic 😄 And also maybe negative! A little. Okay maybe more than a little.

      LISTEN. I have lived the whitename life for as long as I can recall.


    4. Wolfen


      You're still living the whitename life?

    5. Watchman


      Caucasian Name here myself

    6. Brayces



      Uh yeah! Duh! I campfire RP all day and then loot hoard. 🙄

    7. Aisling


      @Wolfen understands my struggles

    8. Wolfen


      agreed @Brayces

    9. Ark


      @Brayces is forever a Whitename but so are you @Aisling. Suffer together.

    10. Aisling


      @Ark you first sparkles

    11. Brayces


      I MISS YOU, ARK!! ❤️

  4. Nice update, looking forward to these other new changes
  5. Aisling

    New Haven

    hmu if anyone needs a therapist, we are taking clients
  6. Alanna Anderson was a simple girl born in a small town. She had big dreams, impossible dreams of some day going to harvard, owning her own business, and being a lawyer. She knew this little job would never get her there. Instead, she opted to move to LA and get a job at medicinal marijuana shop until she figured out what else to do with her life. She didnt have a car so she decided she would just hitchhike her way there and figure things out from there. She was never the type to really have a plan or organize things in anyway, keeping things fluid. She got a ride from Columbia, South Carolina to Tennessee with a trucker who ended up dumping her off at some sort of truck stop. It was a complete shit hole, filled with STD ridden truck stop tramps, their mouths covered in pus oozing scratches probably from meth. Any time she would attempt to get a ride away from the place, most of the truckers would try to solicit her for payment in sexual favors. One man in particular was rather easy to manipulate however and eagerly gave her a ride with false promises. They stopped in Texas the next night and when the man expected payment, Alanna refused. He attempted to rape her but Alanna was ahead of the game and cupped her hands, slapping the sides of his head and ruptured both of his eardrums at the same time, leaving him in immense pain and incapacitated enough to be able to run away. After escaping from that fiasco, Alanna ran and found herself at a little town near Fort Hood. She stumbled into a run down diner. The waitress felt sorry for her and asked her if she needed to use the phone. Sitting at the bar, Alanna would laugh at her question, knowing there was no one she could call who would even care about her whereabouts. The waitress gave her a sympathy cup of coffee and left her to sit there for awhile. Alanna stared at the cup for awhile, wondering what the fuck she was actually doing, what was she running from and why and what was she thinking coming all this way by herself like she had. At a nearby table, a man sat, eating his meal and overhearing the situation, he decided to approach her. He was obviously ex military or still enlisted because of his buzz cut that was always so distinct of any enlisted military. He told her he was heading to LA for some sort of training with some kind of PMC company and he offered to drive her there and expected nothing in return and especially no funny business like the truckers had attempted to pull on her. Given she didnt have much of a choice, she accepted. On the car ride, they learned a lot about each other and she found out his name was David. They had built up trust with one another and he explained he was going to be working for a PMC company called Blackwater Security and be heading out overseas on some sort of secret mission to Russia. Since they had connected so well and David wasnt due in LA for a few weeks, he decided they should stop in Las Vegas and have a sort of mini vacation prior to his departure. There, they gambled and drank and just completely enjoyed one another and their company, eventually leading to joking about getting married in Vegas and what happens in Vegas staying in Vegas. One drunken night, they decided to make it a reality and ended up getting married at some random casino Chapel. Though it was funny at first, whether fulled by the alcohol in their systems or just the kind of vibe Vegas gives off, things became more serious and resulted in a long night, fueled with vodka and lust. After a week in Vegas, David decided to get back to being serious and move his new wife with him to LA. Shortly after he was sent on his top secret mission and at first Alanna received many letters from him but they stopped abruptly. After threatening his company with a lawsuit, she was able to get his location and embarked on the journey to find her missing husband. x Level-headed x Dutiful x Intuitive x Free spirited x Irrational x Loyal x Courageous x Skewed priorities x Control freak Annie - Anthonio SURVIVE - hourglass SURVIVE - omniverse SaharA - FOOL DAF - Alles ist gut
  7. It is regarding a very specific situation only involving a few people and not the community, thats why its irrelevant to the rest of the community. If you had a proper group page it would be relevant to that group page feedback and since there isnt a group page, I would suggest PM would be better fit.
  8. I think this is better done in a PM or something? Not sure how its a relevant discussion to the rest of the community
  9. Hearing the familiar voices over the radio, she would chime in as well after setting her notebook and client files down, "Yes, I agree very much with Dr. Daisy and Dr. Jamie, we are here to help! I am Dr. Lauren, we are looking for new clients as well. If you dont want to give us information over the open radio, we can exchange private radio frequencies as well so things are kept private, as we understand how privacy is valued." Lauren releases the PTT and sets her radio aside, listening for other broadcasts that may catch her attention while organizing her notes.
  10. Lauren grew up on the sandy beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina where she lived a fairly normal life. Her mother was a waitress at a local seafood restaurant and her father worked as a mechanic at a local shop. Whenever she came home from school, she would often find her parents arguing about money or her father would be passed out on a chair in front of the tv. Needless to say, they were never the supportive family all her friends seemed to have. Lauren had higher hopes and expectations for herself though. She was able to get a full ride scholarship to a college in Pollard, Alabama. There she decided to study psychology and go to into their graduate program to become a full fledged psychologist and social worker. Things did not go according to plan however and Lauren was denied entry into the graduate program. Suddenly, her world turned upside down. Her friends however, had a new idea. They decided to form their business regardless of their credentials and licenses, creating their practice any way. They all felt they knew enough and were adequately prepared for this business. After the day in and days out of people constantly complaining and wanting to kill themselves, it soon became obvious these people weren't actually looking for help. After the first few deaths, it soon became a game to all of them. Who was next? Eventually someone slipped up somewhere and soon the government was looking into their practice and licenses, seeking to shut their practice down. In order to avoid repercussions, they decided to move their practice to a third world country in order to continue. Chernarus seemed to be the best way to go. Unfortunately, it wasn't long when the infection started and they had to seek other means of survival.. while continuing their practice.
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