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  1. I find in necessary to have a PKP to RP idk about you guys maybe it's just me.... but anyways +1 for the idea
  2. Boris Gurin was born was born in Saratov Russia on May 4th, 1978. He was fortunate enough to be born into a considerably wealthy family, near the end of the reign of the infamous Soviet Union. In Boris's younger days he was always outside in the wilderness exploring, but as time went by and Boris became a teenager he found a real fascination for learning. It was almost out of nowhere that Boris began to scrounge up every book he could find (that was allowed at least in the USSR at the time) and read them front to back several times, always seeking to expand his knowledge. Having shown an exemplary performance as a student Boris was sent off to college and eventually Moscow State University. While in university Boris became absolutely fascinated with history, especially that of philosophical history. Now obvious Boris had read the communist manifesto at that time but he had never really bought into the idea of communism, Boris would be considered by many as a right wing nationalist instead of a communist. He eventually graduated as a history major with a minor in philosophical studies. Once Boris returned home he found it incredibly hard to find any form of employment and he was so embarrassed believing that he was a complete failure he ran away from home and headed south, hitch hiking off of trains from town to town. Until one day Boris found himself on the border of a small state by the black mountains called Chernarus. In these times Chernarus was a small and quaint nation but it was about to be thrown into civil war and Boris would soon find his true calling in the midst of the chaos. Obviously by having a minor in philosophical studies Boris had embedded his own governmental philosophical beliefs and his belief system was that of far right radical ultra-nationalism. So when Boris found himself in the middle of a small revolution and being unemployed he thought it would only be fitting to join the cause of the Chdkz a small but increasing in power pro-Russian revolutionary group. Boris had shown fantastic dedication to the cause of the Chdkz and an absolute obedience to any orders given to him, this coupled with his status of being an educated man as well as a fantastic orator lead him to rise through the ranks. Before he knew it Boris was now a captain in the Chdkz and leading a full on revolution in a country prior to witch he had never heard of. After the revolution Boris had gone undercover within Chernarus still pledging absolute loyalty to the Russian nationalist/Chdkz cause and now serving as more of an internal informant, smuggling information across the border back to the main Chdkz HQ in Russia. Boris's ability to gather useful information proved to be completely priceless and he played a pivotal part in the movement. However not only was he involved in intelligence Boris found himself becoming more of a saboteur, being involved in several assassinations of CDF officer's and Chernarussian Politicians. Another important role he played was the silencing of anti revolutionary Chernarussians, he particularly enjoyed doing this more than anything else and in the brutal murdering of countless Chernarussians Boris became a feared man coining the name "The Butcher" after he mutilated several men with a butcher's knife in a town square one time. All the way until the end Boris was loyal to the cause of the Chdkz but after the fall of Chernarus to the infection he ultimately lost contact with Chdkz. To this day Boris still wanders the land of Chernarus trying to find the movement in the land which will finally give him a true purpose in life! =====WIP Place Holder Lore=====
  3. If only you knew the pain the it would cause someone to have to sift through the game files to find a singular script dealing with the destructibility of a gas pump entity you would not have made this suggestion lol
  4. If only standalone was as good as Arma 3
  5. You got attacked because you didn't accept our ultimatum in game you had a choice and chose otherwise, don't make yourself the victim. Bottom line is 2.3 needs to be reworked or gotten ridden of in it's current state. No shade just a fair point in my mind.
  6. YES bring back the betty vans please dear god
  7. Additional POV due to brought up evidence: In reference to recent evidence brought up by Ryan Shepherd about Powergaming/Metagaming I would like to provide context for the screenshot of our discord messages. When Ryan messaged me on discord as you can see on the PM's there was no clarification that this was a radio broadcast or message at all. In fact me and Ryan were in the same building so I was responding to him as text RP as he was in VOIP range, being that we were in the same building. So with that being said IC'ly I would be able to hear everything he said and my character was able to respond to him without a radio as we were in VOIP distance and there was no specification of this being a radio transmission. All I was trying to do was inform him that he was asking for someone to negotiate for the hostages to me when I was already a hostage and within VOIP range of him when he made the demands so this is text RP and not a radio transmission.
  8. IGN: Dima Ivanov POV for Dima Ally of of @YT: So basically me Chris, and YT were rolling around in Berenzino and we came across members of the muslims and pamyati in in town who had just killed a CDF guard or something a long those lines I'm not to sure. Anyways we were with them for a bit and then we decided to go inside the CDF base and take a look around, once we got inside the base is when we found the suspect and some other people. Everyone was standing around a military tent taking stuff out and placing it on the floor. I asked the man what he was doing and he said trying to take the tent. YT then informed then in-game that this was griefing and they should stop. Nobody stopped anything so me and my boys tried to grab their stuff off of the floor and put in back in the car tent next to it so it would not despawn as it was A LOT of gear on the floor. I should also mention that there was a Pamyati member there helping us put the stuff into the car tent as well so I don't think they are responsible for any of the other griefing we found as he was trying to help us clean it up. Once that was cleaned up I went inside an apartment building and found several crates and barrels and pretty much everything was thrown out of them and all on a pile on the floor to despawn. Once we tried to clean that one up as well we then proceeded to leave the CDF base and continue to RP.
  9. In response to Ryan's comment with discord screenshots: Yes me and Ryan did have that conversation over discord however I told him yesterday what my real intentions by agreeing to his proposal. In my mind I legitimately thought that what he was referring to PK's on characters involved in the fight as it was a very LONG and drawn out fight with much talking back in forth the entire time. So by giving him that permission in my mind I thought that all who died were going to be able to remain playing on their same characters and nobody would have to make a new one because that can be a hassle. Nevertheless, I never did inform my group members about me giving them permission because I didn't think it was anything serious (as I just thought we were all gonna still play on the same characters and it would be no big deal). So on my part I suppose that was just miss-communication between Ryan and my group and my intentions however, seeing as Chris is group lead if I were giving them permission to retain deep knowledge of the situation I would suppose it should have come from Chris to be valid but he nor did anyone else know anything about it.
  10. IGN: Dima Ivanov POV: So I literally just logged on the server and ran down towards the base. Once I got there I found one of my group members (IGN: Jackson) and there were a lot of other people in the base (District). We were outside talking for maybe 2 minutes after I arrived and then there was an initiation so I complied as well as my other group members, nobody resisted or gave trouble. We were put in the tent inside the base and questioned for a little while, the entire time I or nobody ever said anything about being a liquidator or had anything that would identify us as such. After some time they executed Chris (who is Jackson IG) but I'm not entirely to sure why he was killed and they had no evidence to prove he was Jackson and he was a compliant hostage. Jackson made some jokes while he was a hostage but was told not to make anymore so he didn't but was then shot a few minutes later and I have no idea why. After Jackson was dead I continued to RP the situation for a while until I was eventually killed. Before I was killed though I was questioned and told I was going to be killed unless I could make myself useful to them, so I proceeded to give a list of things I could do such as shoot well, gather supplies, provide information, or even shelter in our base. Apparently none of these were adequate enough for them as I was told that is of no use to them so they have no reason to keep me alive. I then ask "What can I do then to make myself useful to you? Tell me what you need and I can do it." after this I was given no response other than make yourself useful and you will survive. Sooo I continued to be a compliant hostage and then another hostage was given a baseball bat and told to beat me. I allowed the man to beat me several times in hopes that he would eventually stop but after about 4-5 hits with a bat and probably one hit away from being dead I fought back because I did not want to die and he was not going to stop. I was able to get off a couple punches until the man with the bat hit me the last time and killed me. All in all I can see why I was killed because there was knowledge I was a liquidator but I was still a compliant hostage and was not asked to be killed or anything. The only reason I fought back against the other hostage is because I was one hit away from dying with flashing red health and did not want to die so I hit him back and was killed. However, with that being said I have no idea why Chris was killed IG because nobody blew his identity and they had know knowledge he was a liquidator in game.
  11. We need a forced group system like squad XML's back in the day. That was a great system I hope we can have something like that in the future.
  12. Bring back the ravens nest already.... also the NRF gulag would be nice as well
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