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  1. My story began in July 2017. There were rumors about an infection of some sorts spreading in my homecountry, but I thought my family and me would not get affected by it. Everything changed on July 10th however. I came back home from work, like every other day, but something was wrong. Usually my mother would have already made dinner for me and my father, but not today. I heard loud and strange noises from upstairs, then a scream. That was my father. I ran upstairs and tried to enter my parents bedroom, the door was locked however. I heard more screams. I jumped against the door, again and again, trying everything I could do to open it. Then I jumped again, and after I heard a loud crack I finally opened the door. But then I saw what happened. My father was lying on the ground, dead, with blood coming out of his body. My own mother killed my father. "Mami, co se kurva děje?! (Mom, what the fuck is going on?!)" I yelled, but I didn't get an answer. Her eyes were red, full of blood. Suddenly she jumped at me, trying to scratch and bite me. I pushed her away, but then she attacked me again. I grabbed her by her throat and head, trying to keep her off me. But she kept attacking me, and in a burst of fear, shock and sense of survival I broke her neck. She immediately collapsed. Realizing what the fuck I just did, I pushed her away from me. I was in shock. For hours I just sat there, shaking. "Právě jsem zabil mou matku. Právě jsem zabil mou matku. Právě jsem zabil mou matku... (I just killed my mother)." I said this over and over again. One and a half years have passed since then. I still can't forget what happened. But now it's time for me to get my shit together, and try to survive in this hell.
  2. pipewr3nch


    The CDF (Chernarussian Defence Forces) were the armed forces of Chernarus NAPA (National Party) was a ultra-nationalistic and militant party The ChDKZ (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star) was a communist organization made up of a russian minority living in the northern parts of South Zagoria
  3. pipewr3nch

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Looking forward for it! James Byrne
  4. pipewr3nch

    In game Premium poll

    But how many people still play the mod?
  5. pipewr3nch

    In game Premium poll

    No. First of all I am pretty sure Bohemia already said no to such things in the first place, and second, it's giving people unfair advantages over others. I am okay with perks on this website, as long I am not forced to pay for them, but I already paid my fair share for the base game. A system like this, even if it's just raincoats, would be pay-to-win in my opinion.
  6. pipewr3nch

    Xans in game lol?

    Like this? Needs the drug's name though
  7. July 15th 2017 was supposed to be a relatively normal and boring day for me. I was part of the United States Marine Corps. 15th MEU, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines to be more specific. I was stationed on board of the LHD-4, or USS Boxer, and we were cruising in the Green Sea, near the Chernarussian coast. We heard about a virus spreading through Chernarus, infecting large portions of the countries population. We were save on our ship. Or at least so we thought. I was lying in my bunk, listening to music. Out of nowhere I heard a loud scream. I rushed out of my bunk to see what happened, and I saw a fellow marine, lying unconcious on the ground. He was missing a big part of his shoulder, and I ran towards the body, screaming for a corpsman. Then I saw another one of my mates, pale as snow and with blood around his mouth. "What the fuck is going on?!" I screamed, but I didn't get a response. Suddenly he ran towards me and jumped onto me. He was trying to bite me, but I was holding open his jaws with my hands. I was able to push him away from me, and shortly before he was able to attack a second time, he fell to the ground. A fellow Marine helped me standing up, and another one was pointing his smoking gun at the corpse of my attacker. "What the hell was that?" I asked the sergeant. He told me he didn't know. Out of nowhere, we heard multiple screams and gunshots. Then silence. "Are you alright?!" I screamed, hoping to get an answer. Suddenly a group of seven or eight people slowly walked around the corner. They looked just as pale as my attacker. The guy who rescued me unloaded his magazine into them. Two died, but now the rest of the group ran towards us, so we decided to make a run. We heard an announcement from the ships captain. He ordered the ships crew to run towards the rear end of the ship for evacuation. We followed his order with the group of attackers still following us. The three of us were able to make it, and tightly closed the hatch behind us. We were exhausted, as we just ran through the whole ship. "What happened to them?" I asked, still out of breath. "I think they've been infected with the virus" said the Marine that saved my life. I took a look around, and noticed that only a fraction of the crew made it to the well deck. Not long after the evacuation started. Not more than around 100 marines, as well as some crew members made it to the well deck. We boarded two LCACs, and left the ship. I took a last look at the ship. Slowly we were moving towards the coast. But suddenly I heard a scream. The people on the crowded landing craft panicked, and a few including me jumped of. I hit my head and... ...I awake on a beach with a massive headache. It's night time, and I have nothing on me but my radio and my clothes. This is where my story begins.
  8. pipewr3nch

    Lore poll

    I have a suggestion to make regarding the time and lore. In some ads found around Chernarus you can still see that something was about to happen in 2009. If lore starts in 2018 that would mean that those signs haven't been updated for more than nine years. My idea now is, that the "DayZ" timeline could be an alternate timeline from the one in the Armaverse. In this timeline during the war of 2009 someone (maybe the Chedaki or NaPa) released a virus, a biological weapon. This virus then infected most of the Chernorussian population, causing the zombie apocalypse.
  9. pipewr3nch

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    How about you add 20 years? With that I mean that that July 5th 2017 in real life would be July 5th 2037 in DayZRP. This could give us the chance to create characters who are adults, but have never seen things like a working TV etc before.
  10. pipewr3nch

    chernarus currency (post outbreak)

    What about 9V Batteries? They seem fairly rare to me, and also have a kind of RP use.
  11. pipewr3nch

    A random fact about your character (s)!

    Vojtech is fluent in German as his mother was from West Germany. He is also good in English and can speak a bit of Russian.
  12. Hello everyone! I've been playing DayZ Standalone since early 2014 but I'm quite new to the DayZRP server, and I'm absolutely looking forward to have some friendly or maybe not so friendly interactions with other survivors!