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  1. Adrik was born in Zelenogorsk in 1995. His childhood was relatively normal, as he worked at his fathers shop in town and enjoyed to hunt and write in his spare time. When he got older he moved to Miroslavl to attend university as Adrik was an aspiring historian. It was when Adrik was attending university that he began to dwell on western political and philosophical thought, but he ultimately dropped out of school as he found that in the universities people were more talk then they were action. Adrik on the other hand was an activist for his way of thinking and was not afraid to take to the str
  2. In my opinion the main reason why it's difficult to run/play a hostile group on DayzRP in 2021 is because people have lost the ability to differentiate between OOC and IC.
  3. Not trying to rain on the parade of support, but this seems like such a minor feature that it would be a waste of development time. There are a lot of other things that need to be focused on in DayzRP that in my opinion take precedence over character rings. -1 from me
  4. Had a great time in this group, and I can't wait to see what you boys cook up next.
  5. We will return to the triangle for high quality role play Also wipe the server and fix the loot tables while we're at it please.
  6. Thread posted on February 23rd and @groovy blisna is still active, this must be a record. Congrats on approval and good luck gamers.
  7. You are correct that was a big firefight in Pusta involving a total of six groups if I'm not mistaken, but I do not were converse. In regard to your point on why those two groups were allied I'm not going to answer that as I was not in a position of leadership in either one of those groups so I do not want to speak for them. I would love to make a difference in fixing what I currently see as a problem (others may disagree and that's fine) in the server dynamic. Also it's not secret that I am apart of one of these "zerg" groups and contributing to the problem I made this thread a
  8. The reason why I believe more groups with less people will give you more RP is because if there are more groups on the server then there are more avenues of RP to explore just given that there are more groups with differing goals/ideas as opposed to a few groups with a lot of people in them. Six possible storylines is more than only four storylines and the best way to achieve this to have more groups with less people. I'm not sure if you've been in touch with what all has been going on in game in the last two weeks (at least) it has just been constant zerg PVP. Now I'll be honest war R
  9. I'm not sure what to do about the problem I was just bringing it forward to see if others had an idea. The only way I can see the dynamic being fixed is if people just realize that multiple zurgs are not good for server and break off to make more groups.
  10. Perhaps read the thread I specifically said I am not proposing to limit group size.
  11. So the title pretty much says it all I would like to have a community discussion including ALL SIDES perspectives on the current "zerg mentality" on the server. First allow me to set the definition of a "zerg" group I would classify a zerg as a group with 20+ members. Currently there are nine groups on the server and 4/9 of these groups meet my definition of a zerg group. 1.) Dead Horse = 28 members 2.) CLF = 32 members 3.) Spero = 27 members 4.) Azazel = 23 members Total member count of above groups = 110 members I personally do no think that zergs are healt
  12. I think we all can agree on this one.... SV98 plz
  13. I Mike (Boris Gurin), Give PK rights to Kase or any of the Lieutenants if my character ever breaks the IC group rules or betrays the group as long as it’s still up.
  14. .308 gaming is kinda meh... especially when everybody has one. Back in the day it was a rare find to have a .308 rifle like the FAL or Socom. Most people used Ak's or M4's that meta was more fun IMO. I think they should still be in the game but maybe remove them from the traders and turn down the spawn rates to make them not as common.
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