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  1. Go do what she said and you'll find some hostile RP lol
  2. In my opinion I think Dayz Beta will be fun... for a little bit and then begin to get stale just like 0.62 and all the other patches. However what I want to see is the devs keep their word about once Beta is here. They will need to be releasing updates super fast to keep the community engaged and not get bored of one elongated patch, I think this is the only way that Dayz SA will survive and live on as a good game, one big patch is not gonna save they game. If the devs really want to save DayZ then this patch should just be the first step of many patches coming in the near future to meet the goal of 1.0 by the end of the year.
  3. Yo man, maybe you and me should get together! I’ve been working No modeling some basic base building components and just general items for a plan I have when modding comes out. If you need help writing configs or anything feel free to hit me up and we can definitely work together, or even if you don’t want to work together I’d still like to have a chat on TS
  4. Mike-Styles

    0.63 Dev tool play around! INSTALLATION VIDEO! [OUTDATED!]

    Even if they do not release admin tools with 0.63 they are supposed to release server files which is all we need. With the server files released we could create our own DayzRp Admin control panel/tool set so you should have them soon enough!
  5. Mike-Styles

    Settlements, Outposts, Radio Stations, and the Future - Discussion

    I think that something which would solve the problem of “hub’s” is when modding is available and we have access to some sort of 3D-editor. This is what made everything possible back in mod was that no matter who you were you could hop in the editor and create a settlement, once you created it you would post it on the forums and wait for feedback. This feature once implemented will allow for groups to put up camps a lot easier and therefore the settlements will be spread out a lot more effectively eliminating the “hum” mentality. So in all honesty there is nothing we can really do now but sit and wait... which In all honesty sucks
  6. *Dima looks at his radio, turns it on and hears the recording* *With great surprise and excitement he presses down on the transmitter* *My god Nikolai, is that you? It's me Lieutenant Dima Petrovski... it has been a long time my friend. I'm afraid to tell you that I have not managed to find any other remnants of the Renewal Movement, however I am still here alive and well! It's nice to know that some of my brothers are still around, please contact me if you get the message Nikolai, stay strong. Slava Chernarus! *Dima releases the radio and just stairs off into the distance*
  7. Dima Petrovski was born into an impoverished family in the coastal town of Chernogorsk, one of the more lively towns of Chernarus. He had a younger brother who looked up to Dima as his hero, which broke the heart of Dima's father who was a lowly fisherman, just trying to provide what little he could for his family. As time went by Dima got older and began working with his father as a fisherman in the ports of Cherno, it was an utterly dull, boring and monotonous life-style. Which Dima being Dima he could never live the life of his father, you see Dima was a thrill seeker and being a fisherman left Dima with a sense of emptiness and uselessness in life, he needed something more in his life! One day Dima was walking down the streets to work in the docks he saw an army truck drive into town and a whole group of soldiers dismount, he knew this was his time! So Dima dropped everything he was doing, forgot about work and ran to the soldiers, ecstatic and demanding they take him to the nearest recruiter. Which needless to say is exactly what the soldiers did, the next thing Dima knew he was in the back of a CDF truck being taken to the Bolota Airfield. This is where Dima found purpose in his life, in the ranks of the CDF where he became a career soldier. As time went by Dima eventually rose the rank of Sargent and was stationed along the northern Russian border of the country which is right when the first days of the infection came about. The infection absolutely ravished the nation but Dima never broke and he never lost faith in his nation even though times were tough he never gave-up and he always found a way to press forward! Although the CDF eventually fell Dima pressed on and found his place in a small group of Chernarussian Nationalists, who eventually grew in size to a group called the Zbor. The Zbor gave Dima the will and the drive to fight on, it gave him hope that one day he and his brothers could one day restore their nation to its former glory, that one day they would fight off this horrible infection. While the Zbor made more progress than any other group of people in restoring the nation, they could never rid the infection and it lead to the eventual fall of the mightiest faction to ever walk the New Chernarus. After the unexpected fall of the Zbor Dima became a wanderer always looking for some place to belong in his nation, dreaming of one day seeing Chernarus rise to its' former glory!
  8. Mike-Styles

    Svoboda Movement

    I heard that ex-Zbor members were being hired around here... do you think you guys have room for one more?
  9. This looks very promising, I hope it all goes well for you guys!
  10. Mike-Styles

    War rule.

    I personally think that it's a good idea maybe it needs some more fleshing out like the terms of victory for example, but other than that it seems like a really unique idea and I think could make for some interesting situations! So +1 for me for some sort of war victory/game mode option!
  11. Hey man that was a good little read! It's always nice to have people sharing their character's stories and I enjoy reading them, keep up the good work man and I'll be looking for the next one.
  12. Mike-Styles

    Time played question

    When you're thinking on a whole different level...
  13. Mike-Styles

    Idea To Drive Folklore In Game - My Next Character/Group

    I think that any group which has true intentions to progressing or adding to the current lore of the server is a good group in my book, so I'd say go for it man and good luck!
  14. Mike-Styles

    New NWAF Video - HASes, Helicopter zone, re-vamped taxi-ways

    I've got to say that looks really cool I can't wait to see who tries to claim the new airfield
  15. Mike-Styles


    My god the first time I come back to the DayZRP forums in about 2 months to see what's going on and this is what I see now days... Good luck with this I guess