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  1. Depending on what's possible with the engine. I think it's usefull for character developement to have more "personal" weapons and maybe even clothing? If it is possible to spray paint building objects then I think it should be limited to a more "graffity" approach.
  2. Good luck, boys! No mexicans around this time though ? Slava Chernarus!
  3. Ah, nevermind. I thought I forgot to put you in xD
  4. So I found this footage somewhere on my harddrive and I decided to share it. I myself enjoyed watching it again and maybe others would too? It's one of my favourite RP sessions as a hotage ever. This footage is about my Mexican Character, Bonifacio (Boni) being taken hostage. He's a sweet, uneducated but innocent guy that just always gets in touch with the wrong type of people. He is easily manipulated and pushed around. But he is also capable of robbing your heart with his innocence and his sweet personality. A man such as Bonifacio is too honest and friendly for the harsh apocalypse and it was a matter of time before he finally met the people that are immune to his friendly, uneducated but caring personality. After having just joined a cult, Bonifacio immediately gets into trouble with enemies of the said cult. Bonifacio thaught that the cult were just some friendly guys wanting a better world. But in reality they had just tortured a member of the racist Svoboda Movement. But Boni did not know this. Boni woke up at the place where he had the initiation and immediately got to meet the Svoboda in person. Boni being the friendly guy that he is started a conversation with some of the men of this group but things soon got out of hand. I'm not sure anymore who all the soldiers were but I'll tag the ones I think were there (banned people included). If i'm wrong then I'll edit it ? @Sylva @Spanners @Wyoming @groovy stannis @Jack Rees-Mountbatten Some of you had already seen the video. This is just a reupload with a few edits to clean it up but maybe you'll guys also get some enjoyment out of it. Here's the video: At some point I accidently stopped recording but nothing Important was lost, luckily.
  5. I just watched the Arma 3: Contact - Sandbox Trailer. The DLC will introduce a new country called Livonia. Now, Arma 3 has nothing to do with DayzRP but I did wonder. Will Livonia also be part of the DayzRP lore? If not...What if the DayZ dev team start adding in Livonia Billboards like the Sahrani billboard? If so, will Livonian characters be allowed on the server and fit the lore?
  6. What I use to limit myself from being too much of anything is to just pick an outfit. I want all my characters to be memorable for the people I meet. I want others that i've already met to recognize me as soon as they see me. That's why I ALWAYS have an outfit for my character. Especially when I played as one of my Sombrero wearing Mexicans. Having a certain look stops you from searching for camo clothing and it also makes me adjust the weapons I have to look good and fit with the type of clothing I have. My fat mexican Janitor never wore any military clothing and only had a simple civilian rifle with him because it would look stupid having him walking around with the clothing he had and a big AK on his back. But not everyone wants to play a character that is already a veteran survivor. Some people like to have their characters learn stuff as they play.
  7. I never really liked playing military, seemed too tryhard for me. So far i've played: - Myself. Dutch guy on vacation (Early DayZRP times, Normal civilian clothing) - Chernarussian Police Officer (Perma-Killed, Wears Police Uniform) - Mexican Ex-Cartel Member (Wears a Sombrero and Leather Jacket) - Mexican Janitor (Wears a Sombrero with any Civilian Clothing) - Chernarussian Store Security (Current Character, still working on the outfit)
  8. barto300


    You've probably contracted Cholera. You need "Tetracycline Pills" to cure it. One of my characters had this disease 3 days ago and I also had this issue. Problem is... a lot of the pills lying around have the same model and no description. So try to find pills with the name "Tetracycline Pills". When they started working I got a small icon of a capsule next to the sickness icon. I hope this helps.
  9. According to the examples on the site, I'm close to being Ghandi...
  10. I voted yes. But I still think we should switch to a more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. kind of lore where south zegoria is a zone while the rest of the world is normal. This would allow for much more diverse characters and give people the ability to still create a newbie survivor 1000+ days in.
  11. To each their own ? I do like GoT A LOT and I understand why you would like it more. Stranger Things is indeed not WAY better, fixed that now. The only reason why I like Stranger Things more is because I don't constantly have to be paranoid about a lot of people I like dying, wich takes me out of it.
  12. I don't really have a single favourite. So I selected the best I know. It's not in a particular order. Like I said. I don't know which I like best. 1: Merlin: Older tv show but is also finished, so excelent for binge watching. Great commedy, fantasy and story. Tad bad on the CGI in the first two seasons. 2: Stranger Things: This show is just the fucking shit. Way better than any Walking Dead or whatever other mainstream show (Aside maybe GoT) 3: Twelve Monkeys: Trailer does not do the series justice. Great show with a lot of tension. Well thought out show about time traveling without many loopholes. 4: iZombie: Great show and really really funny. 5: Limitless: Really fun show. Sadly had only 1 season.
  13. I read them often even when I'm on a break from DayzRP. They're a nice source of info for rules and how they can be broken in multiple ways.
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