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  1. Desolation Redux Release

    If you really do want to know I can come on Team Speak and show you or something @Rolle
  2. New player

    PVP in arma is about 10,000 times better than SA
  3. Desolation Redux Release

    Btw @Rolle loot tables are editable I've done them myself and tested it on a private server
  4. Desolation Redux Release

    Honestly Tanoa would be a great map.... if you didn't have to pay for it! I have the DLC, I bought it when it came out but I don't really think it was worth 30usd. If you ask me I say we change the map, the server simply will not survive with only 10 people at MAX on while it's on Tanoa. I understand the quality of the map is fantastic and I agree but sometimes you have to look at things from a logical standpoint and understand that a lot of our community does not own arma 3 so they would have to buy the game just to play on the server then to go and make them but a DLC that is more expensive than the damn game itself just does not make any sense. I really and truly think that things need to be changed if people wish to see the server survive because I myself do not support the server in it's current state and I'm sure others don't either!
  5. Task Force Radio, should we add it?

    This is an essential
  6. I'm not to sure about that I quite liked the arma 2 DayzMod zombies
  7. shall we mod the server?

    Clothing: TRYK VSM Uniforms CUP Units Russian Armed Forces Chernarus Conflict Weapons: CUP Weapons Weapon, Character, Vehicle and equipment packs: Russian GRU MAS USMC MAS UKSF MAS US SOCOM MAS Cool Mods: ACE Tactical Hand Signals enhanced movement JSRS
  8. shall we mod the server?

    The CUP addons or Community Upgrade Project, it ports pretty much every single arma 2 weapon, vehicle, character skin, backpacks and other items into arma 3.
  9. shall we mod the server?

    Can we do RHS please rolle
  10. Desolation Redux Release

    Plus why would you not buy arma 3 it's an incredible game and has much more replay-ability than DayzSA has. You would not be wasting your money buying the game I can guarantee you that!
  11. Desolation Redux Release

    I will say because I have played A LOT of the alpha that the loot tables are absolutely garbage and will need to be re-worked!
  12. What's the plan for the map?

    I say keep it classic with Chernarus and just run the open chernarus mod and what buildings that doesn't make enter-able CUP has gone ahead and made those enter-able as well so you can go in pretty much every single building. However Tanoa would be cool too, I'm just worried about the pay wall to get access that will deter a lot of people.
  13. Desolation Redux Suggestion Thread

    +1 I think we need to hold off on releasing desolation so the lore wipe does not kill and so the devs can have more time to work out a lot of the bugs in the mod right now, also it would give rolle some time to find devs and work on our own customized version of the mod.
  14. Desolation Redux Suggestion Thread

    No vehicles?
  15. Put me down as CDF please babe.