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  1. So where do i start? Well from the beginning i guess. I was in my house in Novy Sobor, with a dictionary in hand. Hold up let me explain the dictionary thing: In two weeks me and my family are going to Britain to meet a good friend. I was reading up on the english language so i wouldnt be lost in the sea that is Britains capital, London. Anyway, i was reading the dictionary when my daughter comes in to the room and i raise my head to look at her. I cannot see her smile. Something is wrong. Then her mother slowly steps in. But... its not her mother. Not anymore. Her head is...skewed, her teeth glinting as if they are sharpened. I scream at her. "What is wrong!? Is that... blood!" Her response is a drothing moan. She then lounges towards me viciously. My daughter scared half to death by this demon possessing her mother, runs out of the room. I over my wife's random groans, i hear the front door to our house slam shut. I am too shocked to move. the love of my life is covered in blood, mouth wide open, teeth baring towards my head. I have seen horror movies. I don't wont to be in one. I run for the bedroom, where i lock myself in. I turn to find my hunting gear prepared on the bed. i was supposed to go hunting with my friend today, so i'd set out to get my gear ready. My military boots that i had from a friend with my military grade knife thats designed to be concealed within my boots. A flask of water for the longer trips. And the most important piece of kit. My AKM. 7.62X39mm rounds, with a kashtan scope. Drum mag. I could have sold it to the military for over 50 grand, to the black market for 100, but i wouldn't. It was like a faithful partner, never letting me down. i lifted the gun from the barrel and put the sling over my head. I wore my gear and looked in the mirror. I looked like a simplified war veteran. Only less armor. And more... well everything. I hear the screeching of my wife behind the door. [align=left]I turn to the door. Everything i have, my daughter, my family is gone. I slowly open the door and my wife falls into the room and slowly starts to crawl towards me. I raise my gun. I peer down the scope, and aim towards her head. I have sweat on my forehead. i ignore it as it trickles down my face, making my left eye twitch from the damp cold sensation. My wife, my love, giver of my daughter. She brings her head up and is staring at me through the scope. Her eyes are not what they are normally. Not the beautiful blue that complements her brown hair but a dark red, the kind you find in a demon or someone evil. I look into the eyes deeply seeing her pain, her suffering. I come out of my trance and close my own eyes to stop the pain turning to me. And i pull the trigger. A loud ringing sets off around the town. The echo of a gun shot. I step over the body, and walk out of the town. [align=left]That happen sometime ago now. I think it was... ah i cant remember the date. Best guess? 20 days ago. Now all i have found on the road is bodies, and theses... demonic creatures that roam my country like they own it. My daughter is all i have left of my family. I have checked all my relatives homes and all i found was either their corpse or their reincarnation. You ask me what i want? I want to leave. I want my daughter. In fact scratch that. I need my daughter. I want her safe. From all of.. well this hell, that we live in. I do not care too much for the 'zombies' as you call them. I care for my life and my daughter's. Nothing more.