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  1. Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Aaaw.. I really like this feature but I understand why it's gone.
  2. I enjoyed it too! Never really been in a group so this was quite new for me, but i enjoyed it a lot!
  3. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms

  4. Murder on the streets of Novaya!

    Sure! I'll be there!
  5. Any friendly people left?

  6. Murder on the streets of Novaya!

    I'm willing to join in! We already met at the Kelsey boxing match (right?). I'm Lech the Cop. The date seems a bit far away for me tbh as I am not sure wether my character will still be alive then.
  7. Any friendly people left?

    36 Hours on my new character and still haven't been robbed. But that might change now that I've said it. However I met a lot of people on the road yesterday and only one seemed a bit scetchy. Only time I got close to hostile players was with the Kelsey Brothers's boxing match wich got attacked. I can't seem to be able to find any Pub building in Pulkovo. The only pub I found is between Green Mountain and Sosnovka.
  8. The Kelsey Brothers Present: Open Ring Night


    Didn't expect the event to end the way it did... Still, quite the event
  9. Can I join your group?

  10. Lech Popov

    (WIP) Lech was born to a priest father and a mother he never got to know. His Father (Misha) was a strict man, Priest at the Chernogorsk Church and a hated man by the community. About 25 years ago Misha forgot his religious bonds when het met Lech's mother, never having felt the loving touch of a woman before, he couldn't resist her charm. Nine months later Misha had a son that he couldn't explain and he would never love. Growing up Lech had a hard youth. His father was stern as Lech was a living reminder of his failure as a servant to god. Though Lech was hated by his father, the community had other opinions. Lech was loved by the community for his friendlyness, hard work and effort. Many community members knew about Lech's mother and never blamed Lech for being a failure. Though no-one ever told Lech about his mother as they thought Misha should be the one to tell him about it. However, that day will probably never come.
  11. Is everyone ex-military?

    This might be a reason for me to play a chernarussian character when/if the lore wipe happens. But I secretly hope they do not yet start with the wipe because I also quite enjoy the character I am right now. Oh well.
  12. Is everyone ex-military?

    This charact would be a soldier I wouldn't mind meeting. If anything I like the idea of being a CDF member the most interesting one as I have a feeling that most surivors are foreigners to Chernarus. I wonder how many people play a real chernarussian. I suppose most of em would be among the civilians.
  13. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Hunger and hypothermia. Just started playing a few weeks ago and didn't know about all the new features. Also everything was already looted and raining. Hard times...
  14. Is everyone ex-military?

    I'm happy to see some people still walk around with fun an unique characters. I think most people that are atleast a bit active here in the community would have a fun character and I hope to run into you guys. But I do hope the lore wipe will genorate some new and exciting characters and groups. I don't really mind if every player is completely unique as long as there is variaty. It's fun to never know what you run in to when you meet someone instead of hoping that it's not another military dude or bandit with a face mask.
  15. DayZRP is Alive: Stay With It

    I'm playing a lot right now, enjoying myself. One of my friends might even join in and even my girlfriend might take a chance to play. I love this RP as I think it's the way DayZ is (more) meant to be played and not just some Deathmatch on a very large map with a few survival features.