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  1. pipewr3nch

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    How about you add 20 years? With that I mean that that July 5th 2017 in real life would be July 5th 2037 in DayZRP. This could give us the chance to create characters who are adults, but have never seen things like a working TV etc before.
  2. pipewr3nch

    chernarus currency (post outbreak)

    What about 9V Batteries? They seem fairly rare to me, and also have a kind of RP use.
  3. Vojtech is fluent in German as his mother was from West Germany. He is also good in English and can speak a bit of Russian.
  4. Welcome to Chernarus Jay!
  5. Hello everyone! I've been playing DayZ Standalone since early 2014 but I'm quite new to the DayZRP server, and I'm absolutely looking forward to have some friendly or maybe not so friendly interactions with other survivors!