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  1. Probably not

  2. I'm watching you nerd.

  3. I'm just surprised the dates not April 1st. Congrats!

  4. Zero

    > Leaves feedback on a group thread.

    > "Last played: 1 month ago"

    > YourOpinionIsInvalid.exe 


    1. Mugin


      I've been here long enough to know that's exactly how it's been interpreted xD
      Ego kills lol

  5. Mugin

    The Pedlars

    So I'm all for spreading hostilities and seeing your roster I know you have the capabilities to actually do so. That being said why am I writing here? This group looks promising, and I would hate for this honest and constructive feedback to fall short because of any outlying circumstances. There was a rather bland encounter had the other day, I would recommend avoiding in the future. The encounter consisted of forcing someone - for an extended time - to... [] I say bland specifically because the RP went nowhere for an entire hour and yet you still killed the hostage. This was just a single encounter, one that just devolved because it seemed either party didn't want to be there any longer. Now I am sure the interaction had some goal in mind or some intention of progressing RP further, but what came of the experience, was just a cringe filled hour. This was just what I witnessed within the last 15 min of when I joined the stream, too. It was pitiful and reminded me of another example of time wasting RP I had the misfortune of participating in. Being previously forced at gun point to "clean chicken coops" (this entails someone angrily talking at you, while you hold M1 on the chicken coop, until they 'say' it looks clean enough to let you go) - Riveting I know. Rather than making the same mistakes as last night, or just as people do, why not really strive for some creative and maybe scary interactions! I highly recommend going back to the drawing board. That is if, talking down to someone ig and making them tape windows is your example of 'great hostile RP' - you're going to want to reconsider what you bring to the server next time. Thanks for your time, I hope the suggestion finds you well and this can be used to improve your lot's hostile RP.
  6. It's what Mary would want. +1
  7. If you want a bridge to the island, chances are you primarily want easier access to an easily defensible position. Nothing wrong with that, just maybe suggest adding a prison to the mainland instead? Bridge is gonna be a no for me, not against a prison on the mainland for RP purposes though. Especially since one was already added giving us two of these prisons on separate islands...
  8. I imagine it's 8pm IG time, come the 24th then? @Onion Either way, I wholeheartedly support this effort and plan to attend.
  9. This is a game, I understand the need for balance is necessary. That being said this is a broken game that has many realistic features added and removed for the sake of game play. Given this is an RP server, There is no reason not to adjust a vanilla item to make it work as it would in real life. If not ensure it's nerfed for game play purposes. People can RP screwing up the first couple jabs with the needle, then save the sick fellas life when they do find the vein. Or just give them water and food to only potentially let them die due to these less than stellar, pre-established mechanics.
  10. Yes, exploitation is a thing. Sarcasm aside. Perhaps have it add just enough hydration that you won't outright die. As is the case when you throw up all the water and food in your stomach, when sick, in this game. Reliably and realistically using a saline shouldn't impossible... Regardless, it's a suggestion, one that is completely within reason. Though implementation may take some work.
  11. Well given saline/blood bags are seldom used, in my experience. Admittedly, when it is used it's paramount. Adding in the ability to hydrate without eating is literally saline's intended purpose. I see no issue given the scarcity in which these events take place, thus this OP function wouldn't often be used to begin with. Yes, of course, exploitation is possible. Even then, you do need to at least find the saline bag separate, then the start kit. Maybe start there in regards to balancing? Potentially have start kits stop spawning in random locations, away from hospitals? Primarily in concession stands as this is a regular occurrence now.
  12. I'd rather see something extravagant like this added now, rather than down the line. We're a normal society that's crumbling. That being said. This mentality should prevail and be prioritized when implementing mods. Up to the devs ultimately.
  13. Having run into that situation last night, where we accidentally over fed and watered a hero, @KpopKilla, who saved the Bere bar last night. They ultimately threw up their guts because we couldn't hydrate them without them throwing it all up! Eventually dying. This would be a perfect solution for those types of issues, along with remaining entirely realistic. As long as we can enable it, not to force the patient to throw up their guts.
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