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  1. Born in a small pagan village to their community’s religious leaders, Kyna was taught from an early age the spiritual duties she would have to endure for her people. It was a small self-sustaining off grid community in the midwest United States called Earthen Haven. Her primary focus was her studies and to learn all she could from her parents. She learned about herbs and their meanings and also about the stars and constellations and their meanings and relations to the rest of the world so she may understand how they were all connected. Because of her father’s political influence within the community, some did not like his influence or his views and soon they sought to replace their leaders and take the community for themselves. Kyna overheard some whisperings and began to be concerned for her parents safety. She attempted to communicate with her spirit guides, angels and higher self to get advice and find out how she should correct the problem. She was given images of death, played on repeat in her mind uncontrollably. She tried to warn her parents and urge them to leave, but they believed what would be done was what was meant to be done and that somewhere along the line they had failed their community if thats what would become of it. Kyna was devastated. At their next gathering festival, high concentrated rat poison that was intended for her parents was mistakenly served to the entire community. One by one, everyone dropped like flies all around her, except her, even after she had ingested the same foods as everyone else. Eventually she took a pilgrimage to find herself and figure out what she was was suppose to be doing now with her entire family and community gone. She ended up all over Europe and took a boat into Chernarus before the Frenzy flu went into effect and boarders were closed. https://twitter.com/KynaLysette WIP
  2. Group looks great, good luck guys
  3. Aisling


    Welcome back, behave this time
  4. Had great RP going on last night @IvarTheNarrator @HayLeigh @Watchman @Miamomoh @Lyaria @Welshy
  5. Jake Coleman It broke my heart that day, truly, the day we lost you. We tried to get you out of that house.. why didn't you listen, Coleman?
  6. It's great Rping with you again too, long overdue Knox is @Miamomoh
  7. Was this before or after I cheated on you with @Stradic? I'm guessing after tbh, Id be happy to be rid of me too
  8. I did a thing for my character...


    1. Chewy


      We really need a media thread purely for dayzrp twitters tbh

    2. Bauglir2011


      Small advice: kurva isn't a russian word. They use suka - cyka instead. 

    3. Aisling


      Links pls @Chewy

    4. Aisling


      @Bauglir2011 its a meme

    5. Chewy


      Idk if theres more but


      Cait's followers B)

  9. Logan Daniels Vladimir Kozlova Desmond Shieda Grisha Anatolyevich Carmen Gonzalez Tyrone Rico Martinez Knox x x
  10. 1mpHD7W.png


    1. HarveyLR


      Someone needed to do it...

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    3. Eddie


      We made it 😂

  11. I just wanna be hopeful dont crush my hopes and dreams
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