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  1. One of the best experiences I ever had playing DAYZ... Yes im new in community but this was just unforgetable expierience... Big thanks for @Marcoooz , @Grimnir and others... if i would know your names i would put it here... So grab a popcorn and enjoy the show i guess... ;D
  2. wanted to feel real man for once! all sorted anyways...my own fail..woop woop!
  3. and u almost got me eaten in begining...:D loved it! Cant wait Waterboy to meet your new character...:D U guys was awesome! Just dont u dare call me a cripple! ;D Im still new around the server so some responds was late...but better late than newer i guess...:)
  4. Dude That was so awesome...waterboy actualy made it! Did not expect to survive this one... first person which helped the cripple...i seen u fall my dier friend and i back to revenge your death but was to late all was gone...:D
  5. I got pm from @APureGamer which explained some of the rules and couple other things...I understand why this happened now... if u can please close the report (i guess all this was just big miss understanding) thanks for your time...!
  6. My plan was just to make shure hes not a hostile in first place and act like im a psychopat which cant gain friends because everyone afraid of him...i wasnt even planing to rob him or kill him in first place ...just wanted to scare him for a bit... i probably dont even want him banned because that was kinda my own fault, i let him raise his gun and kill me...wasnt paying to mutch attention to his actions,was more focused on rp and just wanted to have fun role play at the time...;D
  7. Server and location: S1 EU Tissy Military tents. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03/02/2017 (22:00 aprox) Your in game name: Rendell King Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: All was so quickly coulndt find out... Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: was trying to role play as a psychopath but did not had a chance ..as soon as i asked him lay on the ground he just killed me by saying nothing...as seen in the video above...
  8. Yo what is going on everybody? I just been rejected of my background story. Im keeping myself a creative person and i write 4 background stories of my characters ( because i have some ideas and want to play a different type of character if I die). I think admins dont like this my idea and rejected me. if u dont like this my idea pls tell me what kinda of background story u expect from players? Btw Im kinda not happy i have to do all over again and waith so mutch time ...
  9. Sounds cool man! I already want to meet him and teach him some stuff:D