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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I am aware of this. The sheet has already changed. It's an older photo from when I first started out with my character and only wanted it to be shown as an example because I still had it lying around on my PC (and because i'm lazy). However taking things like this to teamspeak is ofcourse always great. I might add that to the list as a "tool". I'll update the photo someday with a new sheet
  2. Arastides Mendez

    Arastides Grew up in Mexico City. He was the middle born of his siblings. He had one older brother, Bonifacio, that was mentally unstable and one younger sister whom was young and sweet. He never got to know his father but his mother ,Beatriz, was a stern woman. She tried her best to get enough food on the table but life was hard for a mother on her own with two children back then. It did not take long before Arastides got into touch with the underground crime of Mexico City. Trying to earn some money doing dirty work for drug cartels to help his mother pay the bills. Arastides has always lied to his mother about the work he did, saying he worked as a engineer. However just when Arastides started to become a made man within his organisation, his mom found out about the lies. She send Arastides away, not wanting him close to her youngest daughter, fearing he might be a bad influence. Beatriz was heartbroken. Her eldest son was close to being a retard and her middle son is part of a cartel. Arastides also had a hard time coping with the new situation. He bought a new house somewhere in Mexico City and continued his work with the cartel, Rising in ranks and respect, though keeping an eye on his family should they need his help. His help was not needed for another 20 years until suddenly his oldest brother dissapeared. Bonifacio was gone.
  3. *updated list with Google Translate and a personal example*
  4. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    Show definately got worse when they got past the books but I'm invested in some of the characters and would like to know how it ends for them. Also some of the battles are a joy to watch.
  5. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    Jon Snow TheRedOne
  6. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    u wot m8?
  7. Really enjoyed our RP today. Will never forget some of the crazy stuff that happened today. @Grim @Borat @APTerminator @coughman @GodOfInternetLag Great RP. I hope I didn't forget anyone or put in the wrong names
  8. Svoboda Brigada

    Love it. Hope to meet you soon!
  9. IGN: Bonifacio Mendéz Country: Character: Mexico Player: Netherlands English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: About 200 hrs but long ago DayZ Standalone Experience: 300+ hrs but I'm still learning things Roleplaying Experience: Signed up in 2013 but didn't really do well. Mostly played myself. Since end of January this year really started RPíng. Joined 3 different groups since then (CDF 22nd Phantoms, Socialist State and Res Publica) What kind of In Game role best describes you: Not really sure what to say here. I mostly play it for the RP but I do not mind a occasional firefight. I can hold my own decently in PVP. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yep. Like I said. CDF 22nd Phantoms, Socialist State and Res Publica. Additional notes: I take my character seriously even though he might seem a bit comical. Best way to contact you: PM me Backstory: Bonifacio has never been much of a worker. When he was still a kid back in Mexico city his mom would beat him with a broom for taking too many siestas (short naps). This lazyness Bonifacio had didn't help him in his school career. Eventually the best job he managed to get was janitor duty at one of the local schools in Mexico City. However, anyone who thought that only children could get expelled from school were soon surprised. Bonifacio managed to get expelled as a employee of the same school he attended as a kid. Bonifacio was caught sleeping in a dumpster. he had apparently been reading history books about the ancient roman empire. However the teacher that caught him was the same teacher he had when Bonifacio was a kid and he felt sorry for him. The teacher pleaded to the headmaster not to fire Bonifacio but instead expell him for a short time. Bonifacio used this time to go on a vacation to what he thaught was Italy. He got into contact with one of the cartels of Mexico city because he couldn't afford a flight ticket. The cartel told him that they would give him this vacation to Italy if he swallowed some condoms with white powder, they then quickly set him on a plane, this plane did not go to Italy though, the cartel tricked Bonifacio into traveling to Chernarus. They even told him that the man he was meeting in Chernarus was a tourist guide but in reality he was of course part of the entire drug operation. The "tourist guide" took Bonifacio's drugs, beat him up and kicked him out on the streets of Novigrad. Bonifacio didn't know what to do and was left to his own in a big city that he did not know and where he didn't speak the common tongue. Luckily after a few days he met a man whom was a professor at the University of Novigrad. His name, Professor Alexander Riley. The professor felt sorry for Bonifacio and took him under his wing. Landing him a job as a janitor at the university where he also taught Bonifacio about the ancient Roman Republic. Slowly the professor turned Bonifacio in a loyal follower the roman ways. Eventually Bonifacio got assigned as a personal servant to Stranus Tanatius Brevis whom he still serves till this day.
  10. Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Lore Event No. 1 - Operace Orel

    Winner, winner cheese dinner?
  11. *Bonifacio presses down the PTT* *A happy, high pitched, man with a heavy spanish accent speaks in to the radio* Ola señor Vasi! Que Pasa! My name is Bonifacio, but you can call me Boni, however some señors also call me bones or mexican, no me importa. You should come to this town of Novy Sobor. There are these hombres walking around with blue armbands. They really muy bien! They fight like diablos and be muy muy nice to Bonifacio! They help you, yes!? *Bonifacio let's go of the PTT*
  12. DayZRP Graveyard [Perma'd Characters]

    I really like this idea! Name: Lech Popov When: Day 267 03-April-2018 Where: Isolated Church south of Severograd How: Execution by Ex-Socialists, Anarchy and Solntsevskaya Bratva Members If anyone wants to know the real story, you can find it here:
  13. I wouldn't mind a "bullet sponge" bear. There always has to be a balance between realism and gameplay. These changes are ofcourse added by DayZ devs for their normal servers and not with RP in mind but right now you're more safe in wildlands than in towns with buggy zombies that can one-hit you. So if the Devs add something like this then it is to add danger to the wildlands for the more "fully geared" players.
  14. Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Lore Event No. 1 - Operace Orel

    Whoops. Seems like I made a mistake
  15. Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Lore Event No. 1 - Operace Orel

    Yes I would like to know this as well. Is this also available for dynamic groups? Because @Major I read you want as many people participating in this event as possible or do you mean the overal event series? Looks awesome btw!