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  1. Mugin

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    You just want more beanz. Shameless.
  2. Mugin

    Everone must listen to Vladimir Putin

    One megaphone can't withstand Putin Four was barely enough
  3. Mugin

    S1: invalid Kill in Guglovo - 10/13/2019 20:26 (server)

    Francis Williams POV is as follows: I was over watching the bar and distribution of drugs and alcohol. It was there I saw and heard the car start, as if about to drive off. Seeing Ivan, who was dressed at Vladimir Putin for the Halloween party tailing the car, I get on the radio to see if he had initiated. Once I hear him drop the initiation, along with knowing the car was his and was being stolen after he confirmed and wasn't the one driving, I open fire. The first few shots hitting the car, or flying high. The accused changes direction and drives off where I get a perfect shot on him. He crashes the car and gets out allowing me to shoot his legs. I see him lay down afterwards, thinking I might've knocked him unconscious. I ask if I should just kill him. Ivan dressed as Vladimir Putin for the Halloween party says no, but then the accused, not actually unconscious, starts bandaging and then takes his gun out to try and shoot Ivan dressed as Vladimir Putin for the Halloween party. He doesn't get the chance as Ivan dressed as Vladimir Putin for the Halloween party kills him once he hears from me he's trying to fight back. Forcing our hand in the situation to kill him. Sadly, it was unavoidable, as we needed a fresher piñata. Given I was on higher ground I did not actually see Jet being hit by the car, and was completely unaware we'd lost someone. I also have no video evidence.
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    Do a flip
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    95 Fucking whitenames pretending they can count
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    I'm crying

    1. Brad


      tommy wiseau crying GIF by The Room

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      Fuck off

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