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  1. Mike-Styles

    One Group

    ZBOR No other group provided as high quality Chernarussian military/nationalist RP as Zbor...... Slava Chernarus
  2. Mike-Styles


    I say get rid of it, honestly whose bright idea was it over at BI to add a stamina system to a game that's already an outdated running simulator and remove cars at the same time so your only way to get around is to run... just doesn't seem like the smartest idea to me.
  3. Mike-Styles


    I saw this on the dayz sa forums and looks awesome
  4. Mike-Styles

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    -snip- You're right that probably would help as I have not done that I was just talking about that one goal in particular but it would probably make more sense to me if I did read the lore.
  5. Mike-Styles

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    That goal sounds more like communism than anarchism lol
  6. At this point it really is just a matter of time until things like this make a return into the game. With the server files being released you should be able to add these items back into the game however the only problem is that nobody yet has a super solid grasp on how the loot system works for Dayz Standalone. I've been studying it in particular over other things and I can say I'm completely positive that we can add these items into the game the only problem I'm running into is figuring out setting the spawn rate percentage for certain items. So I guess to sum up you're question is that yes these items can be added to the game but be people need to patient while modders figure out how the new enforce script works along with core systems of Dayz SA such as loot tables, because there currently is no solid documentation of anything so modders are in the dark about a lot of features atm. edit: also I would like to say that I am not a DayzRP dev so the stuff I'm saying is nothing official for this community so I can't tell you if they will be added into this server or not via modding
  7. Mike-Styles

    DayZ Mod poll

  8. Yes the code is based off of the offline mode but I've modified it to fit my needs (i.e. the text). However I did not just open the file and change the dialog text I took out their original file and rebuilt my own dialog using their's as sort of a model, currently I'm working of inserting the DayzRP Logo in the title section as opposed to just the text that says "DayzRP" and adding a link to the forums etc etc. So I guess to answer your question, no this is not just a copy paste of someone else's work and me calling it my own. However you are right I should give credit where credit is due because without the offline mode code I would not have had anything to base my own off of.
  9. Mike's Dev Corner So this a thread that I have been wanting to start for a while, and basically what I plan to do with it is just show off projects that I'm working on and even have some development tutorials for people interested in creating their own content! Some of the topics that I will/can cover and show progress pictures of are: 1.) Dayz Standalone Scripting 2.) Arma 3 Scripting 3.) Terrain Creation 4.) 3D-Modelling 5.) Java Coding (Maybe Python and C++ as well) 6.) Texture Work If you have any suggestions for other topics to be covered please leave them below and I will be sure to take a look at it! Also please feel free to leave any feedback you wish on projects that I've posted, it's all greatly appreciated! Alright so since this is my first showcase on this thread I will start of with something pretty relevant to DayzRP. Since the server files have just gone live I've had time to mess around create a startup welcome menu designed for DayzRP:
  10. Mike-Styles

    DayZ Mod poll

    Please can we have this
  11. I don't understand why people have such a problem with others coming back to the community who were banned over a year and often times even longer than that. Sure they might have done something stupid but at the end of the day people do change and it's always worth giving someone a second chance because you never know what you're missing out on until you try. Also judging at the current popularity of DayzRP I don't see how this could be a bad move, if they screw up ban then again simple as that and if they follow the rules then we gained another player to the server.
  12. I completely agree, you're not gonna fill a server with the people here right now there is a reason that nobody is playing anymore, the server is far to care bear RP and there is no real threat, we need some real old school bandits and hero back!
  13. I Agree with this completely and that's why I'm behind the idea of "DayzWorld" perhaps the arma 2 and arma 3 servers will give us that extra variety we need in DayzRP and I think we should all try and show our support for this project.
  14. I tried to join and got the same error
  15. Mike-Styles

    DayZ World

    I've got to say I was not interested in DayzSA but this is awesome and I will do my best to get in game more.