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  1. alainez123

    Attempted KOS / Invalid Initiation - S1 - 01/27/2016 - 9:00pmEST

  2. alainez123

    Attempted KOS / Invalid Initiation - S1 - 01/27/2016 - 9:00pmEST

    My pov is that I was playing I was around the VMC and being on radio with danph7 he tells me that he has initiated on the car and that they tried to run him over me being 500 meters away l was forced to help him after his yelling on the radio this was after enemy shots were fired at him I opened up on Somone I wasn't there for the initiation but me being in his group after he told me that they traded shots I had no other choice than to help Dan I don't know why he keeps fighting this thread he's just prolonging his ban and possibly mine
  3. alainez123

    Attempted KOS / Invalid Initiation - S1 - 01/27/2016 - 9:00pmEST

  4. what happened in this situation was my friend will was being robbed in broad daylight a group of survivors witnessed him being robbed or being taken hostage since i was in the group of survivors watching my friend get taken hostage they were holding my friend at gun point after they told the group of survivors to back off i kept a a line of sight with them stealthy walking in the trees after they pitched the tent they brought my friend will inside and started interrogate him at gun point so i did what any one would do to a friend in trouble i shot and killed one of them will is part of my group and me and my comrades saw him getting taken away at gun point which is a hostile threat towards him
  5. i took the first shot killed one i was in that group watching you rob my friend i didn't intervene until you dragged him into that tent and pointed a gun at him you took him hostage i saw you walk him into a tent i took action and killed one of yall
  6. Can you give the names of your two other friends so they can post their POV? Which one of you was the one who had robbed me previously before the firefight? Keaton Capone
  7. my bad man i didn't confirm rookie mistake when the guy bolted away my mind was set on killing anyone who had a gun stupid mistake honestly
  8. i take full responsibility for this situation it was my fault for not confirming the target i thought they were a full group thats why i engaged more a less it was a really bad call by me Al Margheriti