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    Property of F.W. II

    She still loves me. Despite everything. She gave me her journal too... Knowing the terrible things that's happened to her. She can handle herself, but I will make sure she don't ever gotta go through that shit again. Knowing only hurts more after talking with Mal. The dumb ozzie cunt. She's fucking stupid for the situation she's in, and not taking a helping hand. Hurting Khandra like that, I'd say it'd be unforgivable but she's scared shitless... I can't forget that moment... Seeing them both walk off crying. It was heartbreaking. And I am still just stuck here with the pieces of their friendship... At least we got some good news. I'm gonna be a best man. It was a needed and pleasant surprise. At least I can focus on something else besides the second coming of the end of the world... I don't know if even that'll be enough to get my mind off it all. I am gonna try though, for them, and myself. We need to enjoy the few good things when we get the opportunity. I feel bad too. Still haven't gotten to meet and properly talk with all of Khandras friends... Fucking Corpos got in the way today otherwise I could've stayed longer. At least we got some more of their tags. Guess I can use them to apologize. Jona and Ellie are good people though, great even. Khandra has some real nice people in her life. Makes me feel better about Mal being a stupid fucking cunt. I know they're smarter than that at least. I hope Mal lives long enough to apologize to her. I can make sure of that at least... at least try. Rest in Peace: Sam
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    AndreyQ's elitist roleplay montages.

    I liked the part when you're an elitist
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    Fucking help [10 Beans if you help me out]

    Pretty sure you gotta go into your game files, dead ass delete like all of them. Then verify the integrity to get em all back and that should resolve the issue? Lemme take another peek through my files to see what you should delete though. Yeah just delete everything in your DayZ file and that should be thorough enough.
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