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  1. Matt Crawfield [Backstory]

    [About him] His name is Matt Crawfield, he's a 24 year old and he was a good-hearted man and loved the rush and adventure in life. Because of this love he took on the role of being a Journalist with a camera man to explore the truth about the countries lies the government is telling them. [His Story] After reporting a riot in Chernarus, a CDF soldier handcuffs him and does the same to his camera man. As he is being rushed through the crowd with handcuffs behind his back, his camera man is lost during the commotion. As he is struggling to get free from his confines, he gets tossed to the ground and beaten. He is beaten to the point of being unconscious, bruised and scraped up. He is brought in a boat and token to prison. After the CDF soldiers toss him in prison and confiscate his belongings he is now stuck in a filthy, moldy, and rotten smelling cell. After a few hours he wakes up with a headache on prison island south of Komarovo and Kamenka. He was a Journalist from The United States of America, he traveled to Chernarus because of the news of riots and police brutalities from the CDF soldiers. being in the cell for 11 days of isolation he starts to hear gunshots and cries of other men and women. The prisons sirens go off and the barred doors slowly starts to open. he is standing there in shock seeing other people doing the same as him. In Russian, a man is speaking loudly over the intercom. he doesn't speak Russian very well, but he sees everyone running out the cell, so he does the same as them. Running behind the crowd of escaping prisoners everyone stops in suspense at what seems to be a man crouched over a CDF solider with a blood covered mouth and chunks of skin and meat in his mouth. The man turns his head slowly and beings to stand up and sprint over to the fugitives. It almost looks as if it was apart of a horror movie, as the infected being jumps onto the man in the front of the crowd he starts to chomp on his neck with blood spilling out over people around him. Everyone screams in fear and runs around like chickens with their heads cut off. He stands in shock of what's going on and gains his space again and makes his way to the front door. He slams the large prison doors behind him along with the scream coming from the area. He looks around to see a boat on the shore line, it looks to be like a wooden row boat. The first thoughts that come to his mind are to escape this damned island. He jumps onto the row boat and takes the oar inside of it. He beings to travel towards the shore bewteen Kamenka and Komarovo. After two and a half hours he finds himself on the shore line and jumps onto the boat and lies on the ground in tears. This is where his story begins.