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  1. Mike-Styles

    S1 Invalid Execution/BadRP | Lopatino | 2019-01-21, 03:58

    Hello so my POV is as follows: While this situation may look bad on my part and my group at the time of this IC'ly it made complete sense to kill Ming maybe not OOC'ly. So to set the stage me and my guys were rolling around earlier today and came across Ming in Kabinino we talked to him for a good while before taking him hostage on the grounds of being a CDF sympathizer. With one of the goals of our group being to cause civil unrest in the nation and hatred among the local populace for their government. Which something that is not mentioned in this report and one way I would call the BadRP void is that about 20 minutes maybe 30 before this happened we provided Ming with at least 30 minutes of RP probably stretching closer to 40. After extensive interrogation of Ming we let him come into the street and had a fist fight with one of our men and after the fight he ran away while the others were trying to revive @tosstheball. If he was let go I'm not sure I was alt-tabbed out at the time but it was my impression that he ran away. So after our first encounter with Ming we were hanging around the triangle and we received IC Intel that someone we weren't sure who was in Lopatino talking to the Free Territory about us "Giving them info on us" were the words used in game so naturally with us being allied with FT we went to go talk to them. However this was not our only reason for coming to Lopatino we had also gotten a radio transmission from FT that their base was about to be under attack so this was the main reason we came was to help them. Once we made it to Lopatino we talked with FT and they said yes a man did come and talk to them and said to them something along the lines of "are you one of the FT commie scum" or something like that claiming we asked him that in the interrogation which is completely false. Then after everything unfolds turns out the guy who talked to FT was Ming the person we just help up in Kab for being a CDF sympathizer and who had already received extensive RP 20 or so minutes prior to this second engagement. Now we found him in Lopatino and this time he was armed again, spreading lies to our allies about us (I can only assume in an attempt to break our ties with them as Ming was previously in FT), possibly running away from being captive earlier, and still being a CDF sympathizer. So with all of the evidence staked against him we took Ming hostage once more and moved him to the church. Now this is the incident on why the report was made which I myself can agree as I already spoke with @Ming formally apologized and told him the RP he received in the church was very poor and should have been carried on a bit longer but I also explained to him why it was not which is what I will do now. So as I've stated earlier we had already given Ming extensive RP and what I would consider to be good RP as well. As we moved into the church we instructed Ming not to talk and he continued too once inside which was why I beat him. Once he started talking back to me I shot him and I understand this in itself is BadRP but if you consider the facts of what happened earlier I would say that BadRP is invalid because we RP'd with Ming for a while. The reason why I killed him so fast was because of the earlier intel that Lop was about to be under attack by an unknown group of people which turned out to be Ming's Dynamic so I was not trying to get all of my men caught out in the wide open of the church with a hostage in a fight it would surely be a death sentence for everyone in there. So in my mind as everything was starting to fall apart and the attack was beginning I shot him so the rest of my men could get back to the safety of the compound and not be caught in the wide open with a hostage who was a member of the attacking group. Finally as I stated at the very beginning of this POV I may not have had OOC rights to kill Ming but I sure did have IC reasons to execute him and for me personally I take IC before OOC if it doesn't make sense to do it IC then I'm not gonna do it because in my mind that's BadRP. Something else I would like to point out is that this very situation is an outlying occurrence in our group and not a reflection of our style of RP, if you were to speak with almost anyone who has come into contact with us IC'ly they can tell you that we as a group provide extensive and excellent RP. Me personally since I am one of the leaders of the group I'm usually leading the RP and so that gives me only more examples of good RP because chances are if people run into us I'm talking to them and overall I would say we have had WAY more good RP encounters than we have bad ones like this and I would go as far as to call it a slip-up on my part. During my time at DayzRP I have never received a single warning point and I have always tried to steer clear of trouble and as far as this situation goes I'm sorry it ended the way it did @Ming but perhaps you can at least see why I did what I did. Last but not least a final note on the re-logging situation, as stated earlier by @tosstheball I lag out of the game constantly and get kicked for BE Client not responding so I can assure you it was not combat logging. As for why it took me so long to re-log well for some reason DayzSA HATES my computer and almost everytime I get kicked from the server my entire game freezes and goes in-responsive so I have to open a task manager, close the game and the launcher like that, then re-open the dayz launcher in steam and then launch the game again, find the server and reconnect.
  2. Mike-Styles

    Map Extension

    Well as cool as your idea and I would love to do it, the way you propose this idea is fundamentally impossible. We could expand the map by creating an entirely new map with new additions which is EXTREMELY time consuming you’re looking at give or take 1-2 years of development for a proper terrain depending on how many people are actively working on it. I’ve proposed an idea before to Jim about starting a new terrain project as it is my favorite type of development but sadly he said him and rolle were not interested in a new terrain. If at any point this decision does change and there is a larger support for development of a new terrain I would absolutely love to being work on it ASAP. Hopefully this answers your question about terrain expansion.
  3. GLHF....... but fr good luck with the group the ranking structure is pretty cool and the art as well! I'll look forward to rp'ing with you guys in game.
  4. Mike-Styles

    Database error

    No fix at the moment, stay patient and it will be resolved!
  5. Yes this is being actively worked on so have no fear a fix will be here soon
  6. This has been previously stated but the ultimate goal of the DayzRP Mod is to have our own custom content and to be independent from other mod creators. Because when you are dependent on other content creators that opens the door to a whole host of problems such as licencing changes, copyright violations, just a general increase of bugs on the server due to other content creators not ensuring that their content is working properly, and then finally it increases the complexity to get into the server by having a host of external mods that are constantly being updated at different rates then our own mods and this is something we wish to keep as simple as possible. The only real way that these things will be run on our server is if the creator is willing to give us complete rights to their work and allow us to repack the content within our own mod which in most cases is considered theft unless there is explicit permission (which is usually extremely hard to get). With all of that being said I really do enjoy the dayz plus mod and perhaps instead of adding it to to the server we will use it as inspiration to make our own content!
  7. Mike-Styles

    Higher Server Cap?

    I'm sorry to squash your hopes of 150-175 players but dayz only allows for servers up to 127 slots (weird number I know). In my personal opinion anything over 100 players is pushing it to the limit of sacrificing performance and server stability for the sake of 27 more slots and is not worth it, if more slots are required then we should just put up a second server.
  8. That was a really good time and I enjoyed it a lot!
  9. Try updating your DayzRP mod files if this does not work then try verifying the integrity of your dayz game files. If this doesn't work let me or someone else know! Edit: Also in the current state of the server you will need the Chernarus Winter map to play on the server which you can find on the steam workshop, just subscribe to it and load that mod as well as the DayzRP mod in your Dayz Launcher.
  10. This is very true, if you feel you've been unfairly griefed bring it to staff attention but if it was just a base raid and your stuff got stolen don't report it.
  11. Mike-Styles

    Settlement Protections

    I can give a +1 to this there absolutely needs to be some sort of settlement protection because without it there is no point in setting one up as it is the envy of everyone and dog brains like yongo shooty shooty all the time so they will go there continually and ruin the rp location
  12. Don’t worry my friend there is far more eastern equipment on the way