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  1. Name: Hung Lee Level of English: 1st Language Character Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters?view=5406 Preferred style of RP: semi-aggressive, friendly until provoked, used to do a lot of banditry. Why do you wish to join: IC: Hung Lee is the kind of guy who wants a community to be a part of, preferably one where he can hunt again and be useful in a relatively non-violent way. Bearing this in mind, Hung is also a good fighter, trained unofficially by Ukrainian paramilitary forces, he can lend an aspect of protection to the group, and his experience in foreign relations for roughly 5 years will help with any diplomacy. His past experience of groups has led him to commit murder and theft far more than he would like, and he wishes to change this and find purpose. OOC: just come off a big break, none of my old mates are still around, need a new bunch and you guys seemed pretty cool. Experience in DayZRP: Been a member for roughly 11 months, with two characters during that time. Been affiliated with multiple groups but never properly joined due to character limitations. Also no bans . Additional Information: Also been a part of multiple altis life servers as well as rust factions. Don’t know what else to put here really.