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  1. +1 I think we need to hold off on releasing desolation so the lore wipe does not kill and so the devs can have more time to work out a lot of the bugs in the mod right now, also it would give rolle some time to find devs and work on our own customized version of the mod.
  2. Honestly it doesn't matter how bad it is, it won't take much at all to beat standallone....
  3. I don't think you will be able to do it like that because clothing works differently in arma 3 than it does in arma 2 but I'm not to sure on this topic you should ask someone with more knowledge on the subject.
  4. We need a system for spawning with clan skins. I think a simple script were when you die it opens up the virtual arsenal and you can customize your character on spawn in just disable all sections that are not cosmetics. Also what mods will be used on the server hopefully some vehicle, weapons, and skins packs so we don't have to use the stock arma 3 items.
  5. I mean I already have apex and I think it's a pretty essential dlc to have the only problem is the god awful fps on tanoa I get 20-30 in towns on ultra it isn't nearly as stable fps wise as lingor is not to mention it's free
  6. Well I don't know if any of you saw it but one of the lead Dev's Kegan did a live stream on their new terrain called Vortosk and showed off a lot of the features of the mod you can see it here
  7. If you ask me idk why we still use the crap ass game it's nothing but a big disappointment.
  8. Not of recently look on the desolation redux forums for any information regarding patch releases and announcements.
  9. Here we go boys let's go get us some commie scalps!
  10. If only it would hurry up
  11. Honestly I'm not to excited its only taken them three years working on four right now to get their game out of pre-alpha. Also not to mention that beta means literally nothing to the players it is just a different stage for the dev's and it's just a stepping stone for the game unfortunately dayz has seemed to have broken it's legs on the way to this stone and has had to slowly crawl there for three years.....
  12. Now we just have to wait and then wait a little bit more.....
  13. I don't know why nobody has suggested Panthera or Lingor they both have the same feel as Tanoa but they are FREE and aren't extremely hard to run like Tanoa imo those would be the two go to maps for a jungle island experience. Something else I bet a lot of people did not know is that the dev of Panthera is still updating the map and has added in three new islands and the terrain layout is very similar to that of Tanoa but the best thing is that it is completely free and so I think it would make a better choice to use.