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  1. According to the examples on the site, I'm close to being Ghandi...
  2. barto300

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I voted yes. But I still think we should switch to a more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. kind of lore where south zegoria is a zone while the rest of the world is normal. This would allow for much more diverse characters and give people the ability to still create a newbie survivor 1000+ days in.
  3. barto300

    201 Chernorusskiy Aviatsionnyy Shturmovoy Polk (CASh) [Recruitment Open]

    Great stuff, guys. Hope to see you around!
  4. To each their own ? I do like GoT A LOT and I understand why you would like it more. Stranger Things is indeed not WAY better, fixed that now. The only reason why I like Stranger Things more is because I don't constantly have to be paranoid about a lot of people I like dying, wich takes me out of it.
  5. I don't really have a single favourite. So I selected the best I know. It's not in a particular order. Like I said. I don't know which I like best. 1: Merlin: Older tv show but is also finished, so excelent for binge watching. Great commedy, fantasy and story. Tad bad on the CGI in the first two seasons. 2: Stranger Things: This show is just the fucking shit. Way better than any Walking Dead or whatever other mainstream show (Aside maybe GoT) 3: Twelve Monkeys: Trailer does not do the series justice. Great show with a lot of tension. Well thought out show about time traveling without many loopholes. 4: iZombie: Great show and really really funny. 5: Limitless: Really fun show. Sadly had only 1 season.
  6. I read them often even when I'm on a break from DayzRP. They're a nice source of info for rules and how they can be broken in multiple ways.
  7. barto300

    Well... time to go finally.

    Goodluck out there, dude!
  8. barto300

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Old rules - sure Bring back banned people - Yes for certain(minus the truly rotten apples whom just want to see DayzRP burn). DayzRP needs more people and I think that the player influx when beta starts will not last. There's just not enough players around anymore and this is not solely because DayZ is shit or people needing a different game. I think DayzRP needs to think about either sticking to their principles or making a risk for the greater good. People are banned/leaving faster than people joining it and staying around. Just my opinion.
  9. barto300

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    oh my god, where to start..You pick the worst one. Please remember. Some of these things happened when I was much younger as I've been playing games since a young age. I've probably forgotten a few but me and my friends are still terrible people at times. 1:Age of empires - 3 Player FFA with my friends. One of my friends was winning so in a last effort me and my other friend joined forces through diplomacy, built a wonder and walled it up to the brim before our friend realised. We won because of the wonder. 2: Arma: Cold War Assault - Spend together with a friend nearly 45 minutes in a lobby waiting for it to fill up. When the game finally started we noticed that everyone spawned close together so we threw nades into our entire team. Almost everyone died and those whom didn't we shot down. Immediately got kicked and banned from the server. 3: Blackwake - Picked largest ship so to have most chance of many people joining our ship. Then procedeed to only ram enemy ships never allowing crew members to fire their canons. 4: Counter Strike - Too many to count but here are some examples. Blocking players while they're escaping nades, molotovs and flashes. Blocking on surf maps, Strat Roulette with unwilling teammates, Zeus only in comp match, etc. 5: Dayz - None I've always played a goodguy. 6: Any Racing game (Grid, Dirt, GTA, F1, Mario Kart, Forza, Project Cars, Wreckfest) - Driving in opposite direction. Purposefully ramming players that complain about ramming. 7: Don't Starve - Burning down a few days old camp within a few seconds. 8: Any Sandbox game (Elder Scrolls/Fallout/Hitman/Kingdom Come) - Killing everybody and anything else everyone does. 9: Gmod - Using Admin power for personal gain. 10: Walking Dead games - Purposefully hating on kenny on every possible moment. 11: Crusader Kings - Anything you do in that game is something gruesome or terrible. 12: Killing Floor - My friends and I joined a random server and started playing. One random dude joined the server and filled it up, however a other friend wanted to join that same server. So we votekicked that dude out so our friend could join. The dude we votekicked immediately rejoined and wrote something like "It was not smart to votekick the admin you %&%@^$*%@#" and instantly banned us all from the server. One of the best Killing Floor sessions i've ever had. 13: Another Counterstrike - We have quite a large group of gaming friends. When we get enough players we sometimes play CsGo and join a casual server and join the same team. When that's done we have a overwhelming advantage in team votes, so we proceed to votekick every player that joins our team as soon as they enter the server. 14: Total War Co-op Campaign - Me and My buddy are allies and take over the world. But I'm more powerfull. We decided we go to war when everything belongs to us or our allies. So we declare war. All of his allies join my side, his client states rebel against him and unbeknownst to him I had already send agents to everything belonging to him and had a massive invasion force. I took his capital easily and won the entire campaign. Here I am (Playing as Massilia) preparing to invade England. And many many more like purposefully ganking on anyone that's new to a certain games (girls not excluded). Yeah... I can be a dick online but most of the time we only pick on people that (we think) deserve it.
  10. barto300

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    I think the lore should just switch to a different kind of lore. A lore where people can play characters whom are both new to a apocalypse and veterans, civilians and military. This has probably already been suggested but I think it's in the best interest for DayzRP to switch to a more S.T.A.L.K.E.R.esc lore where Chernarus is a dangerous exclusion zone like Chernobyl is in the Stalker games. This would allow for factions standing up trying to control/destroy the zone, civilians already living inside the zone but also outside of it, private companies wanting stuff from the zone, etc. I am not saying there should be anomaly's and artefacts laying around. It could still just be a apocalypse but this time inside a exclusion zone. This would make the apocalypse alien to different countries and outside politics can flow into the zone with varying countries trying to take control of the zone for "research purposes" or other reasons. Civilians can come from all walks of live and from different countries. Civilians might be searching for: Mutated items that could hold the properties to cure the sick (family, friends, etc), be worth a lot of money outside the zone (personal gain, debts, etc). Civilians might also be searching for family/friends/colleagues or they could already be living there and not have the ability to leave. Having a "zone" lore like this could remove the need for a date/time and could remove stagnation. There is always a possibility for people new to the zone to enter and veterans to the zone to already be there. Characters can leave when they want and return to their homes in other countries after they (un)succesfully reached their goal instead of having to live on in the apocalypse forever. There's a lot of unique characters that people can come up with, different to the zombie apocalypse characters we already know. I don't think many people might agree with this Idea but I do think this is the best solution to the time problem we have. I think there is need for a lore that allows both new people to the apocalypse and veterans to the apocalypse, Factions that are still the quite the same to the ones we already have and yet have the possibility to give it a different twist with other lore to back it up. But that's just what I think.
  11. barto300

    D&D/Table Top RPGs Mega Thread

    I like it! I take it most people here use Roll20 so if any DM's need an artist to make a map for his/her group, I'm available. Ofcourse the maps will be done when they're done as I also have other stuff to do. Here's my (Shameless plug) deviantart page so you can check for yourself if you like the map styles. Because I'm that kind of DM whom likes to have all art I use on Roll20 to fit together nicely. (I already have some LMoP maps on listed) https://www.deviantart.com/barto300
  12. barto300

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #CloneWarsSaved Thread

    Hmm, I loved the mandalore stuff.
  13. barto300

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #CloneWarsSaved Thread

    Definately gonna watch this. But I hope they don't change too much. CW was at times really dark and harsh. They should keep that in.
  14. barto300

    Guess who's alive ;)

    Welcome back, dude!
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