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    [Sunk!] Men of the Sea

  2. POV i ran into kabanino then some guys ran upon me which was the guys that took me hostage. They asked me if i wished to trade i said sure and he wanted to try my weapon i let him do that he told me to take off my glasses and he acted like i was some sort of other worldly being. They then told me to put my hands up and kept my gun i complied and they told me to follow. group of 8 or so people came up asked them what was going on they told them i shot at them and they were apprehending me. All while this was happening my friends were watching from the trees they then took me around the town to the compound, my friends saw this and pursued they took me into a tent and tied me up. They were rping with me while my friends were plotting a rescue. My friends proceeded to take out the guys that were holding me up but in the process i was taken down.
  3. Hey I was the hostage of the situation my friends were the guys that gunned us down they watched you guys pull me to that tent and they made a move accidentally killing me in the process. They ran to save my life but in the end they were unsuccessful. It was a hostile threat so they took action accordingly.
  4. My Pov is that i ran upon the tents there were some guys which i proceeded to hold up one of them ran off and did not comply after a few things ensued it turned out i was the last one i was in a position where they ran upon me and i tried gunning one down. Instead of being able to take one of these men out i put a few bullets in him and i was put down.
  5. No i can not provide the names of these men.
  6. My video has not worked in uploading because the file size is too big compressed it is 1 gb and i dont have enough left on my cap to upload that. Listen I had no intention of robbing Pablo. I was taking his gun so he couldn't shoot us or the car and take it. I don't actually know the context of what i said and i may not be the best rp-er ever but it may have slipped.
  7. Hello my name is Will I met this guy named Pablo in the town of Kabanino we split up then we happened to stumble upon each other again. I then engaged Pablo in conversation about his time in Chernaurus. We went to the airfield and we were strolling down the airfield my friend then ran up to meet us and I stated that he was with us. Pablo utilized OOC chat excessively instead of role-playing this made us suspicious of his intentions. After we scavenged the tents on the airfield we asked Pablo if he wanted to come along and help us fix up a truck in Lapatino, he agreed and started to make the trek with us. When we were about 300 meters away from the truck. Pablo stopped again and started to use OOC chat to inform us of irrelevant OOC events. We were suspicious that he was trying to gain in game character advantage to get out of the situation that he was in. As this has happened to us before. Pablo never asked why we were doing this to him, but he continued to use OOC chat. The reason we stopped him was because of the fact that all day people have been shooting the tires off of our vehicles and we were trying to get rid of his gun. Role play should have been priority over OOC and Pablo did not engage in it properly per the rules. See video to concur. Thanks. Please provide an explanation of the situation to accompany your video. As well as this, we require a video of the entire situation if you are able to provide that. The entire situation is over an hour long, I can post it if you need it but it might take awhile to upload. The video I posted shows the main part of the situation that I am being accused of.