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  1. *A Chernarussian voice would fill the broadcast once the battery drained and the frequency cleared, sounding panicked, angry, and eventually defeated.* Alexei! Fucking God dammit! Even when bleeding out you still talk too much... You used to at least hint where you were when in trouble. *After a few shaky breathes he'd continue.* Rest well you son of a bitch... I'll miss you.
  2. Was definitely nice seeing the kind of RP that is presented by those still willing and active in creating stories til the very end. Seeing Kamanici and S-GRU first hand in the same day was polarizing as well. Helping out those from Zeleno to Novaya, I was able to meet a lot of great people while roaming with @lil beefy and @Whitename
  3. I'd prefer seeing next to no military weapons come LW, though as that was not specified directly I will be brief. When lore wipe drops, there would be a good chance that many of us (foreigners) would not even have access to these military bases, thus having us needing to result to murder and robbery immediately to get it from the military personnel. Which is just 'uNrEaLaStIc'. Whether the question is intended pre-LW, I don't think it matters as of now. Given no one is playing, guns are spawning often, (least on Chernarus). I think the percentages are fine, it's more a matter of location at which you'd more than likely find military weapons in towns/settlements at the third+ year of the apocalypse. At this time though, probably not worth while making the change either way.
  4. Let Lore Master's have some breathing room, as to avoid everyone complaining about it not being 'their quality' of story, or bland, or whatever excuse someone may need as to just take a break. Let Dev's have some breathing room for the exact same reasons. Collaborate with other mod creators to better the existing patches, so they can add what the community wants and LM's plan to better the ambiance and overall feel in the server. The servers are dead because everyone wants LW and not to finish stories, it is not smart to rush this process as to just get your cake and eat it too. Our priority as community members should be creating group ideas and characters that can meld into whatever the LM's are working on, with enough forethought to incorporate whatever the LM's have planned. Work to tell the best story you can when LW does inevitably come.
  5. Happy Mother's Day! Don't forget to give those who brought you into this flesh prison on our 3rd dimensional karmic enslaved prison planet, to suffer for years and transmute that shit to light then die, a call!

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      Thanks, son.

  6. I'd be willing to give it a fresh start come LW. Would assist in nomadic tendencies, which I personally would like to utilize. Though if people do start hoarding (thankfully not modern weapons, at least initially) take them out again. I imagine the slots can be reduced, as it's been done before. That coupled with the lack of modern firearms/automatics people will have less loot they'll want to horde.
  7. Server won't die, if anything you'll just stop playing. Doesn't mean people will stop whitelisting. LW isn't what will save the server. RP will.
  8. Tanning and leather crafting Spray paint Graffiti. Tag territory. Paint cars. Clothing. Car horns Volatile infected. Add to the confusion if we decide to start without infected. They then increase exponentially come infection. Rework clothes that combat bad weather - remove reliance for hot meat in pants and jackets. Rain coats, Gorka outfits, rain pants?/re-texture "hiking pants", poncho (not the edge lord type) More non lethal variants to ammo types. Encourage RP disallowing immediate, overt, hostilities. Contagious infection for staff only/Playable infected for staff only. These are merely suggestions, but I hope even a handful of these ideas can be added come LW. With the ability to control weapon spawns among other modding capabilities, this LW looks to be unique in ways we haven't seen implemented.
  9. You need help.

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  11. This needs to be reduced. You can combat it easily if you gorge on Flintstone gummy vitamins, but is so needless.
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