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  1. Name: Hung Lee Level of English: 1st Language Character Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters?view=5406 Preferred style of RP: semi-aggressive, friendly until provoked, used to do a lot of banditry. Why do you wish to join: IC: Hung Lee is the kind of guy who wants a community to be a part of, preferably one where he can hunt again and be useful in a relatively non-violent way. Bearing this in mind, Hung is also a good fighter, trained unofficially by Ukrainian paramilitary forces, he can lend an aspect of protection to the group, and his experience in foreign relations for roughly 5 years will help with any diplomacy. His past experience of groups has led him to commit murder and theft far more than he would like, and he wishes to change this and find purpose. OOC: just come off a big break, none of my old mates are still around, need a new bunch and you guys seemed pretty cool. Experience in DayZRP: Been a member for roughly 11 months, with two characters during that time. Been affiliated with multiple groups but never properly joined due to character limitations. Also no bans . Additional Information: Also been a part of multiple altis life servers as well as rust factions. Don’t know what else to put here really.
  2. Lolin11

    EU S1 RDM, Bad Initiation, Bad RP 11:03 2016 22-23 server time

    My POV: for a start, I think you can tell in both videos VOIP was lagging quite bad in most cases. Even so, these guys had been following us for a while I believe. Something about an apology, I don't know, I had just joined Krupt. Either way, if these are the same people, they had been following us all round Vybor and north east. if this isn't the same people, sorry! We make it to Kab, where the doctor and eagle started asking questions. To me, the questions weren't hostile, and considering what I knew about the doctor's background, the amount of questions about the UN was fair enough. Now, the way I understand it, post's group weren't even being talked to at the time, I think I went to say hi, asked for a cigar, (if I remember correctly they were quite rude for no reason in the first place), and then went straight back to the RP at the church gate. even so, they seemed insistent on booing us and disrupting the doctor's questions. Now I'm not saying it was wrong you killed him, he was being a bit 'forward', but that's Krupt as a character. However, Post, you did most definitely not give 5 seconds between his warning and his shot. you can clearly see this in eagle's video, and you can also clearly see him backing off. You can hear in your video that he is talking about his history with the UN, He was being harsh and rude, as per his character, I'd say you guys were a bit rude unnecessarily, as you were the first party to descend into swearing for no reason, but you probably reacted accordingly. The booing was bloody annoying, I was interested in the questions, not asking any, and I couldn't hear anything because of all the random noise such as that. now you complain he couldn't hear you? after you started the random noises that added nothing but to annoy even bystanders. at one point the UN member even says that your group are causing problems, not just the doctor, but 'That group over there', so the booing was annoying to more than just myself I can assume. I agree you should have killed him, but not in the way you did. if he's leaving, let him leave! You've been asking him to for upwards of ten minutes, then hen he finally does what you ask you kill him in 3 seconds... (yes it was 3 seconds, and curiously your video doesn't show the killing). Welp, that's how I remember it, if you need me again, holler me over.
  3. Lolin11

    Post your battle stations

    I have one of these headsets. It has lasted me over 3 years and still kicking! Lucky for you, mine broke after a year the sound is OK but the mic just stopped one day. lucky i managed to get a blue snowball, best mic for its price IMHO .
  4. Monkey i could have sworn you suicided, may be completely wrong, you may have done by accident (probably that annoying grenade-going-off-as-soon-as-you-pull-it-out bug), but i think it was definitely the nade you traded that killed us. this isn't an accusation, just speculation about what happened.
  5. Right, I'm usually awful at writing stories, but i really wanted to give it a go. If there is anything wrong with it, please tell me. Here goes: The first three years of Harol's life were quite normal. He was born in Cambridge to a wealthy family as an only child. Harol was well looked after, until his dad got a new, very big job that would make them rather rich. His father had been a local politician with a nice inheritance, so they were never poor, but now he was the prime minister's Deputy Foreign advisor, and that made him a very busy man. His mother, feeling that they were now of a much higher class as a family, often hosted parties and such with other well-to-do individuals. All this left very little time for Harol, In fact, he often didn’t see his parents for days at a time, his only minder the maid they had employed. Because of this, Harol reached the age of 16 still thinking of them in the same way he had done when he was three. Sadly, the only time he ever did see his parents; they were very busy and angry, which in turn often led to Harol being punished brutally for the slightest misdemeanours. His father still owned the cane he himself had been beaten with at home, and it was often pulled out, even for petty mishaps. Despite all this, Harol did well in school. His parents found him a nice private school with a very good track record, and Harol Excelled in the sciences to the point where, upon completion of his A - Levels, he was offered an unconditional place at Cambridge studying Physics. Harol Gladly accepted, Eager for the opportunity to be away from his house. Even though the University was a 5 minute walk away, Harol still decided to take up the accommodation offered, where he lived a relatively normal 3 years. Upon getting a first in his Physics degree, He received two offers. One was to work at Cambridge, where he would study a sponsored doctorate on particle physics, and the other was an offer from MI6. Every year, British Intelligence grabbed Oxbridge students with firsts, and offered them a job as an operative. Harol, excited by the prospect of being a real James bond, gladly accepted. Harol excelled in anything the selection process had to offer. In one medical exam, it was even found that he showed 'Psychopathic Tendencies when under stress', an invaluable ability in the field. Harol’s first post was Russia, Where he lived a dangerous yet exhilarating life breaking apart the KGB as best he could. After three years, Harol was re-assigned to Italy, to help protect undercover agents in the Italian Mafia. Operations Command, however, failed to alert Italian Operatives about his good intentions, and Harol was consequently hunted for two weeks until the Italians finally realised why he was there. Harol was at this point a Well-trained Operative with invaluable experience, and so received a year’s 'Holiday' back in England, on a counter-spy operation against Russian operatives. Much to Harol's disappointment, this year went too quickly, and he was assigned to a job in Ukraine, observing the war and reporting back to HQ with everything he found. There, Harol was forced to kill two Ukrainian soldiers, leaving four orphans. He took these orphans in for just under a month, until he managed to get them to Britain so they could live good lives. Because of this act, High command brought him back early, with fears that he was becoming 'Sentimental'. Now one of the best British agents, Harol was allowed another 'Holiday', even though he insisted that the orphan incident was just because he was a gentleman. Harol’s most recent, and probably final post, was to Chenarus. As soon as the slightest rumours of trouble flared up, Harol was sent on a surveillance mission. Harol as expecting a boring mission sitting in a house in chernogorsk 24/7 watching the news, but after just two weeks he knew something was wrong. Despite his reports to HQ, he was ordered to remain in Chenarus until further instruction was given. Harol stayed in his house for quite some time, until his food ran out and the Undead were knocking on his door. Taking nothing more than his clothes, Harol headed north to try and find other survivors. Tadaa! (I will continue with In-Game stuff when i have enough cool experiences!)
  6. Well then, assuming this is involving the suicide grenade incident at kab, then here goes: I was with nipples(forgot the IC name, it was a weird one) and the suicider, just RP'ing, when some guys with masks roll up. One of them was Ollie, an IC i trusted him. But then the suicider changed clothes completely, and then traded a nade under a hat(Very clever btw.) i was just *whispering* to nipples about the grenade when it went off, no warning, just BANG dead... I listened in on the dead screen to try and find context, and heard they were cannibals... I know you guys gotta get your meat but a warning would be nice! I tried to record but my PC died a bit on the dead screen and my shadowplay broke:( but even so that's how i remember it. Oh yeah, the suicider had been going on about cannibals all night saying he was gonna help us fight them and that he knew they were coming. That's the best i can do.
  7. I was one of the victims, i can try and give a detailed account if needed
  8. Thanks for the RP, shame it had to end so abruptly and on such messy terms, but it was fun while it lasted
  9. I like the idea clumsy, and sorry for all the rulebreaky stuff in the original post, like I said, I want you guys really to come up with the way this character is played, as if it ends up being awful then it's you guys that get the shitty RP . Just a side note, please don't hang me for this, but if I was initiating, despite the lack of previous interaction, surely if I state I am representing so-and-so, then all previous history of violence would then have me as a medium. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I know for one that if I had stolen someone's stuff in a previous engagement, then some guy with a gun comes up saying he was representing said someone, I would be at least wary, think about the past robbery, and maybe even get my own gun out over such a statement. I am not suggesting this is a good idea, just food for thought. Also red I might take you up on that idea later, busy now but if you want to help that would be amazing
  10. Ok, this has probably been attempted before, although despite searching through the forums I couldn't find anything, but I thought long and hard about a fun character to play and came up with a Hitman. Now, I know because of the many KOS rules this would be difficult, but hear me out, as surely if the target knew he/she was being hunted, then there wouldn't be as bad? right? I personally am not 100% sure how I want to go about this, as, despite the perfect RP it would be for me just shooting someone in the back of the head, 'taking their head/hand/something' for my contractor and then wandering off into the sunset, the poor guy on the other end would have an awful time just getting shot for no apparent reason. One way I thought of countering this was that I thought I could announce it. Maybe in my own little thread I make, definitely over radio, but however I do it, I would make it known exactly who I am hunting, for what reason, and maybe if it was over radio ask for people to come forth with information about the prey. This makes sense with my character's lore; He's a gentleman of sorts, and would want to give his hit a fighting chance, so that they could have honour in their death. Now for the many critics (me included, but I really want this to work) then DON'T WORRY, this RP wont start until the community give me a great big look-up-and-down and then thumbs up, I was just asking for suggestions, what you guys would want if you were on the receiving end of this, I dunno, you guys are bloody creative, you can come up with something. All i want is for my character to work really well, and for you guys to enjoy it as well
  11. Lolin11

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    Haha to beat jabba's hat collection . Seriously though to have a strong group, to feel safe, and to make others feel safe.
  12. Stray paper money like in Unturned, But I guess that would only really be useful for RP or if they add traders.
  13. I'm sure no-one will mind if you permadeath while ignoring VFL as long as it's good RP, E.G trapped in a building, no chance of escape, so you unpin a 'Nade in your bag and run into the enemy . However, if you plan to just respawn after that, I think that's kinda a bit too shitty for the poor guys outside who got naded, so i agree with permadeathing if you are ignoring VFL.
  14. From cherno it took me earlier less than 15 mins, as there was a russian chopper crash in Kamenka. 0_o . Usually 25-30 mins though, in all seriousness, just pop by all the hunting huts and you can usually get decent enough stuff to survive.